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galactic alliance

All threads involving the Galactic Alliance
  1. Nayeïr Orega

    Character Nayeïr Orega

    NAYEÏR OREGA FROM ANAXES NAME: Nayeïr OREGA FACTION: Galactic Alliance AFFILIATION: Federal Assembly, Senate POLITICAL PARTY: Corporatist Bloc RANK: Senator of Anaxes SPECIES: Human (Anaxsi) AGE: about 40 years or so SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.75m WEIGHT: 73 kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Dark brown SKIN...
  2. Darth Solipsis

    Invasion Cleansing Fire | BotM Invasion of GA held Jedha and Jakku

    Big shoutout to Dagon Kaze (Galaxy-3) for the amazing art, definitely not Dagon Kaze Site Administrator: Valiens Nantaris Brotherhood of the MawStaff Galactic Alliance Staff Darth Solipsis Bernard of Arca The Mongrel IVI Kyrel Ren Adhira Chandra Zachariel Steelblood Annasari...
  3. Ijaat Mereel

    Approved Tech Ceremonial Jetti'kad

    Ceremonial Jetti'kad OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Ceremonial Weapon for honoring the working relationship of the Galactic Alliance and the Enclave Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: HERE Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Ijaat Mereel...
  4. Spirit of Wisdom

    Faction Alpine's End [GA & Allies]

    Coruscant // Avenue of Core Founders Day of Mourning // Memorial of the Fallen Once the smoke and debris of war had been cleared from the high streets of the Capital Planet, in the wake of the Great Battle of Coruscant, the people of the Galactic Alliance began to take stock of those who had...
  5. Adhira Chandra

    The Sleep That Knows Not Breaking [[Adhira At Rest]]

    Sleep... The evening hangs beneath the moon, A silver thread on darkened dune. With closing eyes and resting head I know that sleep is coming soon. Upon my pillow, safe in bed, A thousand pictures fill my head. I cannot sleep, my mind’s a-flight; And yet my limbs seem made of lead. If there...
  6. Spirit of Prosperity

    Unbroken | GA Second Great Hyperspace War Part I Awards

    Coruscant smoulders. Brotherhood of the Maw forces continue to terrorise the underworld. Chancellor Chandra is grievously wounded. The integrity of the Senate is in tatters. But the spirit of the Galatic Alliance remains Unbroken. Rising from the ashes of this devastating attack, with...
  7. Bernard of Arca

    Bounty New Sith Order Bounties | Galactic Sith Hunt

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create more opportunities and causes for folks to write stories together (and to keep Bounty Hunters off my back.) Compensation: Tier III - 5,000 "7 Tier IV - 25,000 "7 & one of a set of exclusive weapons Tier V - 250,000 "7 & one of a set of artefacts...
  8. Zahara Myneto

    Campaign Silent Night | Galactic Alliance

    At dawn, the ground shook. There was little warning to this event, at first believed by officials of the local government of Selvaris to be geological disasters, the response was likewise dull in nature. Deployed en masse to deliver relief to towns all but swallowed by the emerging holes...
  9. Harson Thaddeus

    Character MajGen. Harson Thaddeus

    FACTION: Galactic Alliance [X]. RANK: Major General | GADF Army. AGE: Fifty-Five. SEX: Male. HEIGHT: Six Foot, One Inch. EYES: Blue. HAIR: Gray. BIOGRAPHY: Born to a renowned family of high social standing in Hanna City, the capital of Chandrila, Harson Thaddeus is the eldest of five...
  10. Spirit of Patience


    THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE // THE SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR // Thank you to all who participated. Continue the story in THE IMPOSSIBLE HOUR The Battle for CORUSCANT is over! The BROTHERHOOD'S surprise attack, executed with frightful efficiency, is a disaster that leaves the ALLIANCE...
  11. Spirit of Patience

    Populate The Impossible Hour | GA Populate of Walalla

    THE IMPOSSIBLE HOUR A SECOND HYPERSPACE WAR STORY FOLLOWING THE GREAT BATTLE OF CORUSCANT fa-play fa-pause The Battle for CORUSCANT is over! The BROTHERHOOD'S surprise attack, executed with frightful efficiency, is a disaster that leaves the ALLIANCE scrambling to save its capital, once...
  12. Donavon Arturo

    Major Faction Courscant Under Attack?! | In the Loop

  13. Gorthalon

    LFG Adrift above Rodia

    TRANSMITTING ON ALL AVAILABLE CHANNELS Seventeen gladiator slaves of all species have broken free from their oppressors and are currently adrift in space on a stolen Gozanti Cruiser. All the fugitives are either gravely injured or unconscious, except for the Yuzzem warrior Gorth’alon and...
  14. Darth Solipsis

    Junction The Great Battle of Coruscant | Second Great Hyperspace War | Junction of GA-Selvaris, NIO-Raydonia, BotM-Shihon, SJC-Myrkr, AC-Ventooine

    The Brotherhood of the Maw launch a surprise invasion on the Queen of the Core, Coruscant, as the member states of the Bastion Accords plot their next move in the wake of the Battle of Lao-Mon and the Raid on Jakku. Called together by the Iron Imperator Rurik Fel, the member states of the...
  15. Spirit of Patience

    Major Faction Be A Hero of The Galactic Alliance | GADF

    // THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE DEFENCE FORCE // ENLIST TODAY TO PARTICIPATE IN SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR ATTN: Alliance law enforcement is on the lookout for vandals to official Defense Force publications. If you, or anyone you know, has anything to report related to the recent vandalization...
  16. Spirit of Prosperity

    Major Faction Interim Report - Senate Inquiry into Misconduct by the New Jedi Order

  17. Zark San Tekka

    Approved Location New Jedi Temple

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit an updated headquarters for the modern NJO and meld a high profile canon location with recent Chaos history. Image Credit: Jedi Temple Cross Section Header Clone Wars Processional Way Jedi Temple 3D Render Great Hall Forces of Destiny...
  18. Darth Solipsis

    Discussion The Great Battle of Coruscant | Second Great Hyperspace War - OOC Sign Up + Roster

    Black robes flickered and whipped against the windy night sky, shrouded men and women each masking their faces under the hooded veil began to march in unison up the long stair. Statues passed them by, each one adorned with images of various figures from the past, heroic and of great stature...
  19. Mirana Praji

    Character Mirana Praji

    Senator Mirana Praji NAME: Mirana Praji FACTION: Galactic Alliance RANK: Minister of State Senator of Coruscant SPECIES: Human AGE: Late 40s SEX: Female HEIGHT: 4'10" WEIGHT: 120lbs EYES: Bright Blue HAIR: Natural Blonde, Graying, Artificially maintained. SKIN: And just as the...