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Question DAE hate overcomplicated divs

Captain Ash
Yes. Most of them I end up not being able to read because of the low contrast and the background messing with the text, so I skip all of those posts.

Errik Nimdok

Jedi Archaeologist
ayy y'all out here using complicated divs to impress your Internet friends? what's the matter, u insecure about ur writing? c'mon man we're here to tell stories not look at pretty pictures with ugly brightly colored high contrast text on a black background. What is it, 2006 in here? This ain't your myspace page. Don't try to make your words look 3D either by having them be two colors simultaneously, you're gonna give me a migraine. It's bad enough that people color their dialogue to make it stand out. This site is bad for my health

Heath Valhoun

King of The Elysium Empire
In my own opinion, DIVs in general were a bad idea, they take up WAY more space than a normal post does and just....its too much. One of the reasons I still came back to Chaos after years of searching for anything out there was the lack of DIVs.

Kurayami Bloodborn

Drunken Savant
Roleplay Judge
Depends. Sometimes they go way too far and those are annoying, especially when the text color blurs into the background or the div. Or the ones that have a subtle gradient change as they continue on. A good solid color with a small border? Those are fine. Others tend to cause too much eye strain for me to read, or even scan 99 percent of the time.