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  1. Eclipse Rebellion Storyteller

    Audio Chaos Casting Call!

    Hey everyone! The script is finished and now it's time for auditions for the next installment of Star Wars: Audio Chaos! For those not in the know, Audio Chaos is an audio drama or radio theatrical version of some of the stories that take place here. There's no need to have voiceover experience...
  2. Kami Meran

    honest trailers

    50 mins ago so here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHFdK6zMwRM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHFdK6zMwRM
  3. Eclipse Rebellion Storyteller

    Audio Chaos Returns!

    Hey everyone, Soon I'll be hitting the Christmas break, when most studios are closed until after the new year. So that means that I'll have some free time on my hands with no voiceover...eek!! To rectify that, I thought that I'd give Audio Chaos another try where I convert threads here into...
  4. Pal'ru Vadarn

    Open to Duel! (A Dance with a Dantari)

    I just made a duel forum for anyone willing to face off for a friendly duel! Feel free to just come on in!
  5. Valiens Nantaris

    Please Welcome Our New RPJs!

    I wanted to take this chance to congratulate our new RPJs! First of all, we have [member="Veiere Arenais"] and then we have [member="Alden Akaran"] Please join me in welcoming them to the job. They will be on probation for two weeks to see if they survive.
  6. Kixi Rajki

    Rise of Skywalker pre-sale tickets available now!

    In Australia they were just released. At 11AM Melbourne/Sydney time, and slightly ahead of the Monday night football (In the US) of the trailer when tickets go on sale there. Jhasmin and I have gotten ours, so if you’re in Oz, get yours now!
  7. Kamon Vondiranach

    Release Day!

    As I mentioned in a previous thread, I have a story that's part of a new anthology being released by Mannison Press (mannisonpress.com). Today is the release of that anthology! Titled "Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted," the book contains twelve stories, in addition to my own...
  8. Eclipse Rebellion Storyteller

    Help Please!

    I have been nominated for my first voiceover award! Both Cari and I could use your help in securing wins in our categories! (I'm the one with the blue hair ;) ) When All Lights Have Gone Out is a Warhammer 40k new audio drama that we both performed in this past summer. Please click the link...
  9. Valiens Nantaris

    Marked For Deletion Faction Removal

    This weekend all factions marked by their owner for deletion will be removed. The below are the factions which will be removed. Make sure you get anything you want from them as they will be removed soon.
  10. Akio Kahoshi


    Not sure where best to put this, but as she has many friends who are still a member here I felt I should post. Last Thursday at 6:00 AM my fiance Krissy, who plays Coryth, Mirien, Cora, and others, had a stroke cause by bleeding around the brain. She is still in critical condition, though we're...
  11. Neri Rashal

    Timeline Update 856-858

    After soliciting member arcs, we decided to do a small, two year jump based on those. Link Thank you to the folks and groups who submitted events!
  12. Gilamar Skirata

    Expanse Season 4 Teaser and Clip

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNIim3xqsEU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LrZiNOvp_c Feast your eyes my friends
  13. Eclipse Rebellion Storyteller

    The Last Starfighter Sequel!!

    As indicated in the article here, the sequel for The Last Starfighter is in the works! That film helped give me my love of piloting games. What kid didn't want to be recruited into a starfighter fleet? It was certainly more fun than going to school...lol I really hope that they do it justice...
  14. Spark Finn


    #Happy4th To the rebellious colonials. #rebel
  15. Eclipse Rebellion Storyteller

    Commercials (Radio and Holonet) Now Available!

    As an incentive and reward for people/companies that make subs for both myself and my faction, I have started making commercials. Some examples are: RADIO https://m.soundcloud.com/user-737259700/rmia https://soundcloud.com/user-737259700/eternal-pressure HOLONET...
  16. Zhaelor Anor

    The Crusade Begins

    Greetings, devoted. The time has come for the Yuuzhan Vong to claim the promised lands delivered to us by the Yun'o (gods). For years we have waited on the edges of this galaxy, observing, learning, and biding our time. But that time has now come, and the crusade to cleanse the blasphemes...
  17. Kixi Rajki

    Star Wars the fallen Order game trailer.

    Look promising. Release date 2019-11-15. http://youtu.be/0GLbwkfhYZk
  18. Gherron Dragonsflame

    BTS on The Mandalorian - SW Celebration 2019

  19. Valiens Nantaris

    Upcoming Business + Holiday

    Things are going to be very busy for me the next month. First I'm moving house so things will be a bit hectic. Then I'm going overseas with reduced internet. I will be back on the 18th of May and able to resume from then. Of principle importance to [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] , [member="Laira...
  20. Jay Scott Clark

    Tef Finally Sold Me The Website!

    Happy April First, Nerds. :D