Codex Standardized Rules

Writers are encouraged to read these rules fully.

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General Codex Guidelines 5.0

  • Maintain a polite and constructive dialogue with Codex Staff at all times. Be respectful.
  • Do not bump your submissions.
  • All Codex Submissions may be introduced into role-play threads whose start date begins after the submission's posted date.
  • Plagarism is prohibited.
  • Submissions must follow restricted or banned item guidelines.
  • All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars. No Gundams, no Transformers, no Pokemon etc.
  • All measurements in all submissions must be in metric.
  • Imagery depicting real-world controversial events, or people, such as "Nazi" or "Fascist" groups should not be utilized.

General Submission Guidelines

  • All Affiliation fields must be linked to the faction, group submission, or character where applicable.
  • All submissions should reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their species, equipment, materials, and components for transparency, balance, and fair play.
  • Do not place links in submissions to threads that are within the Archives or anywhere that cannot always be publicly viewed. (Ex. Faction Groups/Google Docs/Etc)
  • Don't use specific Earth references as shorthand instead of explaining something. Ex. 'Japanese culture,' 'Medieval Europe', etc.
  • All canon submissions are to be treated as replicas and can be claimed/reproduced by multiple players.
  • Language that could be interpreted to force another player to do something they do not wish for their character is prohibited.
  • No Character or Species may be Immortal - Either explicitly or implicitly stated.
  • Use "hardline numbers" wisely or you will be required to remove them.
  • Factory Submissions that are included in Codex Submissions must conform to the limits of production and affiliation set forward in the Factory. If an item listed was created by another member and has specific affiliations or is listed as "Closed Market" you will be required to include proof of purchase/permission by the original submitter for the equipment or you will need to choose something else. (A more detailed breakdown of affiliations and permissions can be found here.) No exceptions.

Pre-Codex [x]

  • The Pre-Codex is for Work In Progress and Feedback Submissions only.
  • Submissions posted to Live Codex requiring significant work may be returned to Pre-Codex by a member of Codex staff.
  • WIP Submissions will not be deleted nor archived nor moved from the Pre-Codex Forum.
  • WIP Submissions, when finished, must be resubmitted to their respective Codex Forum.
  • Members may use the Feedback Prefix to indicate they seek other members' advice on Pre-Factory submissions.
  • Members will not comment on threads that do not have the Feedback Prefix.
  • Spamming, trolling, and drama in the Pre-Codex will incur a minimum of a 30 days Codex ban.

Submission Modifications [x]

  • Codex Submissions have the potential to grow and change. Members are encouraged to update their submissions as they are used in roleplays via the Submission Modification forum. A few examples are as follows, however, sub mods are not limited to these events: NPC's gaining ranks and experience, increased security after attacks in locations, or, affiliation information changing based on the evolving story.
  • All submission modifications must be posted by the same author of the original submission in question.
  • Please include a list of changes. This may be done as a "new reply" or an edit to the end of the sub as well in a spoiler.
  • All Submissions that are modified must adhere to the current Codex Rules. If the submission uses an old template it must be updated to the current version.


Planet Creation Rules
Chaos Galaxy Map | Map Update Thread | Planet Creation

  • Edits requested by a Judge in the Planet section are not suggestions, and refusal to make the required changes will result in the submission being denied.
  • Approved Custom Planets do not have to be put on the map as this is an optional feature. They may simply be used in RP from the moment they are approved by Codex Staff.
  • Players may add planets to previously existing systems, ie. any planet/system already on the map.
  • The "Force Nexus" section can be removed if the planet does not have one.
  • Don't use specific Earth references as shorthand instead of explaining something. Ex. 'Japanese culture,' 'Medieval Europe', etc.
  • Planet submissions cannot contradict canon history (i.e. before the Chaos timeline), and should reflect Chaos History if applicable.

  • Adding Planets to the Map:
    1. Custom Planets may only be submitted to the Map Update thread after they have been approved.
    2. Custom Planets can only be added to the Chaos Map by the original author.
    3. Custom Planets cannot be added in the empty space outside the visual rings of the Chaos Map. Nothing in the background.
    4. Once a Custom Planet has been added to the Chaos Map it cannot change location, be archived, or removed from the map.
    5. Custom Planets can be placed anywhere on the map, however, we strongly encourage submitters to choose less populated areas to fill in. If a hex or area is considered too crowded, the Admin that handles the addition will request/suggest an alternate location.
      • Note: If an alternate location cannot be agreed upon the request may be denied.

Species Creation Rules [x]

  • Species possessing extreme/unique powers, abilities, or attributes are advised to be balanced with suitable strengths and weaknesses. When creating your species consider actionable PvP related weaknesses to balance PvP related strengths.
  • Completely Force-sensitive species may not start off with fully developed Force Powers. That is a matter of the individual, not the race. They are born force sensitive, but that is a potential, rather than an absolute. All Force-sensitive species may have passive abilities that do not require training (improved reflexes, low-grade pre-cog, etc), but are prohibited from having active abilities (force lightning, telekinesis, etc). Exceptions are made for artificially engineered species (Sithspawn, etc), if they have been tailored for specific abilities. Racial abilities that are not affiliated with the Force (Ex. Zeltron Empathy/Pheromones) are exempted from this. These species should include appropriate weaknesses, such as difficulties with Force Null fields.
  • Force Dead species are not immune to the Force- they simply cannot be affected by most abilities directly. Force Dead species should include appropriate weaknesses related to that trait, such as an inability to benefit from positive Force powers like healing or battle meditation.
  • Keep in mind that Custom Species that have been submitted can be utilized by other writers. It is suggested that members discuss their intent with the original author, however, it is not required.

Location Creation Rules [x]

  • Space Station, Shipyard, & Starship Locations submitted to the Codex must use an approved Factory submission or a canon model, without significant technical modification.
  • Netherworld locations are perfectly fine.

NPC Creation Rules [x]

  • NPCs with the following should have further exposition, solid intent, and particular attention paid to the balancing of the strengths and weaknesses to the balancing of the strength and weaknesses to prevent your sub from being reported in an RP:
    • Sensitive information or knowledge.
    • Unusual, Rare, Master Ranked, or excessive powers.
    • A large number of resources such as military, technology; or a widespread area of influence.
  • When creating NPCs consider actionable PvP related weaknesses to balance PvP related strengths.
  • If an item would be unavailable to an equivalent PC, it is barred from being 'owned' by an NPC (ex. an SSD)
  • Droid or Artificial Intelligence NPCs submitted to the Codex must use an approved Factory submission, canon model or class, without significant technical modifications.
  • Combat Units containing a majority of Force Users are not allowed to be submitted at Large Size or Common Availability. Please keep in mind that the more powerful a unit is overall, especially in regards to the Force, the smaller and less available it ought to be. Be sensible and reasonable.
  • NPC's can be made without a Custom Species Submission or a Canon Equivalent, however, a Judge can request it if they deem it necessary.


Lore Creation Rules [x]

  • Fleet and Army submissions are for fluff and flavor. They are not a hard-line numbers game, but a place to collect and organize. Size is a relative field, not an indicator of who would win in a head to head confrontation. Be sensible and reasonable or edits will be required.
  • Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc.
  • In addition to individuals and factions, only the company/group/organization page from the Factory Company section or Canonical Manufacturers linked from Wookieepedia should be used as a manufacturer in factory submissions. The Codex templates are for describing the history of your company, etc, in greater detail.
  • Holocrons and Datacrons may only be submitted through Codex.
  • Force Powers may not be submitted to the Codex.
  • All applicable Lore Subs, especially Media, are to be considered propaganda or subjective.
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