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  1. Kyra Perl

    LOA Displaced Slow Down

    I had hoooooped this wasn't gonna be necessary but! A fire condemned my apartment building Monday and I've been displaced since. I've tried to keep up the juice but I cannae; please consider me withdrawn from everything but the Annihilation and my Eshan thread. I'd love to jump start our...
  2. Valen Arenais

    LOA Temporary LOA

    I've been feeling rather overwhelmed by things within my IRL side that I'm needing to step back from regular posting for a while, active across all Characters. Sadly my energy levels and availability to sit and write like I normally would has suffered lately. I will continue to post in the...
  3. Kitter Bitters

    LOA Small LOA

    The second COVID shot made me super sick (because im allergic to one of the ingredients. Don’t be scared get your shot!) so I need to rest. Also this weekend is a memorial ceremony for my grandparents and the spreading of their ashes so I will be with family. Catch you when I get back ❤️❤️
  4. Zemira

    LOA Mini LOA

    Only a short one which most people know about but just to set it in stone: I'll be on hard LOA until Tuesday and have no access to Discord so if needed, contact me through the site but it won't be the fastest of replies. For SJC stuff, contact: Thurion Heavenshield who is acting FO in my...
  5. Elle Mors

    LOA Temp LOA

    Just going to be busy with work this week because of Mother's day, I will try to keep up with stuff but more than likely I will be a bit inactive this week and into the weekend.
  6. Saija Kwann

    LOA, so sorry to not be here

    I should have posted this sooner, but I've been dealing with RL depression issues and one of the things I do is withdrawal into myself. I hate it and I'm sorry. I wasn't super active anyway, but I did bail on a couple of fun threads and I'm sorry to anyone who missed me. Even though I'm not...
  7. Kitter Bitters


    Sorry I know I owe posts. My dissertation is headed to committee so I’m swamped.
  8. Valiens Nantaris

    LOA Slight LOA

    So had some family medical issues come up. I am not on full LOA but replies of all kinds will be slower and I might take longer to get back to you if you DM or PM me. Shouldn't be too long and I'll let you know when I'm back full time. Thanks!
  9. Caltin Vanagor

    LOA (Not quite an) LOA

    I just got out of a meeting and got smacked with some reality. I'm not completely disappearing, but this is my last week at work before my (early) retirement and they're not letting me go without a fight... er "Showing of appreciation" so I have exit interviews, debriefs, and they're making me...
  10. Mathieu Brion

    Pluperfect on LOA

    Hi, I'm going on a full LOA and will unfortunately be unable to tend to the threads I am in. I am sorry. Cas Tynen Thurion Heavenshield Yula Perl Caedyn Arenais Okkeus Dainlei Lesaj Risen
  11. Jend-Ro Quill

    LOA Brief LOA

    I'm unutterably swamped for the next few work days, just FYI. Daiya Darth Voyance Natasi Fortan Caedyn Arenais Kal Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Grundark Arcturus Thesh
  12. Jaster Awaud

    LFG Return after a long LOA

    - I have been away for some time and am returning back to Chaos. I am still a little rusty and am looking for some good storylines to pump back my creativity and writing before some Arcs become available to me. If anyone needs an Old Mandalorian for some of their stories or just a wise old man...
  13. Tan'yill

    LOA during summer holiday

    Hi, all! I'm going on summer holiday from monday the 13th of july and will probably not be able to post at all until the monday after, 20th of july. From there I think I will be able to do some sporadic posting, but bear with me if there is a delay one or two weeks after that. I hope everyone...
  14. Eli-Mae Forrest

    A Holiday LOA

    Hey all, I want to apologize to everyone who I am currently writing with but due to the Holidays as well as other IRL issues I will be mostly inactive from now until early-mid January.
  15. Yula Perl

    LOA/Reduced Activity

    Hey guys, from now through the winter months I'll be pretty busy, so I've decided to post one of these. Both my writing mojo and free time to write are pretty scarce, but I'll post when I'm able. Right now I need to focus on my RL responsibilities. Apologies to those this affects, especially...
  16. Samatharis

    LOA Dec 8 - 16

    Holiday stuff. Hope to be back next week. Cheers all. :) [member="Kresslyn Cantor"] [member="Milla Caranthyr"]
  17. Kahlil Zambrano

    I guess I'm back?

    Sup folks. Been a while.
  18. Alexandra Feanor

    For 5000 Years I have Slumbered... Wheres the booze...

    Soooo Im back... Solan and Alex could use some Threads... no one better have touched my stuff.
  19. Seth Brackson


    Greetings, I am grounded. Well, in a good sense. My job has of lately required a good bit of my attention. Which has of course lead to me disappearing from this community once more. However, as of lately. Things are at least leveling out just enough that I should be able to start gaining...
  20. Zef Halo

    Visiting the Queen

    Queen Elizabeth II invited me for a cup of tea and biscuits tomorrow to discuss returning every Greek item from the British Museum rightfully back home. Will be returning from London on Sunday. P.S Phone posts from [member="Jair Ordo"]