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Approved NPC Adjudicator Security Troopers

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Kenth Berik

Mercenary Warlord
  • Intent: Codify Adjudicator security forces
  • Image Credit: Image Link - Crudely made by myself
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  • Unit Name: Adjudicator Security Forces
  • Affiliation:
  • Classification: Multi-Purpose
  • Description: Comprising of former stormtroopers and planetary defence force veterans to brand new recruits, the Adjudicator Security Troopers acts as the combat arm of the Adjudicator mercenary company. The security troopers take a wide variety of roles, operating as a well rounded and resourceful infantry unit with the primary aim of serving the Adjudicator's needs. Veterans are easily distinguished with various pieces of stormtrooper armour from their previous service while recruits wear the standard gear with a balaclava or comms unit.
  • Unit Size: Small
  • Unit Availability: Uncommon
  • Unit Experience: Trained
  • Equipment:
  • Combat Function: The Security Troops are an adaptable force of primarily infantry who can are trained to operate in various capacities such as but not limited to; infantry, police, security and marines. They are rarely ever seen too far from an Adjudicator fleet and are reliant on said fleet for support. Each trooper will likely find themselves serving time in both the deployment company and fleet security as well as more than one role. For example, all troopers in the deployment company often act as boarding parties alongside fleet security.
  • Composition
    • Deployment Company
      • Command Platoon
        • Command Section
        • Communications Section
        • Veteren Section
      • Infantry Platoon
        • Veteren Section
        • Infantry Section
        • Infantry Section
      • Combined Heavy Weapons Platoon
        • Heavy Gunner Section
        • Heavy Gunner Section
        • Missile Section
      • Support Platoon
        • Medical Section
        • Vehicle Section
        • Vehicle Section
    • Fleet Security Contingent
      • Fleet Security
  • Adaptable: Adjudicator Security Troopers are adaptable to various situations. Due to their small numbers, their training focuses on never specialising and instead opting towards a generalist approach. Security Troopers are able to operate as marines, infantry or a policing force. Their limited numbers and resources has also adapted their tactics, making them extremely resourceful.
  • Professional Soldiers: All Security Troopers, veteran or not are put through Adjudicator Basic Training. This makes it so each member of the force has been updated on modern tactics and the style the Adjudicators operate.
  • Lightly Armed: In order to allow them to be generalist combatants the Security troopers are very lightly armed to allow them to rapidly adapt. Fresh recruits are often equipped with little more than a plastoid chest piece and combat boots. All their equipment is catered towards being generalist, they posses only lightly armed ground vehicles and limited heavy weaponry. A heavily armed and specialist force would not find it difficult to defeat the Security Troopers in their preferred field of battle.
  • Limited Range: Security Troops have a limited range due to the fact they posses few vehicles and operate out of large landing ships. This makes it so Adjudicator Security troopers are only able to cover a small area, often requiring support from an Adjudicator fleet in order to keep them supplied. In order to take larger pieces of land they require support from larger armies.
As the Adjudicators and Mern Squadron were formed Kenth immediately recognised the need for a combat arm. Modelling the security forces after the stormtrooper corps of the bygone Galactic Empire, he put an emphasis on adaptability and versatility. While the Empire's stormtroopers were versatile Kenth took this to the next level. This was because the small size of the organisation and the fact the entire force was stationed and deployed from small frigates and corvettes during it's foundation. After the concept of the troops had been made Kenth began forming the initial platoons. Forming just under 2 companies, the forces were split between a single deployment company and a contingent tasked with fleet security, many troopers finding themselves rotating between the two groups. The force was made up out of many veterans and a few fresh recruits who some connection to the Empire. The veterans were quickly organised based on their experience and are easily distinguished by their use of their old stormtrooper armour. The recruits on the other hand were simply given basic equipment and assigned almost exclusively to infantry or security positions in order to build experience.
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