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Dominion Cormitting To Helping Others | GA Dominion Of Cormit/Ornfra Hex

GA Narrator


Ever since the destruction of the planet Csilla, nearly a year ago, the galaxy has never been the same. Whether it has been from people suffering from losses, or planets taking in Chiss refugees, the Galactic Alliance has been at the forefront of the operation. Moving their support to nearby planets, the planets of Cormit and Ornfra are now in need of help to aid the Chiss people.

Meanwhile, the Senate consider a proposal that would extend the reach of the Alliance into the planetary defense forces of its members. While recent events have demonstrated the need for assurance and transparency, the world which make up the Alliance may be unwilling to forfeit a measure of their sovereignty.


Stepping Into The Twilight Zone

As the Galactic Alliance pushes deeper and deeper into the Unknown Regions, more task forces and exploration groups are needed to map out the little-known area. And with forces such as the Brotherhood of the Maw located in this section of space, all alliance members should take extra precautions.

A third, unknown planet, dubbed CS-2326, has been located near the planets Cormit and Ornfra. Wanting to chart this planet for the nearby hyperlanes, a mission has been put forth for all Alliance members.

Through the Outbound Flight Initiative, you will be linking up with other pilots and prepare to venture out deeper into space. New pilots, beginner or skilled, are needed for this group. Join up and travel the stars. Be alert though, since new threats can be lurking in the shadows.


Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Rejoice! The Sith and their awful ways have finally been put to rest. People from all around the galaxy celebrate as they are no longer enslaved to the wretched evil that was the Sith. It is a day of celebration across the stars.

A large parade has been sent to travel through the streets of Coruscant. Every single citizen has been invited to come and watch as the marvelous sight has not been seen in many years.

For the non-parade types, private celebrations have been started within the Senate Building, the Jedi Temple, and the large Alliance hangar. Whether you are a politician, a Jedi, or a Defense Force member, there is a place for you. Relax and party, as for now the war is over.


War, What Is It Good For?

The Senate has fled Coruscant in wake of the brazen attack on Senator Fossk during their last sitting, and now meet as a closed session on the Alliance Ascendant under maximum security. While the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, the democractic process do not have the luxury of a lengthy abeyance and must get back to the work of law making.

A controversial proposal has been tabled which would see the Alliance establish a special office to audit and investigate planetary defense forces of member worlds. While the recent rogue actions of Byss had been cause for concern, regulatory overreach by the Alliance is a hot button issue. Balancing the wishes of your voters, your military leaders and other highly influential constitutes, debate and cast your vote in favour or in opposition of the proposal.



The galaxy is an ever expanding and ever changing place. Tell the stories you would like to during these times!
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The Senate was a long way from the familiar halls of Coruscant, both literally and figuratively.

The attack on Senator Fossk has sent ripples - no, tidal waves - through the Senate. The sitting week had been cancelled as Senators and their staff sought shelter in their offices or fled off-world on diplomatic visas. The Senate Guard had combed every inch of the convocation and were digging back through the holonet footprint of the perpetrator, who took their own life moments after the attack. An event of this magnitude had not graced the hallowed halls of the Federal Assembly in recent history.

And yet, the Alliance relied on the Senate to continue their work. The elected representatives, minus their usual aides and staff, had come together either in-person or via hololink on the massive Mon Calamari Super Star Defender Alliance Ascendant as it moved through deep behind Alliance borders, a mobile safe heaven for the Senate until the responsible parties for the attack could be brought to heel.

The proposal under consideration, which called for the establishment of an inspector-general to regulate and report on planetary defence forces, made sense from the outside. The recent events at Byss brought home the risk of allowing planetary fleets to grow unchecked. However, the pockets of the military-industrial complex were deep, as was the fierce loyalty of worlds that sought to minimise the Alliance’s meddling in their affairs. Crammed into a much smaller than usual meeting room, Tithe expected the session to be firey.

“The, ah, yes, the Member for Eufornis Major,” Tithe announced, calling for Senator Anden to present her proposal for debate.

Eric Vales

V-Freestar ship.
Crew: Eric Vales (player) sensor and communications specialist. Amanda Vales (npc) padawan and pilot. 6 unnamed npc Wookie, technicians and pilots in rotation.

The GA sought resources to explore and map a sector of space beyond its borders. The Vales twins and a handful of Wookies accepted the contract. It might not be a walk in the park if the Bots showed up in the area. They would not be alone on the expedition even if they did not know who else had participated.
Senator of Eclipse
Tag: Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe (I will include tags as people post)

The large serpent sat in a large double coil and looked to the Vice Chancellor Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe as he called on the Senator from Eufornis Major. Sssar had been given a great many briefings on the breach of security on Coruscant from his own security detail. They to seemed able to pin point a way that the assassin entered without being detected by the Senate Guard or Senate Guard Commandos, much less keep their plot secret from Alliance intelligence. As the Filithar continued to stare in silence at the Vice Chancellor it was clear there was more on Sssar's mind, something personal to do with the Vice Chancellor. Sssar's unblinking stare drew the attention of a few less vocal Senators who regarded him with uneasy looks.

It was then that one of Sssar's protocol droids waddled up next to him and whispered "Senator Taszzn, the licenses have been successfully acquired. A new batch of documents awaits you in your quarters at your leisure."
wisdom lingers


Henna stood beside the table where her crewmates sat, staring at the hologram of the projected planet. Largely unmapped on star charts, only digging through their resources had they found any reference to the entity of CS-2326. They had come into orbit expecting to survey the planet and move on, as they had with so many others as OFI moved into full throttle- but initial scans revealed more than met the eye. A hospitable atmosphere, with some form of organic population.

Henna was tense as she considered. Given their lack of knowledge, it was likely whatever thrived below had been largely untouched for centuries. Protocol was open to interpretation- th Jedi master half thought that with the oversights of the rules, they hadn't been expected to find new life. There was at the very least, assurances Alliance personnel would not engage in open hostilities unprovoked-- though how they went about everything else was up the crew. They could venture below, disturbing those who lived, or simply move on-- though that left the planet to the next group of explorers who would arrive.

<<I have found network signatures below. The frequency varies from our own, but they are interpretable.>> The droid chirped. <<Communications are unencrypted. I will analyze their language and cross-reference my own database in attempt to learn theirs.>>

"How long will that take?" Henna asked the unit.

<<My estimate is it should be completed within 15 minutes.>>

The master nodded, turning to those she accompanied.

"I would advise a party to proceed, with caution. The race is on. If it's not us who makes contact, there will be a someone else-- soon."

Seto Du Couteau, Senator of Empress Teta
War, What is it good for?
Location: Somewhere in Alliance Deep Space
Action: Listening, Attempting to find safety


Seto kept his eyes on his data-slate, a stream of information coming from his Office at Empress Teta. The riots were being quelled and his private security force indicated some important files on a particular noble. With the influx of more employment and prospect of better economic outcome, the threat of greater protests and riots grew less. And as soon as I find that troublesome noble, it'll be much smoother sailing from here on out. Seto wearily mused to himself, his hands shutting off his data-slate.

Checking the time the young Du Couteau heir swore before bolting out of his room. He hadn’t at all considered the idea of including an alarm, and normally one of his aides or staffers would have alerted him of the next Senate meeting. His footsteps slowed as he approached the busy hallway and more or less walked with purpose into the meeting room itself. Seto took a moment to glance around a few other Senators and some appeared visibly shaken from the attack in the Senate Chambers still, for himself the attack posed more of an optics challenge than anything else.

He had been shot at, attacked with lightsabers and Force attacks many times prior to his elevated position as a Senator. This time at least I wasn’t the one being shot at. So he took what the galaxy gave him and continued to put his mind to work. As of the newest proposal of another inspection of planetary defense forces and should the Alliance be more aware of the independent military build up of its member worlds. This can be seen as a slight against security, and during a time of insecurity and fear. . . Seto braced himself for the public backlash.

Finding a seat, Seto waited for the rest of the members of the Senate to bring about their arguments.

|| Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe | Sssar Taszzn Sssar Taszzn ||
Chancellor of the Alliance


Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe - Seto Du Couteau Seto Du Couteau - Sssar Taszzn Sssar Taszzn - THE SENATE THE SENATE


The Chancellor of the Alliance had been quite shaken since the attack that took place under the protection of her most elite protectors. Beholden to the Senate and the whole of the Alliance citizenry, a vulnerability had been exposed. Still, Adhira recognized the importance of a continued presence as a strong and secure democratic government. Thus she made the decision to appear before the closed session of the Senate. She had initially been vehemently against the plan to retreat from Coruscant, the heart of the Alliance and once considered to be their Citadel... but cooler heads prevailed, her intelligence service, her military, and her deputy had convinced her of the necessity for security.

As Vice Chancellor Tithe called the secure session to order, the older woman pulled herself back to attention and nodded authoritatively at the assemblage of Senators who had sought refuge on the Ascendant. As Aerari called on the first Senator to speak on the new proposal and himself fell silent she leaned to him and spoke softly. "Will we ever return to normalcy after this?" Of course, they would. Democracy in the galaxy had always, ultimately, prevailed, but everyone, even the Chancellor had once thought the Senate Building on Coruscant to be the most secure place in the galaxy, or at least, certainly the most secure place in the Alliance.

Things were changing. The Alliance needed to change with it.
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I have a battlecarrier. Do you?
{ANV Cadence - C.I.C}
{Stepping into the Twilight Zone - Orbiting CS-2326}
{3rd Expeditionary Squadron - Commodore Kathause in Command}

Another mysterious planet.

The commodore's eyes never seemed to leave the sensor feeds, at least, never for longer than a blink's worth-- an acquired habit from her career in both the GADF and Chandrilan Defense Force. Her hand, meanwhile, always seemed to hover near an intercom unit; While her lips gave off the same cautious atmosphere, formed as if she were ready to scream "Battle Stations" at any moment.

One could never be too careful.

Cloaked vessels, interdictor flotillas; Any and more could appear without warning, and cripple even the mightiest of vessels with little struggle, and they had. Ambushes, trickery, were all to be expected, at least in Liedran's battle-conditioned eyes.

Cadence and the rest of the 3rd Expeditionary Squadron came to a drop in speed, though sustained enough velocity to just barely maintain their relative positions over the planet-- designated CS-2326 for lack of a better alternative. CAP flights had launched five minutes after the initial scans, now either nestled within the fleet for rapid response, or scattered around one of two dispatched frigates--
ANV Dreamer and ANV Armistice respectively-- in a constant search for anything of note. So far, they yielded little results, aside from a more or less reassured attitude among newer transfers. Though, veteran officers knew better than to not anticipate...something.

"You've been staring at me for a minute now," Liedran kept her eyes fixed to the display, even as she addressed her aide-de-camp, "Something wrong?"

"How did you-"

"There's glass covering this table... not too hard to catch a reflection," She couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the sight of the Pantoran's off-guard expression.

"Didn't think of that..." The commander quickly masked his expression with a friendly grin, "Just checking in on you. Can't have everyone's favorite Kitty Kathause in a bad mood..."

"Well then, I appreciate the senti-" The nickname quickly pulled her from the coordination set-up, and brought the commodore's eyes to lock with her aide's own, "...What did you just call me?"


[CS-2326 - Surface]
-- First Lieutenant Larien Dildrede - Alliance Marine --
[ANV Cadence Away Teams]

The first of two dropships hovered over, soon settling on a more or less desolate plot of land, to the far left of a roaring waterfall and nestled behind dense underbrush. And at the very moment results from their latest atmospheric test came in, the detachment's commanding officer descended a ramp.

Larien first took in the fresh air, the first time that week in which he was permitted to do so, having been cooped up aboard Cadence for the vast majority of his tenure. The others seemed to express the same emotions with their own first steps; all but the unit's second-in-command, an older Chiss sergeant simply referred to as Sren-- lest any of them make a mockery of his full name. The sergeant's attitude was to be expected, however-- he made it clear that he was the most comfortable in cooler temperatures.

"Sarge, make sure the area's clear," They had been warned of sentient network activity somewhere on the planet, though Cadence's dropships took care to remain out of intrusive range, "I'll see if I can get in touch with the other teams."

The lieutenant let another deep breath flow through his lungs, the final taste of clear and clean air before he entered the far stuffier interior of the HAAT Dropship. Any feelings of longing vanished quickly enough; He was far more accustomed to shipboard settings at that point, anyway. As such, the process of approaching the cockpit was second nature to him by then, with a brief and well-rehearsed display of slipping past hanging bulkheads and ascending a column of cold metal rungs.

"Hey, Mag," Larien spun around once he had entered the pristine command deck, eyes tracing first over the arrays of supplies and secondary display screens, and settling on the figure of a Togruta leaning back against the front-most seat, "How are comms going?"

Flight Lieutenant Magdreine Zilykes had turned to face him within milliseconds, seemingly having already formed her answers ahead of time, "I've picked up the other team's transponder signals, and I've already taken the liberty of throwing in another layer of encryption on our channel."

"Bucking for a promotion?" He let a conspiratorial smile slip onto his expression, "Never mind, we'll talk about it later. Patch me in to-"

"Done." The flight lieutenant typed in a final series of keys, opening a secure channel pre-tuned to that of Henna Sarratt Henna Sarratt 's team.

Larien provided a quick nod first, then let his hand draw a wired communicator from a notch in the wall, "This is First Lieutenant Dildrede. Cadence Away Team," Another nod from Magdreine confirmed the message's successful arrival, "I trust that everyone landed alright?"
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Jedi Prince

An assassin inside the Galactic Senate.

In a galaxy still recovering from the shock of Csilla, the repercussions at home had been both immediate and palpable. The Atrisian Self-Defense Forces had already been in a state of high alert due to the situation at Byss and Atrisia's location along one edge of Alliance space. Now, the active guard had been mobilized with the reserves moved into a ready status. It was a planetary call to service.

It felt a lot like they were at war.

The Sith had fallen. The Alliance had won the war, or so Shoma had thought. But now, civil unrest, extremism, and fear seemed poised to rob the victory from their grasp.

The Atrisian Parliament was calling an emergency session of the Home Space Security Committee. One of the recommendations coming out of that was expected to address the fact that the crown prince was currently serving as the planetary delegate to the Galactic Senate. When Chancellor Chandra had dissolved and re-formed the government, Atrisia had taken that time to shift Ju Li Kim into ambassadorial roles in the foreign service and appoint Shoma as the chief diplomat to the Alliance -- a role intended to elevate his public profile and establish confidence at home and abroad in preparation for his expected assumption of the throne of Golden Flowers when the current Atrisian Emperor either passed or abdicated the throne. There was a segment of the Imperial bloc that wanted to recall Shoma to Atrisia, under the security of the royal guard, and for Junko Ike Junko Ike to take his place.

Certainly, his sister had the qualifications. She had been Atrisia's ambassador-at-large for her entire life.

Really, they were interchangeable in that respect. They had both been groomed to be exactly what Atrisia needed or wanted them to be. Working royals. The holo perfect that Atrisia wanted other planets to see.

Beyond the matter of who represented the planet, GADF's ability to protect the home system had already been subject to doubt and scrutiny. The war against the Sith had put great strain on the Alliance's resources. And the expanding cloud of influence only continued to do so, while the extremism and civil unrest surrounding Byss exposed the gaps and seams in the Alliance's political patchwork.

In the midst of which, were the planetary militias themselves. The subject, it seemed, of the motion now before the Senate.

As one of the so-called working royals, Shoma held a commission in the Atrisian Self-Defense Forces. It was another expected aspect of royal life. He used it to become the sponsor for the Royal Exploration Corps -- a project that had been placed on indefinite hiatus given the current security situation.

It was a conversation that needed to occur. But Shoma wasn't looking forward to it at all. The question was, which was worse? The security situation now hanging as a question over the senate? Or the thought of having his few freedoms stripped away and recalled home to be the puppet prince locked away in the palace?

Fear. Fear. And more fear.

When was the last time any of them had not been afraid? Did any of them even remember anymore?

If the Sith were still the threat that they had been, it would have been easy to blame the current chaos and uncertainty on the Dark Side of the Force. Instead, Shoma found his thoughts drifting inward.

Was it possible that they were their own worst enemies?



The images still haunted her.
The dramatic scene of the moment Senator Fossk grew limp played over and over again in the back of her mind. Yet another Senator to be targeted by assassins, Force Users or otherwise. The riots displayed rather clearly how the populace felt of such an attack. Incidents were growing, and more and more police were being fitted into riot gear back home.
So why was she here? It would have been a rather simple matter to attend via hologram, as some of her colleagues had opted to do, yet the brazen and unorthodox Senator Anden was present in person. Oh the joy
"Prayers and thoughts" She dismissed the outcry of support for Fossk and his family. "Actions speak louder than words"
Her aides seemingly agreed, and yet there wasn't much they could do. At the moment, at least.
"We have all seen firsthand the horrors of deregulation" She began. "And we have all seen the disasters of over-regulation" She winked at Tithe, a known champion of corporatism.
"We must strive to strike a balance between the two. With a familiar theme, we must enforce the laws we already have regulating not only the size and composition of our individual Planetary Defense Force's, but their actions and deployments"
"None of us are irresponsible, none of us are rash" A blatant lie, as she harshly disapproved of the actions undertaken by the Duros and Corellian governments. "But whose to say we don't make bad decisions?"


We are not Broken
Aboard Peltas-Class Heavy Cruiser Aradasteia

The Aradasteia held in orbit above Cormit, the
Nightdragon Man-of-War, Extenuating Circumstances, holding position just above and behind it. The Man of War was one of the few remaining to the Chiss Ascendancy after their defeat and the destruction of Csilla. The fleet of the defense force had been decimated and the Warrior Corps along with it. It was on that day revenge became his prime directive.

Revenge against the Maw.

Revenge against the Ruling Houses.

Revenge against the Galaxy.

It was on that day that Stybla'orn'omi's life had changed forever. Though not Stybla for much longer, he mused. The officiation hadn't happened just yet, but once it did his family name would be stripped along with all of the privileges such a name as his would provide him and he would become a flag officer of the Ascendancy, which counter to much of the Galaxy's thought, still thrived. A cruel truth he became privy to once his rank had been made all but official.

He remembered that day when he had flown into Naporar after the battle. Times had been desperate then for the CEDF, they still were but nearly a year of recovery and the generosity of other nations had helped close most of the wounds quickly. He only wished the resources didn't have to be wasted. He bared his teeth thinking about the meeting.


"Stybla'orn'omi...Good service record. Excellent pilot. Moved on to ship command after serving your initial commission and receiving a promotion after the Battle of the Twins...Relatively quiet command after that as the commander of a Cruiser..." The Supreme Admiral set the questis on the table, his red eyes glowing from beneath heavy brows.

"Despite your rather lack-luster record as a Senior-Captain our manpower is short and we require men and women who will do what needs to be done. You are being offered the position of Commodore. Do you know what this means?"

Orn swallowed hard and strengthened his resolve.

"That I will be stripped of my family title and be expected to serve the Ascendancy with my entire will." The Supreme Admiral fixed Orn with a glare.

"Do you accept?"

"Yes." The Admiral passed the questis over the table and Orn touched it gingerly, reading over the contents. It had not been a record of his exploits and path in the Defense Force as he thought, but a contingency plan. One that if the date was correct, had been in effect since their homeworld of Csilla had become a frozen wasteland. His eyes scanned the screen over and over agian, his lips becoming dry.

"This...This can't be true." The Supreme Admiral grunted.

"It is."

"Then all those lives- The ships, we-"

"The important thing is that the Galaxy continues to believe we are truly broken. It is what is best for the Ascendancy." The Maw reveled in their victory. Aid from across the stars came every day to various outer colony worlds of the Ascendency. The Alliance had left task forces and the New Imperial Order even had plans for a 'New Csilla'. All for nothing. There had been fewer people on Csilla than on some Chiss Colony worlds he'd visited in his Wandering Year. And still, the Chiss Ascendency had put nearly the full might of their Defense Force at risk, losing much of it, to defend what had been essentially an empty shell.

Everything clicked then. The near-empty homesteads. Why every ruling family's compound was on another world entirely. They had all known, the Ruling Families...The Syndicure. His rage boiled within, but he kept his face as ice. He would accept this promotion. He would rise through the ranks. He would fix the Ascendency and then he would destroy the Maw.

The Supreme Admiral turned in his chair to face the wall.

"You will report to Cormit from Naporar after you have completed your training and schooling, which will all, of course, be done here. Everyone you see will be training for the same position. Study hard and you might get your own ship command."

He had studied. And he had exceeded expectations, his rage fueling his every step. The Aradasteia was his ship, and as soon as he was given permission to land via shuttle he would be stripped of his name and made a full Commodore of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. Today was the start of something new.

The Rapacc believed that the Chiss Ascendency to be as the Chimera; strong, deadly, and quick in excising its justice. But that Chimera had been broken.

Orn'Omi would put it back together and the Chimera would rage across the Galaxy.

Eric Vales

The Freestar was 60km from the orbit of the GA team. In the center was their 1500m flagship. Eric just sent a message just to avoid being mistaken for spies or anything. "Here freestar, we have been hired by the GA to collaborate on the mapping of the area. The planet is far too big for us. We are going to analyze some gravitational anomalies at 6 standard hours from here that could affect hyperspace routes and possibly place some buoys of reporting.

Liedran Kathause Liedran Kathause



Objective | Secure CEDF Assets at Cormit Military Base
Focus | Vice-Admiral
Kaine Hamilton

Wolfpack Aurek - Group One
Wolfpack Aurek - Group Two
Wolfpack Aurek - Group Three

Cormit, home to one of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force's Main Military Installations. The Planet had once been held by the Zweihander Union before they collapsed and certainly would have a Mix of Old ZU and Chiss Equipment down there. With the Chiss Ascendancy shattered by the destruction of Csilla and their Fleet scattered throughout Chiss Space , now was the perfect opportunity to move in and secure these assets for the Final Dawn before the Galactic Alliance or even the New Imperial Order could interfere as these pieces of equipment could certainly benefit Sularen especially for what he had planned in the Long-Term.

Wolfpack Aurek , first deployed at Kril'Dor against GADF's Pheonix Fleet and 3rd Expeditionary Squadron was tasked with securing the Space around Cormit as Final Dawn Surveillance Ships nearby had detected the presence of CEDF Warships in orbit of Cormit while a strike team led by Colonel Rackham and Agent Phantom would head towards the surface and secure the CEDF Military Base. For this mission Vice-Admiral Hamilton formerly of the Beshqek System Defense Fleet now serving in the Final Dawn , had split his Fleet in 3 preferring to hold the two other groups in reserve in case the CEDF or the GADF intervenes with Grand Overseer Sularen's Plans.

Thus only the Leviathan and the Marauder an Invincible-Class Heavy Battlecarrier and a Supremacy-I Class Star Destroyer respectively with the former being Vice-Admiral Hamilton's Flagship , jumped out of hyperspace to emerge in the Cormit System while the rest of the Wolfpack stood by in nearby systems awaiting orders to move in an ambush any Additional Task Force that would try to rout Hamilton and his Fleet. As the Fleet approached Cormit , they quickly spotted the Chiss Task Force in orbit of the World , a single Peltas-Class and a Chiss Man-of-War and prepared themselves for combat.

On board the Leviathan Vice-Admiral Hamilton smiled , it had been a long time since he had seen combat especially since the disastrous Byss Crisis which saw Marlon Sularen forcibly removed from power by the Galactic Alliance. Understanding that capture meant either being forced to serve a nation he held no sympathy for or prison for life , Hamilton joined Sularen in his retreat to the Unknown Regions where he helped the Grand Overseer rebuild the Maw Irregular Fleet. While demoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral in the Final Dawn , it was still better then serving the Galactic Alliance or worse being thrown in prison for life just for having simply defended a World which had been unlawfully occupied by the Galactic Alliance.

Thus , Group One of Wolfpack Aurek began it's approach towards the Chiss Task Force up ahead preparing their main batteries and having their pilots head for their fighters. Soon a great battle would erupt here over Cormit and soon the Final Dawn would leave the World in ruins having secured what they ultimately wanted , Old ZU/CEDF Military Technology and Equipment which would then be reverse-engineered to create new assets for the Final Dawn , further strengthening the Final Dawn and ensuring it's eventual inevitable victory against the Galactic Alliance in the long-awaited Conquest of the Core Worlds.

Tags | Orn Orn

flexible response



Sssar Taszzn Sssar Taszzn | Seto Du Couteau Seto Du Couteau | Adhira Chandra Adhira Chandra | Shoma Ike Shoma Ike | Miona Anden Miona Anden


“But a momentary repose,” he replied to Adhira as Senator Anden stood to deliver her proposal. There was something of an irony that the Senate had held sway on Coruscant throughout the entire Third Imperial Civil War against the Sith Empire without incident, only to be driven out during what was hailed as a new era of peace. “Yes, those hallowed halls shall be yours once more.”

The assembled legislators listened as the Member for Eufornis Major tabled her motion to establish a special inspector-general to oversee planetary defence forces. As an astute politician, she saw the risks her colleagues would perceive from the Alliance intervening in the local matters. Miona was careful to strike a balance between protecting the ideals of the Alliance and policing its members.

“The dead hand of regulation,” the Vice Chancellor replied. “Veiled the false guise of stability.” While his world was most known as the banking mecca of the Core, many were surprised to learn that Aargauu had an enormous defence force. The generals and admirals back home were dead against any regulation of their military and had indicated that Tithe’s continued support in the senate was at risk.

“With our militaries still reeling from the Stygian Campaign, and the now the worrying rise of the Brotherhood, surely, surely our precious time and money can be better spent,” he suggested. “Why not, ah, self-regulate? Yes, allow our defence forces to provide regular assurance reports back to Coruscant that they are acting true to the Alliance’s ideals.”

War, What is it Good For?
Secure Meeting Room, Alliance Ascendant
Adhira Chandra Adhira Chandra Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe Sssar Taszzn Sssar Taszzn Miona Anden Miona Anden Shoma Ike Shoma Ike Seto Du Couteau Seto Du Couteau
Well this was cozy, she thought. The attempt on Fossk, in the middle of the last Senate session, had driven many of the Senators to keep themselves home or in their embassies while security measures were strengthened by the Senate Guard and the Marshals, SIA no doubt getting involved too. But government couldn't stop, and so it had been decided to hold sessions in a secure meeting room on one of the Alliance's dreadnaughts. She liked the design, very classic Mon Cala, evokes that spirit of the Alliance and Republics that came before. Unlike many others, and like Senator Anden, she had traveled in person to the meeting chamber.

The discussion at that time seemed to have been tabled for another issue that had some in the Alliance worried: the proliferation and increase in planetary defense forces. She could see why they might have some need for pause. Byss had been building forces in secret, while Corellia and Duro had been able to field a large enough force to blockade Byss. Other powerful worlds in the Core, like Kuat or Aargau or Bilbringi, had their own large forces to defend themselves, or if need be, project their national interests abroad.

She had no real fathier in the race, either as the Senator of Arkania or herself. The Arkanian Dominion relied on its science and quieter methods to protect its national interests, and that philosophy fit in perfectly well with her. However, she could see benefits if the Alliance member worlds maintained private defense forces separate from the Alliance military. It meant a ready made home defense while the military could focus on other threats like the Maw and Bryn'adul, and the government could always federalize or commandeer forces to augment task forces temporarily for action. Creating an inspector general position to oversee could be good or bad.

"I for one would like to know what sort of powers and responsibilities such a position might have," she said. "What sort of checks and balances are you proposing this inspector general and its office could have, Senator Anden? Would they be able to theoretically fine a member world for having too large of a defense force, or impose limits on production? What about the training of personnel or the costs involved?"
"Peh," the senator from Corellia waved his hand dismissively. Ever since his dramatic reveal of the lingering damage from the assassination attempt he himself had survived he had opted to keep the mask free from his face, revealing to the Galaxy the extent of Jedi barbarism. Since that attempt however, Corellia was the easiest to predict when it came to the safety of their senator. He had flown back to the Great Green Jewel of the Core the night of the attack and had been there ever since.

"This move is hardly timely. The Brotherhood of the Maw moves freely through space and time with their ancient Path Engines. The Maw Irregular fleet, led by Marlon Sularen Marlon Sularen is also of notable threat even if they have not been shown to make use of the Paths. Sith Remnants still float in the void between civilized star systems and you would have us disarm?"

he spat.

Not only was Corellia a massive producer of warships for the Alliance but they also boasted one of the larger defense forces in the Alliance right next to Kuat, Humbarine, Billbringi, and previously, Byss. If it wasn't obvious where their position was on this to the other senators, then they probably shouldn't have been a senator to begin with.
Senator of Eclipse
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Sssar finally looked away from the Vice Chancellor as Kaito spoke about disarmament "I believe they mean resssstrict not disssarm. Though I concur with your ssssentimentssss Kaito." he offered to the Senator from Corellia then the turned his attention to Miona "Honeyed wordssss nothing more. Rasssshnesssss issss all thissss Alliance sssseemsss to know. From sssquablesss turning into battlessss to embarasssssing breachesssss of diplomatic courtssssey on the intersssstellar holonet. The unelected making sssspeechessss of passssssion from the floor of the Federal Assssssembly. Disssscipline isssss not our way though that issss not to ssssay it sssshould not be." Sssar turned to the Chancellor Adhira "Regulationsss, resolutionssss, reportssss." he hissed with deep disdain "The time for meaninglesss action and empty wordsss hasss long passsssed usssss by. Jussssstice. Have the vigilantessss arressssssted and trialssss held. No more capitulation to favorssss and fear of reprisssalsss. Be they Ssssenatorssss, ssssailorsss, or ssssoldiersss. If SsssIA cannot capture Ssssularen then I will have him, one way or another, brought to the Ssssenate chamberssss once more. Worldssss are ending and we ssssit enraptured by politicking - no." he narrowed his eyes and then looked over all the Senators "Ssssscheming." his attention went to the Vice Chancellor but spoke to both Adhira and Aerarii "Hiding on a sssship. Fleeing our sssymbol of ssstability. Ssshowing no resssolve in the face of what threatensss usss all. I have alwayssss sssssupported you, and I may yet sssstill, but know that my patience hassss worn. Eclisssspe may have little in value or in weight. But the time of our blind loyalty to an unrealized dream hassss ended. You have the manpower and the authority to end our enemiesss and purge corruption. Ussssse it."

ANV Argent Dawn | Phoenix Fleet
ESCORTING: ANMV Sidereal Relief, ANMV Thaumaturge, ANMV Vivimancer, and ANDD Waxing Crescent


Phoenix Fleet had been tasked with escorting resources into the Unknown Region, setting up a deep dock and a series of hospital ships to supplement the relatively nearby Outbound Flight station. Not the most common mission, but given the nearness of the Brotherhood of the Maw, and the insistence of their pseudo-imperial seeming enemies that had shown up at Kril'dor, it was deemed that a show of force might be necessary with the delivery of aid. Chiss officials in the system would have received IFF codes for Phoenix Fleet and other GADF resources en route ahead of time, and Phoenix Fleet had some codes for the CEDF ships in system, though Lexi assumed not all.

"Down jump completed. Showing the medical vessels and deep dock within three point two percent of target. Well within allowances." Captain Taggart, the flight control officer in CIC reported.

"Excellent Mr. Taggart. Ms. Haupt, what are we looking at in system." Lexi accepted the initial down jump report from her flight control officer, handling expanded duties while they were escorting units not attached to Phoenix Fleet. She then turned to her tactical officer, Commander Haupt.

"Initial data shows lots of traffic, more than expected. Resolving IFF and scans now..." Commander Haupt reported, her fingers dancing along the console before her, emerald eyes practically aflame with movement. "...IFF and scans show potentially hostile enemies. Drive signatures match enemy ships from Kril'dor. Further in we have Chiss ships in orbit of the planet."

"Designate potentially hostile ships as hostile and work up firing solutions. Taggart, launch ready fighters and call up reserve. Bruhn get the medical ships and dock tied into our tac net and have them deploy defenses but tell them to stay out of our way." While the medical ships and deep dock were ostensibly GADF vessels with GADF personnel aboard, their missions were vastly different from her people in Phoenix Fleet. She'd rather not risk unknown entities in a battle when they were under her protection.

"Medical ships and dock report back ready to defend and are tied into our tac net." Bruhn reported.

"Designating hostile forces and allied forces on the tank," Haupt reported as the holotank in the middle of the CIC erupted into color of the system and ships within it.

"Open a channel to the hostile vessels," Lexi ordered as the space around them and the vessels they escorted became a hive of activity as fighter squadrons took up position outside their parent ships.

"Channel open."

"Hostile vessels, this is Commodore Morrow of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. This system is under our protection." She paused a moment, eyeing the plots. She'd come in behind them. "You have two minutes to change vectors to outbound from this system or we will open fire on you." She cut the channel, then looked over at Bruhn. "I'm not interested in a pissing contest with them today. Jam broadcast communications, switch all units to line of sight tight beams."

She looked over at Taggart and nodded.

"When the reserve fighters are ready, launch them." Then Lexi looked to Haupt again. "Paint their vessels with pings and targeting lasers. Move the Cygnars and Scythes to the rear in case they got a signal out. Two ships is not the norm for these people."

She had given the imperial ships two minutes to turn to a vector that would have them leaving the system, and then made it abundantly clear that they were being targetted by the weaponry of Phoenix Fleet. Lexi knew that the more time she had, the more fighters she'd have in the air, and between them and her ships she had a decisive edge in firepower and numbers over the Imperial ships present.

  • Phoenix Fleet entered the system with three medical cruisers and a deep dock station.
  • Ready fighters launched (designated as Ready on the Phoenix Fleet post linked up top).
  • Medical ships and dock launched their own fighters for defensive purposes only.
  • Ultimatum sent, and then comms jammed.
  • Cygnar and Scythe class ships shifted to cover the rear.
  • Phoenix Fleet is painting the Imperial ships quite obviously.

Lexi | Commander Tau've (Navigator) | Captain Taggart (Flight Control) | Commander Haupt (Tactical) | Captain Bruhn (Comms)

Hand of Purification Hand of Purification | Orn Orn


Eric Vales

Eric Vales was returning to his seat at the sensor station after his shift in the bunk when he noticed an excited exchange of grunts between the Wookies. The sister had also left the cockpit to better analyze some data. Seeing her brother, Amanda handed him a laptop with a brief summary. Some of the probes they had placed had been destroyed by imperial-designed ships, and several GA ships had now arrived in the same area. Apparently their position was safe for now but the area could soon become a battleground that the Freestar was certainly not up to.

Grand Moff Vel'alari

Senator of Bilbringi

"I concur with the honourable delegate of Eclipse.", Grand Moff Vel'alari said as she entered the senate meeting room aboard the Alliance Ascendant. Fashionably late, it seemed. "Those Brotherhood monsters threaten not only the security of the Galactic Alliance, but also potentially the lives of trillions of innocents across the galaxy. Talking about the weakening of our planetary defence forces will only make our enemies BOLDER. As you know, I've made no secret of my military build up. I will not see Bilbringi fall against the Brotherhood or Sularen and his treacherous allies. A wise individual prepares for war even in apparant times of peace, but that peace is fleeting, noble senators. The Brotherhood are coming for all of us, and I will not sit idly by and allow my world to be weakened in it's defenses, nor will I allow them to continue to decimate and enslave my people, or any others."

Vel'alari was well aware she was speaking without the Speaker's approval, but she had to say her piece and the senate had to hear it. "Instead of weakening our defense forces, I propose a different approach. We temporarily federalize them and use that sizeable military might to CRUSH those Brotherhood karkers once and for all! They understand nothing but death and brutality. We cannot sit idly by and allow them to continue growing. They must be wiped out as a threat, relentlessly and without hesitation.", she said, the obvious hint of rage and anger about what had been done to her homeworld seething through her tone of voice, though she largely maintained her composure.

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