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  1. Valery Noble

    Public  [GA | MP | others] Caldera Crisis - Fallout

    The battles for Celanon and Yavin are over. As the dust settles, The Galactic Alliance begins to plan for the future. Yavin was lost during the battle, allowing hordes of undead and their Sith Masters to spread further through the region. At Celanon, however, the enemy forces were stopped...
  2. Kai Bamarri

    Skirmish  Battle of Chaldea (NJO, GA, others)

    Historically an isolationist world, Chaldea’s entry into the Alliance during the Second Great Hyperspace War was a reluctant one. The ruling Chaldean Potentium had many misgivings about their membership—namely, that the ancient religion of their forebears would become corrupted or die out when...
  3. Lord Reficite

    Public  The Weight of Passing (Apprentice Seeking/Interruption Thread)

    Ziost Several Miles away from the Sith Citadel Late Morning Time never did seem to slow down, Darth Reficite always knew this. He was surprised though all the time, at what structures could remain even after a normal humans lifespan, much less one that has been constructed over a millennia or...
  4. Janesha Porwool

    Faction  Smoke and Steel : GA Field Exercise | GADF | All branches | Others ask

    Correllia Proving Grounds After a rotation to Ord Vaug, elements of the GADF were back in the field. But this was no ordinary battle, this was a pitched battle, complete with hordes of simulated casualties and scores more of droids. From their lightly dug in position, they could see the swarm...
  5. Briana Sal-Soren

    LFG  Friends, enemies, and others

    Coming back from a hiatus with Briana and finally feeling like I am in a place where I'm ready to get her back in the game. I'd like to have her get involved in a new thread or two and am looking for her to make some connections, be those old friends catching up, forging new bonds, rivals for...
  6. K

    LFG  Unraveling on Anaxes (Bounty Hunters / Galactic Alliance / Others)

    - CONTRACT: Kohlhaase Gotthard REWARD: 100,000 UCs ALIVE [Disclaimer: Reward will be split among the successful capturers] The Empire is offering generous mercenary contracts to individuals and groups for the abduction of Senator . REQUIREMENTS: Participate in the IC thread 5 posts minimum...
  7. S

    Dominion  Cormitting To Helping Others | GA Dominion Of Cormit/Ornfra Hex

    Ever since the destruction of the planet Csilla, nearly a year ago, the galaxy has never been the same. Whether it has been from people suffering from losses, or planets taking in Chiss refugees, the Galactic Alliance has been at the forefront of the operation. Moving their support to nearby...
  8. HK-36

    Build Me An Army Worthy Of Redheads, Especially Delila, I Miss You Dells! [Siobhan + Tygaran Members

    [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"], [member="Tegaea Alcori"], Anyone Else From Tygaran Alliance Who Wants To Jump In, Abregado-Rae, Capital City, The azure canals and rivers of Abregado ran through its bustling capital city like veins on a particularly veiny forearm. Creating a real blue web...
  9. Taeli Raaf

    An Ascension

    Aurora Industries Secret Development Shipyard Pluthan Asteroid Field Not many knew about this asteroid field, what with it being on the very edges of the galaxy. Taeli, when Aurora Industries had first arrived in the area, had theorized that the Pluthan Asteroid field had once been a planet...
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