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Approved Starship HAAGx Heavy Assault Atmospheric Gunship

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  • Powerful Armament | The HAAGx is equipped with a vast amount of heavy weapons allowing it to pack quite a punch, capable of providing devastating close-air support to ground forces against enemy infantry and armored vehicles and lay waste to enemy fortifications.
  • Strong Defenses | In addition to fielding heavy firepower, the HAAGx is equipped with heavy armor and wide array of defenses such as reinforced armor, strong shields and countermeasures which grant the HAAGx's crew and passenger increased survivability when in transit towards the battlefield
  • Versatility | Owing to it's many features, which include a compact cargo space within it's wings capable of carrying up to four speeder bikes along with a rear exit that can be used to deposit troopers in Zero-Gravity Environments, the HAAGx is extremely versatile and adaptable, capable of being used in various environments.
  • Air-to-Air Combat | Despite it's wide array of weapons and defenses, the HAAGx is quite unsuited for Air-to-Air Combat especially due to the vulnerabilities such as it's large profile and forward-fixed weapons which can be easily exploited by enemy starfighters.
  • Carrier Dependency | Due to a lack of hyperdrive, the HAAGx mostly relies on Warships with a sufficient hangar space in order to be able to transport soldiers towards an active battlefield on the surface of a planet.
As the Dark Empire would continue to see success on the battlefield, the Imperial Military would begin accelerating it's efforts in further modernizing it's arsenal hoping to replace it's catalog of decades-old weapons, starships and vehicles with newer ones of high quality, hoping to utilize these newly developed assets to further increase their advantages on the battlefield when facing their foes. One of the products of this endeavor would be the HAAGx, a nex-gen Gunship serving as the official successor to the New Imperial Order's RDAGx, providing the Dark Empire with a new gunship that can deliver and support troops on the battlefield and serve as a variety of roles from close-air-support to anti-insurgency operations. As such, the HAAGx is expected to become a pivotal piece in the Dark Empire's future offensive campaigns against it's multiple foes.

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