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galactic alliance

All threads involving the Galactic Alliance
  1. Darth Solipsis

    Work In Progress The New Sith Order

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish a hidden rival to the New Jedi Order within the Brotherhood of the Maw and function as a Sith infiltrator group for Galactic Alliance rp. Image Credit: Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: The New Sith...
  2. Spirit of Faith

    Major Faction Orientation | The New Jedi Order

    Ryv Karis, Sword of the Jedi So you wanna join the New Jedi Order, huh? I feel like I should start by saying we aren't the traditional types. Don't get me wrong, we like robes and meditation as much as the next guy, just uh, not as much as something more practical. You only wear a bathrobe to...
  3. Petir Sant

    Character Petir Sant

  4. Spirit of Faith

    Dominion Strength in Unity | GA Dominion of Bilbringi

    Galactic City, Coruscant - Unity Day It was a time for mourning, and a time for celebration. Five years have passed since the birth of the Galactic Alliance. In our early days, it was a time of prosperity. The Starbird's light shined throughout the entirety of the core, uniting it under one...
  5. Kingsley

    Codename: Starbird

    STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY FULCRUM CLEARANCE TASK FORCE X INTERROGATION LOGS SUBJECT: KINGSLEY, WILE E. X: This is the weirdest file I've ever seen. K: Rrrrawk! I'm flattered. X: Spice running, arms smuggling, grand theft starship. Pretty straightforward gutter trash. K: You're making me...
  6. Darth Solipsis

    Annihilation Head of the Snake: BotM Annihilation of Csilla

    In the northern Unknown Regions, the savage Brotherhood of the Maw has seen conquest after conquest. The Croke, the Lugubraa, the Shi'ido, the Gundanbard, the Jin, even the mighty Sorcerers of Rhand, all have either bowed before them or been swept aside by a tide of blood and fire. To the west...
  7. Auteme

    This Ain't No Place for No Hero

    Written with the help of the most excellent Ryv SHORT CHANGE Cold. Frost; a coat of white snow, hiding a fire beneath. The heat of her breath became wisps in the clear air. It was crisp in her lungs, yet still she held that warmth of life. For a moment the glaciers ahead were silent. An...
  8. Spirit of Faith

    Major Faction A Man Among Men

    Enlist today!
  9. Nimdok

    Faction Where I'm From, It's Always Handcuff Season (SJC + GA)

    You find yourself lying in the parking lot of a Huttburger on Coruscant, awoken by the first rays of dawn. Once you get your bearings, you realize you are handcuffed to someone else. Is this all part of an elaborate prank, or is something more sinister going on? How are you going to get free? Do...
  10. Spirit of Wisdom

    Private Justice in Triple Time [Triumvirate]

    Justice in Triple Time Location: Top Secret High-Security Prison, Level 4999 of Coruscant Presiding: Irveric Tavlar of the NIO | Adhira Chandra of the GA | Auteme of the NJO Prosecution: Ministry of Justice (GA) | Procurator of Justice (NIO) Defendant: Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Witnesses: Hans...
  11. Mazik Stazi

    Approved Starship Ena-class Star Defender

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a heavy capital ship for Duro which reflects their manufacturing power. Image Source: Painting of Homeworld by Andrey Lifanov Canon Link: / Permissions: / Primary Source: / PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Pri-Andylan Propulsion Systems...
  12. Bernard of Arca

    Faction Digging up the Roots | The Investigation of Ido Bastra's Murder

    The file dropped on Bernard's desk with a clap. A blue hologram of the Alliance Starbird flickered to life above it and began turning slowly. Bernard read the case name. "I want you to look into the Bastra case," Pech said. He stood next to Bernard, leaning over the desk. The Alliance Marshal...
  13. Corellian Confederation

    Corellian Confederation

    THE CORELLIAN CONFEDERATION "Between war and peace, no being should just consider the former. No being must jeopardize the latter. Now, we - those alone in the void - come together once more. We unite our stars, our waters and our lands. Under Corellia we protect our peace. Under Corellia we...
  14. Kaigann Fossk

    Public A Benefit Most Welcome

    Galaxies Opera House Coruscant Galactic Alliance Senator Kaigann Fossk of the Deep Core Member World of Epoch has hosted a large benefit for the families who've lost a significant other in the valiant campaign against the Sith Empire and to raise awareness of the rising threat of the...
  15. Spirit of Faith

    Junction A Rising Threat | GA and BOTM Junction of Reecee and O’reen

    A RISING THREAT To the Galactic North of The Alliance, reports have been troublesome. Intel initially reported a fanactical group, spawned from the depths of the Unknown Region. The Alliance brushed it to the side, expecting the uprising to die, as most in recent history have. Ignored while...
  16. Kaigann Fossk

    Senator of Epoch, Kaigann Fossk

    In a landslide win, Senator-Elect Kaigann Fossk dominated the polls and stole the hearts of the citizens of Odessa after a heartwarming speech to the masses from the Epochian Assembly. Mere months after his rescue by the New Jedi Order, Senator-Elect Kaigann Fossk has vowed to make his people's...
  17. Alais Kaun

    Character Alais Kaun

    Left-to-right: Alais Kaun face detail, Alais Kaun wearing her AIMBA Mk. IX Katarn/Thrawn/COMMANDO armour [SOCIAL INFORMATION] Name: Alais Farelle Kaun Alias(es): Current: Nickname(s): Allie Elle Sobriquet(s): Blondie Scrapper Two-guns Former: Title(s): Current: Ms. Galidraani women's...
  18. Spirit of Patience

    Dominion IDCARRATOS | GA Dominion of Carratos

    C A R R A T O S The path we embark on now, we embark upon in the name of the Light... and any who stand in our way will be purified. - Chancellor Chandra Dominated by urban landscapes, Carratos has been affectionately coined as the world of many fortunes –– if you have the means to take...
  19. Spirit of Faith

    Invasion Hope Never Dies | GA Invasion of TSE held Ziost and Tiss'Sharl

    Stygian Campaign: Episode III Hope Never Dies OOC THREAD // START: February 28 - END: March 14 // THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE THE SITH EMPIRE Adhira Chandra Ryv Shursia Dracken Pryce Ripley Kühn Auteme Bernard of Arca Aerarii Tithe Darth Prazutis Taeli Raaf Telis Taharin Cara...
  20. Spirit of Faith

    Major Faction Fly High

    - processing_cmd:// Connect to 'hottwileks.net'.... Connecting.... EXECUTE:// 'ALLIANCE POPUP' initiated Close ad in 3... 2... 1... CLICK HERE TO CLOSE Creds to Kaska Arden for the amazing div <3