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Approved Vehicle "COB" Chaos Medium Strike Combat Walker

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Callum Saville


  • Manufacturer: Court of Blades Company
  • Affiliation: Court of Blades
  • Market Status: Closed Market
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Yes, Can change out the Turbolaser for other light models or standard. Can also be changed out with a railgun system with very limited ammo storage.
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
    Suprasteel (x)
    Theiaglass (x)
  • Classification: Bipedal Walker
  • Role: Assault and Support
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Armaments: Very High (Extreme: Ultra-Power Blast Mode)
    FAE/SW-04 "Chromofly" Light Turbolaser
  • Defenses: Average
    Personal Shield Generator
    Missile Deactivation Transmitter
    PDS 63 Soteria-class Active Protection System (Front Only)
  • Maneuverability Rating: High (Average: Ultra-Power Blast Mode) (Kickback makes it dangerous to do sharp turns while doing this.)
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Propulsion: Bipedal
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: 0
  • Cargo Capacity: Very Low
    Repair Parts, Rations

  • That Cannon is Evil!: The Light Turbolaser cannon can be fired normally and in fast succession, or charged up to fire as if it was a regular turbolaser cannon on Ultra-Power Blast mode. Either way, it is extremely painful. That and the cannon can also turn 360 degrees can be a massive pain to get away from.
  • Shoot the Joints!: The joints are easily seen and a few good placed shots will tear through them and disable the armored walkers leg, effectively making it useless in movement.
  • Barrel is Blowing Out!: Each time it uses the Ultra-Power Blast Mode, each use starts to destroy the barrel and make it more and more less effective at longer ranges. It is not unusual to replace the whole turbolaser barrel assembly after a deployment.

When it came time to design their first armored bipedal walker design, the first to come to mind was the need to have a mobile turbolaser that can effectively reach areas of the battlefield in a hurry. The result was a fast, maneuverable and very annoying to get away from, turbolaser walker. With assistance from First United Astral Engineering, contracting out from Mellifluous Magenta Mellifluous Magenta herself, the Court of Blades was able to center the entire weapon on three hundred and sixty degree swivel with a special hookup to an Ultra-Power Blast Mode, making it to the equivalence of a standard turbolaser when fired. Naturally the kickback is severe and the wrong turn while doing so can knock over the armored walker in a hurry.

The naming convention was more difficult this time around, as this was the first to come off the line from the Court of Blades Company. The name was chosen as the standard Locke and Key Mechanics parts were put on, deciding to honor the strange group of people known as the Agents of Chaos, by simply naming it Chaos itself. It already spread fear through the use of Magenta turbolaser fire and at times, more than is required so why not name it Chaos? With its name put into the records, it would now await testing and to see how it performs with the buyers along with the pilots in the Court of Blades.
Not open for further replies.