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  1. Vren Rook

    Invasion  Blackout | ME Invasion of GA-held Yag'Dhul, Kiffu, Thyferra & Ukatis

    START: 20 OCTOBER 2023 THE MANDALORIAN ENCLAVE INVASION OF GALACTIC ALLIANCE-HELD YAG'DHUL, KIFFU, THYFERRA AND UKATIS Site Administrator: Valiens Nantaris Mandalorian Enclave Staff Galactic Alliance Staff Vren Rook Valery Noble Kranak Vizsla Auteme Celt Saxon Jasper Kai'el...
  2. Vren Rook

    Invasion  Blackout | ME Invasion of GA-held Yag'Dhul, Kiffu, Thyferra & Ukatis OOC

    START: 20 OCTOBER 2023 THE MANDALORIAN ENCLAVE INVASION OF GALACTIC ALLIANCE-HELD YAG'DHUL, KIFFU, THYFERRA AND UKATIS Valiens Nantaris Enough was enough… The Galactic Alliance and their Jedi counterparts have been warned to stay away from the Enclave's reclamation of old territories, but...
  3. Lila Doneeta

    Approved Lore  Xucphra-Zaltin Corporation

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Provide background for the bacta production on Thyferra Image Credit: Logo made from Aurebesh font Canon: Xucphra and Zaltin Corporations, Bacta Cartel Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: The Xucphra-Zaltin Corporation...
  4. Lila Doneeta

    Xucphra-Zaltin Corporation

    Xucphra-Zaltin Corporation The Xucphra-Zaltin Corporation is the leading bacta production company on Thyferra after a merger of the two organizations. Whilst now competing with other companies in the business, it is still the major source, with components of bacta consisting of organic...
  5. Caden Evesa

    Private  Return to Thyferra

    Location: Shuttle - En-Route to Thyferra With: Tala Vale | Chirp Equipment: Lightsaber | Field Robes | LPD-11 Heavy Blaster Pistol Beep boop. Caden shrugged, eyes focused on the planet of Thyferra currently filling the viewscreen. He hadn't intended to return to the planet so soon after the...
  6. Orn'om

    Dominion  Bacta the Future [Galactic Alliance Dominion of Thyferra Hex]

    Bacta the Future The breakout success as a result of the Southern Interplantary Linkages Act, Thyferra has been flourishing despite the Alliance’s heavy use of cheaper synthetic alternatives and the ever-present competition from its Core world rival Protobranch. Either due to fear of the...
  7. Nan'eth'illa

    Approved Location  Syn-Prime Bacta Plant

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify the first Synal Pharmaceuticals bacta plant. Image Credit: Synal Pharmaceuticals logo by me. Canon: N/A. Permissions: N/A Links: Wookieepedia: Bacta Wookiepedia: Thyferra Sith-Imperial Bacta Growth and Manufacturing Plant SETTING INFORMATION...
  8. Aryn Teth

    Private  Ash, Elm, and Wasted Effort

    Evain Burned, broken and renewed. Thyferra had been a sad tale. A world once so fiercely fought over that it had been reduced to such a state that anyone would wonder why. Burned by the Sith Empire, terraformed in part by the Galactic Alliance, then by the Confederacy, now forgotten and...
  9. S

    Codex Denied  Dactylifera Ignis Magna

    [IMAGE] Intent: To create a new species for future roleplay and development and a toned down version of the Starbird. Image Credit: Wei Gun | ArtStation | Edits and Dividers Done by Myself Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Yesmireen Name: Dactylifera Ignis Magna Designation: Semi-Sentient...
  10. Bastille Rommer

    Private  Qui Audire Ad Astra

    S O V E R E I G N Tag: Daegon Corvinus Word Count: 507 It was no secret where Bastille's political affiliations and ideologies lay, at least to those who wanted to know it. The Viceroy of Ra'Katha had become one of the most staunch and outspoken opponents against the corrupt dealings of the...
  11. F

    Approved Location  Drøbak Research Base

    Drøbak OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out the research facility and camp established by Primo Victorian during the Galactic Alliance’s Dominion of Thyferra. Image Credit: Studio Qube // Artstation (x) Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Military Base Name...
  12. Taeli Raaf

    We Can Help (GA Dominion of Thyferra)

    From a distance, Thyferra didn't look that bad. The greenery might have disappeared, but water was still visible on the surface. The atmosphere was intact, it even looked like clouds were forming. It was only once someone got closer that the true devastation visited on the world by the Sith...
  13. Onrai


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATIONIntent: To provide Thyferra with a capital and a city for people to RP in given the fact that the entirety of the planet got base delta zeroed. ​Image Credit: N/A Canon: Links: Defiance Consolidated...
  14. Aryn Teth

    Approved Location  Pheonix Station

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To develop an interesting way for the Alliance to return to the previously-decimated world of Thyferra ​Image Credit: Image | Citadel Station Wookieepedia Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Space Station Name: Pheonix Station Station Model: Citadel...
  15. Darth Caecus

    The Burning of Thyferra | TSE Invasion of GA Held Thyferra Hex

    Thyferra 852 ABY/ 7,752 ATE It was difficult to have faith in anything when the fires rose around you. The Sith had come to Thyferra with darkness in their hearts. They had put their faith in the fire and in the night, striking from the setting sun as it cast long shadows on the capital. The...
  16. Kaile Vera

    Thyferra Skirmish OOC GA vs OS

    I don't think we ever got one of these pinned down. I got a little lost on who is attacking whom and I don't want to end up triple stacking someone! Who is free in the skirmish so i can go pew pew at?!
  17. Darth Ophidia

    Skirmish! Retalliation against GA

    The Galactic Alliance has harrowed our borders for long enough, it is time for retaliation. The target, Thyferra, is a world much dedicated to the production of medical Bacta, and a key asset in the GA's war-supplies. So let us strike hard and fast where they are vulnerable. If you can, grab...
  18. Chevu Visz

    In Case of Emergency (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Thyferra)

    There was some rather concerning chatter around the Jaso Sector that, despite its Protectorate defenses, Thyferra, the Inner Rim bacta planet was particularly vulnerable to those with darker interests in mind. With tyranny reborn in the Core, and as the One Sith and the Final Order were looming...
  19. Chevu Visz

    Dominion of Thyferra-Up Next

    Keep those posts coming in the Dominion of Yag'Dhul because once we're finished with it, we'll launch the Dominion of Thyferra. Thyferra is a Bacta world in former OP space and although it has Protectorate level defenses, the planet still needs our help. Here the objectives in case anyone wants...
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