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Character Kyrel The Restless

The Restless


Name: Kyrel Ren
Age: 35
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200 LBS
Hair: None
Hair color: Dark
Eyes: One dark, One Blue
Race: Human
Gender Male:
Homeworld: Dosuun
Parents: Miran and Janos Kyrel
Children: Varas Kyrel, Jin Kyrel Jin Kyrel
Status: Undead
Rank: Master of Ren


Early Life
(827 ABY- 849 ABY)

What began as Kyrel the Restless was born in 827 ABY on Dosuun in a peaceful time, Thomas Kyrel was the child of Janos and Miran Kyrel. Janos was a shop keeper during the time when Dosuun was all but a backwater planet and did what he could to make it by. Miran was once a Jedi Shadow of the Galactic Republic often devoting herself to her studies, but when the Sith emerged and attacked Coruscant she fled, in a time when she had succumbed to despair she went into the Outer Rim till finally arriving on Dosuun at the edges of the Unknown Regions, she chose to gave up her life as a Jedi and became a technician, ultimately falling in love with Janos and Thomas was born not long after. Unaware of what her son could become, throughout his childhood she had visions of his future but merely dismissed them as nightmares.

Thomas grew up with his childhood friend Kat who used to attend the local school with him, and then the First Order emerged and Thomas was given better opportunities, not wishing to leave a life of barely making ends meat and having a dream to leave his planet, Thomas joined the Imperial Academy becoming proficent in several subjects such as History, Literature and Strategy ultimately graduating as part of First Order’s TIE Corps at the age of 20. His designation was TN-2499

Thomas became a part of the 212th Iron Squadron serving as it’s captain alongside his childhood friends such as Kat being his squadmates which he had a secret relationship with. He had spent most of the majority of his TIE pilot career dealing with the lawlessness of the Unknown Regions. During the time The First Order was gaining strength especially after making themselves known to the Galaxy, Kyrel went all over First Order space dealing with criminal or pirate forces that possessed dangerous weapons and fleets, and so when Thomas was 22 Years of age he encountered something that would change his life forever. During a space battle between a pirate fleet and First Order forces, Thomas fought bravely but his TIE was blown out of the sky by a pirate vessel, destroying everything including the man inside as well as his lover and partner, and what emerged was far more frightening.


The Rise of Kyrel Ren
(849 ABY - 850 ABY)

Following the aftermath of the space battles, Thomas was quickly recovered and immediately transferred to Dosuun. He was transported to Avalonia to the main hospital, Scientists were than gives mysterious orders by the Order of Ren. The scientists followed the orders and decided that Thomas would be perfect to test out their work. They were fanatical admirers of Darth Vader and a fan of Doctor Cylo's work, after digging through the archives of the old Empire they found a schematic for a suit that was a design by Cylo. They followed the design doing their best to save Thomas's life. Thomas's life was ultimately saved but at the cost of his own humanity.

Thomas emerged from that place stuck in a living nightmare, he felt pain all over, never was the same as he became cruel, cold, ruthless, and angry. But despite all this, he could survive two days out of his suit given to the cybernetic implants all over his body. He began his long painful life after that, several weeks after even Thomas's first mission back was to go through the Red Nebula on board who was then Admiral Tanomas Graf's Star Destroyer. What he had encountered he thought were merely stories. He had first encountered the Ren aboard the Star Destroyer which he had assumed were a bunch of mystics along with everyone else. Then an outbreak of the Blackwing virus happened. Zombies were encountered upon an old space station. It spread throughout the ship infecting, and killing all those on board but Thomas along with several survivors escaped the doomed Star Destroyer and lived to tell another tale.

After drifting through space in an escape pod for several days, he was finally rescued and sent back to Domain. Not long after that he was approached by the Order of Ren, who revealed everything to him, and expressed that the Supreme Leader had kept a close eye on Thomas and knew that he would be a great addition to the Order. Upon hearing this information, and his desire for a greater life, Thomas accepted and before traveling to Virgilia he had gone back to Dosuun to deal with some unfinished business.

After finally coming to Dosuun he thought that it would be a nice occasion to visit his parents they being relieved that he had survived his battles out in the Unknown Regions, and horrified at what he had become he tried speaking to them both but they argued with him, and with his Mother revealing her past and her foreknowledge of what Thomas could become. Wanting to change his Son’s fate and through a final act of love pleaded with Thomas to accept her old Lightsaber, and allow her to teach him the Jedi Path. For a moment Thomas was tempted with the Light, but overcome by the fury he gave in to his anger and used the Force to snap her neck, regretting it the moment it happened and mourning the loss of his Mother, Thomas eventually recoiled and went back to finish off his Father murdering him with his Mother’s own Lightsaber. Realizing there was nothing left for him. He had left and burn his home and in the fire Thomas Kyrel had died and what would later emerge would be Kyrel Ren, a loyal servant of the Supreme Leader and cementing his hatred for all those who walk the path of the Light.

Kyrel went back to Virgillia to begin his training, now able to leave his past behind Thomas had died and what had arisen was Kyrel Ren's eagerness to learn and follow his new path in serving the Supreme Leader. Over the course of his time there he managed to learn skills such as Force sense and Telekinesis, he even constructed a crude but
unstable lightsaber and devoted much of his time to studying the ways of the Force. Then one day the Lizard race known as the Ssi-Ruuvi attacked the Bastion of Ren, Kyrel gladly helped to test his newfound powers upon the Invaders and successfully winning the fight.

Kyrel was than brought to Skye where he officially was initiated into the Order of Ren, also during this time Kyrel studied the former Sith Lord Darth Vader, and given how he was, he idolized him, self-proclaiming himself the Heir of Vader's dark legacy and hoped to live past his reputation and make a name for himself within the Ren, he grew obsessed studying everything about him, every holo and personal account, he even incorporated bits of his personality into his own, many officers became frightened of him, and rumors within the First Order circulated whether he was Vader reincarnated.

Kyrel participated in many missions with his Brother and Sister Ren, he went to Endor becoming part of the team to recover Vader's remains and slay the Gorax, He had traveled to Lothal in enemy territory to steal Kyber Crystals, and where he had faced off with a droid known as HK-36. During this time, he had also met a Mandalorian who became his servant and followed his every move. With time he had generated a name for himself among the Ren, as he had traveled across the galaxy doing the Supreme Leader's bidding hoping to one day become his chief enforcer. During this time, Kyrel increasingly grew to despise his fellow Ren, although he did harbor respect for them, in some ways he saw them as rivals when it came to serving the Supreme Leader. He also became friends with fellow Pilot Sara Lee Jones participating on a few missions with her, and earning her respect.

Then the day had finally arrived, The First Order were planning a humanitarian mission to Kaeshana, Kyrel had accompanied the Imperial fleet, tasked with aiding and protecting their ships, he fought pirates in a space battle successful taking out several capital ships and many fighters. When they had gotten to the ground Kyrel aided by dealing with the criminal scum, despite having fallen to the dark side, he still wished to help the people, then the Galactic Alliance attacked, killing many scientists and aides, igniting tension between the two major factions, The Battle of Kaeshana began, Kyrel led stormtroopers along with Trooper BE-183 to the Citadel of Dawn to join the fight.

With the battle in full swing, Kyrel swiftly entered the fray fighting and killing many troops, letting his rage consume him in the process. Kyrel was then distracted by Jedi Trextan Voidstalker and eagerly left his troops to engage the Jedi, during the fight a second Jedi known as Charlyra Araano of the Firemane Order emerged. He fought bravely holding his own against the two, and weakening Trextan, The duel eventually dragged to the point where Kyrel knew he couldn't face the two forever so he concentrated mainly on Charlyra, and managed to stab her in the gut with his Saber, but before dying Kyrel was crippled by her attacks, his suit was severely damaged, and he couldn't move. Trextan managed to survive but had stolen Kyrel's lightsaber to give it as a trophy to Siobhan Kerrigan.

Kyrel was saved, and safely taken off-world. Kyrel had suffered critical injuries, and so spent weeks within a Bacta tank as he was repaired, as well as crafting a new
lightsaber Kyrel during this time, underwent a dramatic change, becoming depressed and wallowing in self-pity, he felt as if he had lost faith in the dark side due to how weak he was, despite the first Jedi kill he had gained. After emerging from his recovery, Kyrel was given the rank of Knight of Ren by the Supreme Leader who applauded his skills in combat, following the Battle of Kaeshana.

Following Kaeshana Kyrel became a different man, he was less arrogant about his abilities learning a lesson in humility, but he still desired to become stronger and sought revenge against the Jedi. He despised their hypocrisy and wished to see the Order destroyed, and so waited for the day to arrive when he could. In the meantime he assisted new Disciples with their training in Form V lightsaber combat, and became part of a survival challenge on Dxun, he even helped with a pub crawl and attended a ball with Skylar. Knowing that he was not being taken seriously as a Knight, Kyrel ended his time in self-pity wishing to become feared, respected, and most of all Powerful he began in an attempt to become a Leader as well as a Weapon.

This quest began recently, as he first led a mission on Marzoon to execute members of a rogue Force Academy, and participating in an attack against the old enemies that attacked Virgillia long ago. Kyrel also had the rare but interesting opportunity to meet with the Supreme Leader, the meeting was a fruitful and interesting one, he was disappointed in his children, and desired for them to become better. That is what would become of them, now that war has begun with the Galactic Alliance. Now as the Battle of Mustafar is raging, Kyrel hopes to become a most revered Knight of Ren, and the successor to Lord Vader's Legacy. During the Fateful Battle of Mustafar, the Order of Ren launched an assault on the Castle of Darth Vader, there the Knights of Ren and the New Jedi Order and Firemane Order allies clashed with the Dark Siders for control of the Castle. Unknown to them, the clash of both the Light and Dark Sides awoke the ancient Sith spirit of Darth Thaxsis. Kyrel in hopes of finding Darth Vader's Armor traveled to the under levels, pursued by Sith training droids, the Firemane, and Darth Vader's Droid Army. He had finally reached the tomb of the Ancient Sith Lord, who had fooled him in knowing where the armor was, he had instead hoped to Possess Kyrel and use his body to exact vengeance upon him, however, this was put on hold till after the Battle, as Kyrel helped his fellow Ren in defeating Jedi Reinforcements. After the conflict, he had returned to the Castle and went through a battle of wills between him and the spirit. He managed to pass several trials and overcome his self-doubts and managed to defeat the spirit gaining a piece of the spirit within himself. He then managed to find the Armor and claimed it for his own, and then a short time later claimed Vader's Castle as his new home. His next challenge came during the Battle of Skor II months later. He was the leader of a Diversion team he led the Gundark Gunners in hopes of distracting alliance forces. He came under heavy assault and dealt with heavy odds. After the Battle was over, he was heavily damaged but the package was able to be extracted from the Battle that he was being a diversion for. The Battle destroyed his old Life support armor and made him resort to Vader's. For some time he then continued to train in the dark side until the Battle of Hoth, where there he aided in the defense of Outpost Veers formerly Echo Base. There he faced off against Siobhan Kerrigan, the woman that he had waited months to face, and fought valiantly, but then it was not enough and so lost the duel. After the battle which became an Imperial Victory, Kyrel was given the rank of Master of Ren by Decitus Ren who acting on the Supreme Leader’s will had deemed him worthy of the title for his loyalty and his contributions to the Order of Ren throughout the Alliance Imperial War.

( A New Purpose and Incursion 851 ABY - 853 ABY)

Following the Battle of Hoth and gaining the rank of Master as well as proving his title of the Enforcer of Ren, Kyrel was dispatched several times to deal with Rebel Incursions on planets such as Thakwaa, Kyrel also began to grow increasingly concerned for the Order, and so decided to help train the next generation of Ren often helping his Brothers and Sisters when he can, and even gaining a Lightsaber known as Vader's Bane a saber made from a crystal where Vader was defeated, becoming a weapon of fear and terror in the hands of its wielder in the meantime concerned with his own mortality and his legacy if he should ever die. He also created a Varas Kyrel daughter cloned from his DNA and that of Tmoxin . One that measured his strength in the Force if not more. To this day he has fought in Battles such as Ossus, but something is stirring out there in the dark reaches of Space. Something that will change the fate of the Galaxy and perhaps Kyrel forever. The crisis that came forth was known as Incursion, a ruthless program bent on destroying all organic life in the Galaxy. Kyrel went to the Rishi maze to stop this menace and gain technology that would be useful. When Incursion was destroyed and his mission a waste, he participated in the conquest of Zonoma Sekot where he destroyed the Potentium Sect and spoke to the entity known as Sekot. After the conquest, he had finally acquired the means to rid himself of the armor. Using Tmoxin he restored his flesh and was finally able to reach his true potential. Now he continues to gain strength with his missions and has revived the TIE Silencer design as a way to give the Ren an edge in space combat.

Then the day had arrived. The Supreme Leader had returned from isolation and with that, he would strike against the heart of the Alliance. Attacking a major Hyperspace lane via the Hydian Way and in an attempt to blockade it. Kyrel eager for Revenge against the Alliance for Kaeshana, and eager to test out the new TIE Silencers engaged the Alliance in the darkness of space with his daughter, making a strafing run on the Alliance flagship the Istkusk's bridge and destroying several fighters before landing in the hanger bay where both he and Varas killed anyone in their way. They had finally made their way to the bridge where Kyrel saw Vice Admiral and Jedi Master Zark in his sights. Engaging in a brief but vicious duel until delivering the killing blow, and in that instant, the man had disappeared. Shocked his anger slowly drifted as he saw his mother appear not as a voice but as a spirit. Feeling Peace is what he hadn't known in a very long time he became Thomas Kyrel again if only briefly. Before Varas attempted to murder him thus allowing Kyrel to take form again and give in to his rage taking her hand with him. Taking Zark's pistol as a trophy he and Varas escaped via Escape Pod now ready for War and with Kyrel finally achieving vengeance at last.

The War continuing participating in the destruction of the FWC via a Rebellion on Hapes. Participating in the Battle of Varonat, and Dagobah. Kyrel grew in power and also his distrust of his own Daughter, seeing how she slowly lost her way then the design he previously created for her. The War eventually coming to an end with the Sith revealing how they had infiltrated the Galactic Alliance after years of planning while the First Order saw it’s time to finally strike and take Lothal at once. With the Alliance shattered the Imperial Bloc had won the Galactic War in what became known as Operation Endgame.

Following Lothal, with The Supreme Leader’s body slain. Kyrel panicked and sought to keep the Ren together, trying to take over the Ren. His fear only caused infighting and so temporarily became Steward of the Ren until the Supreme Leader’s return where he was punished and reconditioned back into his service as a Master of Ren. Following the return, he participated in the Battle of Skor II once more losing this time to the Outer Rim Coalition. With his Daughter disappearing, perhaps dead. He found that the experiment was a failure in itself.

(Fall of Kyrel Ren 856 ABY- 857 ABY)

Finally, in 856 ABY, with the collapse of the First Order at the hands of the Ssi-Ruuk Kyrel was forced to flee Dosuun taking a handful of ships and fleeing to the only place he knew. Mustafar became a holdout of his own First Imperial Remnant known as the Crimson Hand. Those though thought most radically loyal to the Supreme Leader joined him. With the last of the Knights of Ren placed on Mustafar, a small defensive fleet was placed around the fiery world while Kyrel hid there for two years. Filled with shame to see the end of the First Order around him. Within the two years, Kyrel was left to his own devices offering his services to the Sith. Even forming a good relationship with the Sith Emperor, the two taking control of Bast Castle on Vjun, yet another sanctum of Darth Vader. Finally, the fear that he carried for so long finally occurred. The Outer Planetary Alliance did not waste time to fill the vacuum left behind by the collapse of the First Order. Finally, a siege was taken underway by the might of the Alliance crashing down on the forces of the Crimson Hand, while the Master of Ren attempted one last effort to unlock the secrets of Fortress Vader. Narrowly attempting to use the powers of the dark side to achieve his goals to attain more power to destroy his enemies, However, with the help of the native Mustafarians they were able to bring down Fortress Vader, the Crimson Hand, and the Knights of Ren destroyed. Kyrel barely fled Mustafar on his own. Left to wander the galaxy left to his own devices.

By 861 ABY Kyrel had wandered the galaxy seeking purpose, slowly growing tired to see the Sith back at the top of the galaxy, desiring to break free and seek the return of a new force in the galaxy. The return of Imperial rule free from the likes of Sith Oppression. Finally, the purpose was restored with the creation of the New Imperial Order, a group of defectors made up of ambitious Sith Lords and those that had also grown tired of being under the yoke of the Sith for too long. Seeing a mutual opportunity for a last-ditch effort at revenge, and to fulfill his hatred for them. Kyrel formally ended his partnership with the Emperor and his empire, and with mutual interests at stake, Kyrel joined the New Imperial Order once more as a dark enforcer.

Death and Rebirth (862 ABY- Present)

During this transitionary period, Kyrel traveled to Dathomir with what servants still followed him. Having had personal experience with the world itself, he ventured forth later encountering the mysterious Nightsister known as Pom Stych Tivé Pom Stych Tivé . Spending several weeks speaking to her, and sharing his own views on the dark side. He had grown fond of her eventually making her his last lover of which she provided him a son of which he named Jin Kyrel. First holding the idea of grooming the boy to carry his legacy of hate, even creating a Holocron that would carry his knowledge. When the Third Imperial Civil War broke out between the Sith and New Imperials abandoned such ideas. Fighting for months during the Siege of Mygeeto, then later fighting at an unknown world against an internal faction of the Eternal Empire. Kyrel struggling with the Light and Dark, fought Loreena Arenais in a final duel, during which he mortally wound her, healing her moments after only to intervene in a duel between Rurik Fel, and Kascallion. Kascallion feeling, Kyrel steeped once more in his anger gave chase to the Sith Lord. Chasing him through space, before crashing on an unknown world. Where the Knight of Ren fought the Sith Lord with his all. Both debating the very nature of the Dark Side, and the Sith themselves. Both fought hard, and brutally but ultimately Kyrel emerged victorious using the last of his strength in a series of power strikes he brought down his enemy. On the verge of death instead of giving way to fear. He collapsed to the ground, his eyes closing dying assured that his legacy would be carried on within his son. His eyes closing, for what was believed to be a final time.

For such a time Kyrel Ren was dead, his soul suffered in the fiery depths of Chaos. Serving as a penance to the Force he accepted his fate, despite nearly going mad with such torment. The Master of Ren was thought dead until being resurrected by Sith Lord Tsisaar Taral and Necromancer Xenro. This time when he returned. Kyrel Ren was dead, at least the ones that were most human, fueled by a desire to destroy the Sith. His body, a disfigured, grotesque creation that would make the dark figure's dark side transformation complete. He became what others would call a relentless monster that had only one desire now. To consume all in his path, and those that stand in the way of his undying hatred.


Kyrel Ren is a man fueled by reckless hatred and ambition. While able to show emotion such as desire, compassion, or love. Growing more obsessed with the dark side, and the legends of Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. He became obsessed with following in their footsteps Oten doing whatever it means even to emulate them in his handling of affairs. Fiercely loyal to the First Order, and his place as a Knight of Ren. He often went with missions without question, or second thought, however, following the Great Galactic War it changed when he sought to test his greater ambitions with his attempts to seize control of the Knights of Ren. Before being reconditioned. He often carried a steep hatred for the Sith, often believing the Ren were the successors and better to them. Putting such things aside when the First Order fell for his own purposes. He carried a powerful belief that the only ones who could bring peace to a chaotic galaxy were the might of an Imperial Superpower ruled by those that did not wield such powers as he himself did.

Despite his attempts at a greater power, his cruelty as a dark sider was unending. Often making no second guesses about slaughtering innocents for what he believed would be the greater good. Even so, he showed a great love for those closest to him, such as the Nightsister he met prior to joining the Third Imperial Civil War. Showing possession and a fierce desire to protect what was his. Even obsessed with passing on his knowledge, and to carry on the family line. In combat, he did not care much for strategies, trained to use the Force and a saber as if they were a sword and shield. Using his hate and emotions to increase his power. There were at times that he too struggled with the light, for his early years in darkness were plagued by ghostly visits from his dead mother. At the end of his death, he served a harsh sentence within the burning torments of Chaos itself.

Being resurrected. Kyrel lacks much of the humanity and vanity that he once possessed before. Half insane from his soul being placed back in a body, the torments he suffered, and the painful disfigurements and dark energy of his new body. He only seeks to destroy all in his path, to wreak havoc across anyone that may come in his path. For he has only one desire with a new lease on life. To consume all until it is done.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Hulking Brute- not being so alive has an advantage of Kyrel relentlessly coming after his enemy, no matter how much damage he may take in a fight.

Master of Ren - With his years of experience and knowledge as the Master of the Knights of Ren, Kyrel Ren is a powerful dark sider be it alive or undead, not to be underestimated within combat

Dark Side energy - With the creation of his new body surging with dark side energy Kyrel can enhance and increase his power tenfold due to being in a constant state of pain.

Insanity- With the eternal torments of both Chaos, and his resurrection, has corrupted and pushed Kyrel's mind into madness, for when he is not on a path of destruction, struggles with his lost humanity, and his desire for revenge on all his enemies.

Release of death. Despite wishing to die, Kyrel is not given that luxury for no matter how many times his body is destroyed, as long as his spirit remains to be thrust into eternal torment of a new body will continue to further erode his mind into that of a madman with each death he may suffer.

Undead- With the fact of Kyrel now being a force entity. He is unable to truly enjoy human emotion such as love or compassion, further reducing him into a destructive monster

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