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  1. Tefka

    Question  Why is this place increasing in activity where are you people coming from

    Release me from this hell
  2. Iris Arani

    Private  Why Are You Following Me

    The train on Denon had been eye opening for all the wrong reasons. What should've been a normal trip turned into absolute chaos. The only saving grace was that there were at least allies she could count on then. Felix Faraday was one of them. Hopefully he was fine, but now that she was back home...
  3. Jonyna Si

    Question  Why are Blades counted as kinetic?

    So, factory sub damage types are split up strangely imo. Kinetic damage counts for stuff like both slugthrowers, but also blunt weapons AND bladed weapons. The history nerd in me has to question why, when building armor for something with a blade is a very different prospect to building armor...
  4. Tefka

    Why Use Many Words When Few

    Factory Judges, When u post big it take time. When they post big, it also take big time. When take big time, feel invested. When invested, get mad when denied. Stop post big. Stop many questions. ————- Writers, Denied subs make feel bad. Approved subs collect much dust. Touch grass when...
  5. Iris Arani

      2k Posts, So Why Not Do This Feedback Thing Again

    These are always some of my favorite threads to post up, mostly because there's always things I don't think about or see when I write my characters that can be changed to help make em better. And I like making my characters better. This time though it's gonna be specifically about Iris here. 2k...
  6. Sorr Kortu

    Private  Started from the Bottom so Now What?

    Tiaza's Purr flew aimlessly in space. For the past 3 days, Sorr had been making jumps into Hyperspace in search of a place where the crew can find a base of operations. It wasn't easy considering that Sorr and Brinna had no connections, so it was like searching for Beskar inside of the mines of...
  7. Vrahni Suncatcher

    Private  Why Are We Here

    Location: Tython How long had she been out here? The afternoon sun had begun its descent, indicating it had been quite some time. Moreover, Vrahni questioned why she was even here. Not on Tython, because she already had an answer to that. This spot specifically had drawn her out and beckoned...
  8. Marcus Carter

    Private  Why Would Someone Rob An Antique Store?

    Location: The Ruby's Den, Coruscant Tags: Glar Ulchtar Usually one would go rob either a bank, a ship, an expensive shop, casinos, a person, heck even a some kid candy, hence the term like stealing candy from a baby. They're a target for thief due to the credits they roll in or the items they...
  9. Cale Gunderson

    Public  Why No Officer, We Aren’t Supposed To Be Here (Ilum)

    Why was it always so damned cold? He knew the answer, that Illum had always been cold, and that at his age he was simply feeling its sting more sharply than he used to, but it didn’t stop him from complaining. He was in his fifties now, chronologically, late thirties physically thanks to an...
  10. Deena Mott

    Private  Publick Occurrences

    (OOC: Location: Coruscant) "Hey let me in Michel!" Denna knocked furiously on the door of the apartment building she lived in. Of course she spent the last few weeks gathering information of her landlord which naturally pissed him off. There had been reports of missing people within her...
  11. Darth Senthral

    Why hello

    Suppose this is my first time here, well I know it is. Nice to meet you all! I find myself impatient to embark on wondrous adventures as we seek. Where better then Star Wars? Always been a big fan, and am to this day of course. Let’s see what we can see eh?
  12. Alaria_L0511

    Private  This is why we hide

    It's been years since I left the Jedi order. My master had joined the Dark Side, and he was determined to get me to join him. The council saw my potential and my anger from the past and decided that I could not continue training, not with the risk of death to their people. I went into hiding on...
  13. Kimageddon

    Why are YOU here?

    Hello there! I think that is the general response for those who enjoy this franchise? I am new to SW RP but not to RP in general so I look forward to writing here and meeting some new people and hopefully making some friends! A bit about me: My favourite film is The Phantom Menace, it was...
  14. Negative Prime

    starwars is problematic.

    ok before it goes there no i do not agree with Nazi's i apologize for the swearing but this is just too stupid.
  15. Louise

    Louise's Pokémon LeafGreen Nuzlocke Challenge!

    Louise's Pokémon LeafGreen Nuzlocke Challenge Introduction and FAQ --- Episode 1: That's No Town! --- Episode 2: Macho Madness! --- Episode 3: Brock Lobster! --- Episode 4: Love and Loss! --- Episode 5: Nugget Lyfe! --- Episode 6: The Old Razzle Dazzle! --- Episode 7...
  16. The Talatheen Amalgam

    Post Formatting Issue

    So I've taken up the job as an IC leader in a new, pirate-esque faction, the Empire of the Line, and have been tasked with establishing a Marine Corps. After a few days of narrowing down a outline that everyone approved of, to both net new recruits and provide authenticity to the group, I began...
  17. Darth Yamato

    I wuv you guys....

    Hey, what's up? How's it going?
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