Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Connel Vanagor

    Public  Heaven Help me

    LOCATION : Midvinter | OBJECTIVE : Talking to an old family friend TAG (FRIENDLY) : Thurion Heavenshield/Anyone from or on Midvinter "In my experience, when you think you understand the Force, you realize just how little you know" [COMM TRAFFIC] As Connel Vanagor approached the planet...
  2. Liam Nargon

    LFG  Allies, Rivals etc to help a family come together

    Liam's talent in the Force has been passed down father to son for generations since the days of the Old Republic's war with the resurgent Sith Empire. Liam's father Naren Cors used his talents as an outlaw to make credits and scan women. Naren convinced Liam that his mother had abandoned him...
  3. Preliat Mantis

    Request  Mandalorian Codex Entry Help

    Hello Mandalorian writers! I realized that while I want people to write new Mandalorian characters, Chaos has a lot of history to sift through that directly affects the decision making of characters, factions, planets, etc. That being said, I wanted to compile a codex of a brief overview of...
  4. Katarine Ryiah

    Question  Help with BBCode

    So on my characters bio I have an accordion, but for some reason the box is very small. Can anybody help me make it longer when it pops down? Here is the link to the bio: As you can see the boxes are very...
  5. Ura Iolar

    Public  Just a Little Help

    Ura walked into the Silver Jedi training center, mostly focused on keeping Jedi from getting themselves too hurt while training. It was nice to take a bit of a break from training, especially after everything that had happened. She dropped a smaller lervon that had stayed practically bundled in...
  6. Tefka

    Question  Can you help us fill out the Chaos LOTR/Hobbit Characters?

    We're coming up with a list in MFO/Staff chat instead of being productive Tefka - Frodo, also Eowyn Valiens Nantaris - Samwise, also Saruman, also Nimloth, also Simaril #1, Oromë Srina Talon - Bree Innkeeper John Locke - Merry Judah Lesan - Pippin Collector - Gimli, Skinbark Allyson Locke...
  7. Arla Rodarch

    Request  Major Faction Background PSD? (Help?)

    Has anyone got a clean copy of the Major Faction Background psd for photoshop purposes? Please and thanku very much in advance for your helps.
  8. Alicia Drey

    LFG  I would like some help writing the Rule of Two

    It has been absolutely wonderful being back on the website, and I would like to thank everyone for a warm welcome back. As the OGs might remember from my previous time here I used to write this character and her agenda to create a Rule of Two, with all the various things that go with that i.e...
  9. Kitter Bitters

    Request  Help With Avatar

    So I found this adorable R2D2 puppy to make my avatar and I gave it a white border, but I'm not sure if it looks okay. Could anybody make it look more spiffy? I'm not sure how. Maybe a neon border or something?
  10. The Dark Inquisitor

    Resolved  Character Bio template help.

    Hi, Wanted to revamp this character's Bio, and found multiple different coloured ones, but can't figure out how to use it correctly. Can anyone explain it to me, in simple terms since I am an idiot sometimes. Much appreciated, Kinhaes
  11. deplorable

      Help me out with making tech... (plz)

    Heyyy, I'm currently working on creating a species, the Mermari and there's a certain aspect in which I havent exactly expanded on in the thread so I'll just do that here: The mermari are a aquatic/amphibian species, they have both lungs and gills, they can survive out of water for up to 8...
  12. Worrarg

    LFG  Help getting back into rp here

    So, I may be coming back but only barely. I won't be running the range of characters I was before. I got super busy IRL, and among other things, was just driven out of a desire to write. But I've been wanting for at least something. At the moment, I want to just use side characters. Ones that...
  13. deplorable

    Discussion  Help me pick a planet?

    So currently im creating an aquatic amphibian species but im kind of lost on picking a 'home' planet for these fellas, help me out and throw some ideas out there I still have a looot to write about these guys ;-; Edit: okay here goes a jumble of random info The Mermari are split into two main...
  14. Air Bending Bulldog

    i need help

    i get its short but i need ideas for story
  15. Air Bending Bulldog

    i need help learning to play

    Hi i need help playing i just found this game and it looks fun.I really like mandalorian its my favorite starwars character. I think my mandalorian is 16 years old I might need help making my character. please be nice to me i'm new.
  16. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    Request  Help with faction armed forces template

    Hey I'l looking for a good template to make some armed forces for a faction and would love if someone could help me. Please and thank you. I am open of discord but you can message me here
  17. Kitter Bitters

    Request  Help With Faction Graphics

    It looks like we might have enough interest to make our small minor police faction so I was wondering if anybody would be nice enough to help with graphics? We don't need anything fancy, mostly just a banner and an icon. The faction is called Galactic Department of Justice and it's mostly a...
  18. Minerva Fhirdiad

      Figuring out my character’s voice

    I have decided to try pick a voice that I believe would fit my Mando OC. Of course I don’t mind help with this little matter. The choices below are the ones I narrowed down for a vote if anyone is willing to share their opinion. Candidate One Candidate Two Candidate Three
  19. Kai Bamarri

    Public  Battle of Chaldea (Jedi/GA, anyone else who wants to help demolish a planet)

    After years of tensions between the native Chaldeans and foreign refugees, an army flying under the banner of the theocratic Chaldean Potentium has arrived with the intent to slaughter the residents of Calabiyau, a refugee city. Senator Alicio Organa and Kai Bamarri have called the Jedi to...
  20. DeadpoolMLP

    Question  Making my first saber, need help

    New to Chaos, trying to take a crack at making my first saber factory sub. Tried looking for subs for ideas, but I'm lost and have no idea where to start. Star Wars is something I'm much more casual about, so some assistance would be appreciated by the tech geeks of these parts.
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