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All Good Things Never Last.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
As you can see, or will here in a little bit I have resigned from the staff position I hold here at SWRP. I've tried for a while to balance my personal life, my career(which is the reason I'm leaving staff and the site for a while due to a new opportunity) and moving. I don't do this with ease, and I love everyone on staff dearly. You guys have been my rock for months, and I appreciate each and all of you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry I couldn't give a big heads up, and I know this knocks the number of admin's down temporarily. You guys have been a pleasure to deal with, and each of you holds a special place in my heart(apologies for being sappy but I'm always honest.) Anyways, as follows, I'm going to say where my characters are and then say a lot of personal goodbyes.

Darron Wraith: He's a loner, off doing good in the unknowns like always.
Jacen Cavill: Assume he went in hiding after Coruscant.
Cade Lee: Still running Blas-Tech(hope I can make company check-in)
Lee Radimus: Serving the Templars with gusto.

Okay, and now my sappy goodbyes.

@Tefka: You trusted me to be an Admin on your site, and let me argue with you when I didn't agree. I can't thank you enough for making this place, and allowing me the chance to do so much and have such a great time. You were always busting my balls, but in a good way that I needed. I'm sorry I had to do this so fast, but life waits for no man and I didn't want to do a bad job near the end of my tenure.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]: Thanks for being a great sounding board, and helping me when I was first on staff in my different positions. Your PM on yuku(along with Jon's prodding) is the reason I came here and I can't thank you enough for that.

@Solieal Devin Talith: You've been a true bro, and you're hilarious. I'll go play with my tonka trucks in peace now I promise.

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]: My best friend on the Admin team, and one of the few I'd call a true friend regardless of this site. You've left a profound impact on me, and I love you dearly Justine. I wish you the best and I hope your upcoming trips to see your beloved go well in the future. We won't be strangers that much I can promise you.

@[member="Daella Apparine"]: Mason, oh bringer of the gifs. You're awesome.

@[member="Seroth Ur-Rahn"]: I know you're with your lady, but I wanted you to know when you get back your friendship has meant a lot Jared. I wish you the best in everything. (Also, write that book like I told you. You'll be a millionaire!)

@[member="Coryth Elaris"]: I hope everything straightens out for you, you deserve happiness more than most. You're a dear friend, and I'll always be around if you need me to talk to.

@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]: You were one of my good friends in the Jedi Order/Republic when I was GrandMaster. You had my back a lot, and you were a joy to work with in the factory and together in staff. I hope everything stabilizes on your end, and you're a true pal.

@[member="Asemir Lor'kora"]: Never knew you that well, but any friend of Jon's is a friend of mine. You do great work, keep it up.

@[member="Sargon Vynea"]: Bro, you're a rockstar on this site. Watching your rise has been fun, just don't take over too soon. I want to come back in time to see the rest of it one day.

@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]: You're my little sister on this website, and I'll vehemently defend you on anything. You've taken like a fish to water to everything that I've thrown at you. You're a rockstar yourself, and I see nothing but bright things in your future.

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"]: A true friend of mine, I pray for you and Kelsi a lot man. You're a big softie, and I hope everything goes great for you and her. Also, you pwn me with your gifs and memes daily.

Factory Judges: Too many of you guys to specifically @tag so I'll just say thank you for being an overwhelming success and joy to work with. You're all great people and I love you all.

Now for me just saying bye to friends.

@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]: Smitty, or whatever I can call you here publicly. You're great, and I hope you return here and become more active. SWRP was a better place with you around.

@Fabula Cavatio: I can't spell your name, but Anna, you're the best. I mean that, and I will truly miss you.

@[member="Ashin Varanin"]: You aren't here for this, but you're my best pal on the interwebs. I hope you get everything you deserve in life, and you're going to be an amazing father Jon. True pleasure writing with you for a decade, one of the highlights from this whole journey I'll cherish the most. You pushed me in many ways, and I love you dearly for it all man. Of all the people I've met, you'll be one that I'll never forget for those late night talks on life, philosophy, politics, and just general goofing off.

@[member="Mia Monroe"]/@[member="Anaya Fen"]/@[member="Rosa Mazhar"]: You actually got me to write a character romance with Rosa/Darron, and you were the first "Chaos"er I interacted with on this board. You're like my twin sister, and we argue constantly. I hope your trip goes well, and I hope you and your significant other do great now, and in the future. You both are great people, and I love you both to death and will miss you both.

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]: Another Canadian who is awesome, you're hilarious and a dream to write with. I'm sorry we couldn't finish what we started, and that's my fault.

@[member="Mikhail Shorn"]: True pleasure to write with, and a great guy. You're aces in my book, keep ROFLstomping without me bro.

@[member="Tyrin Ardik"]: Another good friend, those late night calls will be missed.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]: I'm gonna miss you bro, but we talk daily so I'm not too worried about missing you. You're great, and the CIS is a monster due to the labor of your hands...good job.

@Dranok Lussk: Keep the Empire going bby, you're too good for someone your age man. Keep it up.

@[member="Jay Scott Clark"]: I'm saving you for the end because I know you're lazy. Thanks for all the help in the beginning, and for just being you.

I'm sorry if I missed anyone, but this thing was a monster already. I love you all, and you all are great. That said, this isn't goodbye truly.

I'm just not going to be around for a while, so peace out guys.


Eater of the Dead
*Doesn't see name.... feels sad*

Oh the feels and I just found a wonderful supergirl image so we could buddy around.
It's Real to Pretend
Gonna miss you, man. We've had fun times. Some were good times, some were not-so-good times, but they were fun times. I'm glad I've gotten to know you over these past few months, and I'll greatly miss you, man.

@[member="Jacen Cavill"]
@[member="Jacen Cavill"]

Thank you for everything, Josh, you've been a shining torch of guidance for me these past few months and it's been massively appreciated. I wish you all the best for the future, and know that we'll all be here waiting for your return. Go and make your mark on the world as we all know you will! I'm seriously going to miss you, you were my number-one-go-to-man ;~; I have much respect for you. <3

Calina Ovmar

Well-Known Member
@[member="Jacen Cavill"]

I hope when you say twins, you understand that i'm the prettier one :p
Only siblings can go from hating each other one day to loving the next. I will miss you dearly Josh. I hope life eases up and I get to write with you again in the future. When I'm not trying to save animals in another country I will always be here for you.

P.S. I tried to put an gif in to express my sadness, but apparently the site hates me today.


Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Triko"] No, I was just giving you a special post to yourself(kidding, soz bby)

You're a great friend, and talking to you on skype was one of the true joys of the site bro.

Lord Ghoul

@[member="Jacen Cavill"]

Hate to see you go. Of all the people I write with, you are my favorite, constantly pushing the limits of both of our writing abilities. Iron sharpens iron, brother. One of those few I consider true friends on and off site and a total bro. I'll miss our crazy IC stunts. Keep in touch via Skype n' stuff.