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Spoiler Darth Vader (2020/2021) Issue #11




Discuss the stuff revealed about Exegol and Palpatine's hidden Final Order below.

I think it's pretty darn neat.
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That's pretty awesome. I still haven't read through those comics, but Vader being there at some point opens up a good number of possibilities!


Disney Princess
Disney: - Okay Greg. We got a new one for ya.

Writer Greg Pak: - Oh. Okay. What's up this time Disney.

Disney: - Well. We kinda need you to explain all that crazy stuff J.J. came up with for the Rise of Skywalker movie. Make is sound, mostly believable. Backtrack a little. Like it was all supposed to be there this whole time. Ya know. Sell it to the lore junkies. That sort of thing. And oh. Most specifically. Exegol and the million secret Star Destroyers. Think you can uh... Think you can do that for us. Eh Greg?

Writer Greg Pak:
- Hahaha. That's funny. What poor sod in their right mind... Wait... Oh gods. You're serious. You actually want me to try and explain that shiz? Jebus and Zeus why? WHY DISNEY! WHY!?

Disney: - :(

Writer Greg Pak: - :(

Disney: - Um. Yeah. So. Thanks Greg. We'll see ya in April.

Writer Greg Pak:
- :(
I'm amused by how this makes the First Order, Starkiller Base and even corrupting Ben Solo totally unnecessary. Why bother with any of that when you already have a fleet of planet-killers?

Hell...it also makes the second death star redundant, even if we assume the fleet wasn't totally finished by the time of ROTJ. And why doesn't Vader mention any of this to Luke. "I didnt have time before I died, Palpatine has a fleet of planet killers."