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  1. LT-137

    Thyrsian Independence | Thyrsus News Network + SJO News

    Credit to Romi Jade for the amazing Template. <3
  2. LT-137

    Approved Tech  The Xenophage - Vengeance of the Sword and Sun.

    Designer's Note: Despite the wording of this submission, the damage taken in RolePlay is - as always - determined by the opposing writer. Intent: To create a potent Xenotoxin Nanovirus for use against a seemingly unstoppable enemy. Image Source: Not Applicable. Permissions: Not Applicable...
  3. LT-137

    Approved Starship  TTH/ODS-01 "Citadel" - Class Battlestation.

    Intent: To create Thyrsian Bastion(s) for the Golden Company, and the Thyrsian Hierarchy thereafter. Image Source: Fortress of Doom | Bethesda - Slayer's Club. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Permissions: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Eos Sustained Solar Lances...
  4. LT-137

    Approved Tech  The Thyrsian Solari

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit the Thyrsian currency, because praise the sun! Image Source: Amazon Fantasy Coins | Banner Image created through PhotoManipulation - No Source. Canon Link: Currency. Permissions: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles...
  5. LT-137

    The Feast of Blades

    The rolling dunes of Thyrsus were stained with the blood of the fallen. Valiant crusaders, who took up arms against the villainous Scions of Eshan, died alongside those who held their homeworld in a tyrannical vice. Both sides suffered greatly during the Thyrsian Crusade, but in the end, only...
  6. LT-137

    The Vigil Oculi - Thyrsian Secret Police [Information and Logistics.]

    Brief History of the Vigil Oculi. Under Construction.
  7. LT-137

    The Feast of Blades - OOC Thread.

    After decades of brutal enslavement at the hands of the Echani Compact, the desert-world of Thyrsus is finally free. However, whilst other cultures would reflect on their generations of devastation and struggle, the Thyrsians were different. Peace and inaction were anathema to their martial...
  8. LT-137

    We Have Returned - The First Thyrsian Crusade.

    Freedom must be won by blood. [CRUSADE THEME] Set before the events of the falling hammer, and the sundering of the Mandalorian Empire. [OOC Thread.] [Thyrsus.] The day began like any other. A warbling shriek resonated from beyond the durasteel wall, rising in intensity until the sound...
  9. LT-137

    Public  The Toothless Fortress [Open Recruitment.]

    Centax II. For nearly a decade, this formerly insignificant moon of Coruscant found itself steadily rising in popularity. It was first chosen by the executives of the Republic Engineering Corporation for their primary base of operations, as there was an abandoned military installation there...
  10. LT-137

    Approved NPC  The Sons of Amon [Thyrsian Shocktroopers.]

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Legion of former First Order Stormtroopers in service to the Thyrsian Hierarchy, the Golden Company, and their subordinate Auxilia. Image Credit: Federated Suns Sigil - Battletech Wiki, Sideshow Collectibles - Edited by Darth Ruin | Fontmeme...
  11. Shattered_Mirror

    Cleansing the Haunted Moon [Foundation of the Lightsworn.]

    There was once a time when I considered myself a Hero. It was a different Galaxy back then, where the lines between 'Good' and 'Evil' were clearly defined. The Sith were the embodiment of 'Evil,' as they laid waste to the entirety of the Inner Spheres of the Galaxy. None were spared or given a...
  12. LT-137

    Approved Starship  REC/SP01 "Firehawk"-Class Starfighter-Interceptor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION [hr] | Intent | To create a Starfighter-Interceptor for the Lightsworn. | Image Source | Reddit r/StarshipPorn - Adamkop. | Canon Link | Not Applicable. | Primary Source | Repurposed Canon Articles, Istanu Disruptor Cannon, Xythan Force Shielding (Fanon Edition.)...
  13. LT-137

    The Hierarchy - Thyrsian System(s) of Governance [Information and Logistics.]

    Under Construction - Systems and Styles of Governance.
  14. LT-137

    The Next Step.

    Hey everyone! While I've been chipping away at the Crusade thread, which has been delayed thanks in part to the heavy theory requirements of my current module, I wanted to outsource some opinions on what we'd call ourselves after eventually achieving major status. For those of you that don't...
  15. LT-137

    Approved Tech  VW-03 Mk II “Apollo” - Pattern Solarized Disruptor Pistol

    Designer’s Note: Despite the listed capabilities of this weapon, damage is - as always - determined by the opposition calling the damage. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION | Intent | To create a powerful, heavy sidearm for the Thyrsian Sun Guard. | Image Source | Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol - Halo...
  16. LT-137

    The First Thyrsian Crusade [OOC Thread.]

    Freedom must be won by blood. We Have Returned - The First Thyrsian Crusade. This thread has been a long time in the making. For those of you who don't know me or my work, I've been fleshing out the lore of the Thyrsian people and the Sun Guard for just under two years. There have been...
  17. LT-137

    Approved Tech  TTH/RRS-01 "Barca" - Series Reactionary Pressor Beam Emitter

    Intent: To flesh out, and bring “purloined” Verpine and Squib technology into the Golden Company’s arsenal. Image Source: Not Applicable. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Me, I’m great. Repurposed Canon Articles, Repulsorfield Shell, Repulsor Beam, Tensor Weapon, Tensor Rifle, Pressor...
  18. LT-137

    Approved Tech  Sunforged Thyrsian Steel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out the history and capabilities of Sunforged Steel; a Thyrsian take on Force-imbued weapons. Image Source: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Force-Imbued Blade, Mono-Molecular Edge, Lava Crystal, Wild Force Shard, Repurposed Canon Articles...
  19. LT-137

    Approved Starship  TTH/CCS-0003 "Minos" - Class Dropship

    Intent: To create a dropship for the Thyrsian Auxilia. Image Source: Star Citizen "Valkyrie" | Cloud Imperium Games - Artstation Link [x.] Canon Link: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Particle Beam. Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation - Starships Division...
  20. LT-137

    Approved Vehicle  REC/HAW-01 “Geryon” - Pattern Heavy Assault Walker

    Intent: To create a formidable Assault Walker for the Golden Company and the Thyrsian Auxilia thereafter. Image Source: GenLOCK | Vanguard Strider Wiki and Gallery. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Laser-Reflective Armour. Manufacturer: Republic...
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