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Approved Location Drøbak Research Base

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Fiolette Fortan


  • Intent: To flesh out the research facility and camp established by Primo Victorian during the Galactic Alliance’s Dominion of Thyferra.

  • Image Credit: Studio Qube // Artstation (x)

  • Canon: N/A

  • Links: N/A

  • Military Base Name: Drøbak, Victorian Military Research Facility.

  • Classification: Hybrid Research Facility, Army Base

  • Location: Thyferra

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Population: Drøbak had been split between the Galactic Alliance and Primo Victorian, however; after the Alliance's fall Primo Victorian has taken over the majority of the work but continues to house force users regardless of alignment. The population split while now sits with the corporation in the majority some of the former Alliance scientists still remain. As of late the company has begun employing Sith-Imperial scientists and contractors, primarily from Lorrd or Galidraan.

    52% Victorian Security Forces

  • 24% Victorian Personnel

  • 14% Non-Victorian Personnel
  • 7% Sith-Imperial Personnel
  • 3% Force Users

Accessibility: Private | Guarded

  • Drøbak is a private facility with its work aimed into researching the geological aftermath that is Thyferra’s new sediment and monitoring her plate structure. The facility is patrolled regularly with units from Primo Victorian's own security forces.

Description: Drøbak is a relatively quiet place all things considered. White pop up structures and containers dot most of the facility. Guards in their armor walk around between each building while rovers roam the purchase of land that surrounds it. Overhead you may spot a few of the Victorian security forces conducting flyby op but that seems to be normal. Guards in a gold armor marked with red bear the white V of their corporation, Primo Victorian Shipwright.


  • Barracks

    Houses the security/armed forces personnel, noted by their markings on the exterior. Includes lavatories, showers, day rooms, exercises facilities are annexed at the end caps. Individuals are assigned to bunk beds, with four bunk beds in each ‘section’ allowing eight people to reside together. They’re given a footlocker and a small wall locker in which to store their gear. A small custodial closet is also given at the entrance of each barracks as those who reside are required to keep their barracks clean. Each barrack houses up to sixty-four individuals and the number of barracks placed within the base has yet to be fully contented given the drop and build nature of the base.


  • Houses the civilian population, noted by the markings on the exterior. Unlike barracks where individuals are assigned to bunk beds and sections. The dormitories are considered ‘upscale’ in comparison. Housing four individuals to a single room where they share the lavatory with those individuals rather than the entire floor. They’re provided a closet, equaling four small closets build into their rooms and much like the barracks a small custodial closet is provided to ensure cleanliness. Dormitories include lavatories which have built-in tub-showers rather than a separate shower wall. In addition, dormitories also include a small study area, and exercise facilities.

Mess Hall

  • No matter the job or rank, all come to the mess hall to eat, hot meals are served four times a day while an entire wall of automats keeps people fed throughout the night and day. Meals are planned well in advanced with nutrition and allergies posted and kept in mind. Medical staff is on hand here at all times in case of an emergency such as choking or a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate attention.


  • A small market for those who live on base to be able to support themselves. The commissary started as a simple grocery but has expanded to include hygienic stalls, barber, dental, dry cleaning and laundry facilities have also been added at the back. A food court is rumored to be installed next but for now, the Commissary provides most of the goods and services for those who live on base to use.


  • All personnel who arrive to work are required to have a physical, and an optional physical is offered for those leaving. An emergency area is also provided with an ambulance or two in the back just in case. Medical does boast a small eight-person bed, with four rooms for overnight observation and examination rooms. It’s best described as combining urgent care with a doctor’s office.


  • A small block devoted to the essentials, personnel management, payroll, logistics, and finance. It sits between Medical and the Commissary with doors facing the barracks. Meeting rooms, office space, and a small recreation room are here, the rec room is open to the community and has its own entrance separate from main administration it’s often referred to as the Annex.


  • Sits between the dormitories and the barracks, the meditation building has a simple entry with small offices for ‘meditation leaders’ and opens up into two hallways that lead into several quiet rooms meant for reflection.

Research Facility

  • Sits behind the dormitories and the barracks the research facility has two floors above ground and four that are beneath. Clean rooms are a common sight in the facility, the facility maintains its own power generators to ensure that work can continue in the event of a base-wide power outage. Research covers geology, plate tectonics, pedology, geography, botany, and even volcanology as well as atmospheric changes involving meteorology, and climatology. There is a separate building being constructed adjacent to the facility to better log the findings of changes to the atmosphere.

Power Generators

  • Perhaps the most notable part of the base are the power generators that sit eight by eight together. They hum throughout the day and night, power is derived from both solar and wind energies with a backup generator powered by a standard ion engine. Generators are fenced off from the base and have their own internal checkpoints to ensure that only authorized personnel are where they’re supposed to be.

Guard Stations

  • Most notably the guard station that marks the entrance and exit to/from the base inspects vehicles going out and in. There are smaller guard stations inside the base that act more like security kiosks these days than anything else. Power generators and research facility as well as medical and administration have these kiosks that just serve to keep the population safe. Guards here do more observation and note-taking.


  • Small wall cabinets built into various parts of the base house armor and weapons for emergency purposes only. Most weapons and armor that are within these cabinets are typically enough to outfit two four-man teams, with the exception of the barracks where it is enough to outfit four, four-man teams.

Vehicle Depot

  • There is a vehicle depot that has a vehicle lift that takes the vehicles to and from the surface, as the depot is built beneath the surface, two levels worth. It does have its own internal checkpoints and a small maintenance area within as well. The depot is located to the left of the power generators.

Landing Pad/Zones

  • For atmospheric/space-faring craft no more than twenty meters, also contains a small speeder extension to allow fast travel between Drøbak and other facilities/bases/cities on Thyferra. Landing pads/zones are located to the right of the power generators.

High: Security is, now, maintained primarily by Primo Victorian. Guard towers, ground patrols make up security close to the base. A series of checkpoints and inspections line the road to and from. Shuttles and craft going to and from the base are subject to inspection upon arrival and departure, given the nature the base there are several ‘clean’ rooms in which personnel are required to step into and utilize sonic devices to ensure that no foreign contaminant enters the research facility itself. Beyond the immediate perimeter lay watchtowers, tank traps, and anti-personnel devices. Most which are scattered and meant to be a simple ‘bump’ while on route to the facility. The base also boasts a shield that covers it entirely, the shield is, however, a temporary defense as it will not hold up long against overwhelming fire.

The Galactic Alliance asked for private investors to come and help with the reformation of Thyferra. Primo Victoria answered with Drøbak. While no stranger to the development of bases given their hand in building Zonju V’s CJMB Clarke-Porras, Drøbak was to be different by its very nature. Serving to not only help heal the planet but also aid in any research, the collection of data and archiving of findings that resulted from the overall process.

Drøbak is part of Primo Victoria’s more adventurous nature into innovative technologies and scientific research. The hope is that the research here cannot only help turn Thyferra back to where it was before the Sith Empire’s invasion but also to benefit the Galactic Alliance’s overall terraforming project.

Addendum: Since the fall of the Alliance two things have occured, one was the handing over of the Zonju V CJMB Clarke-Porras to the Outer Rim Coalition and second was taking over for the Alliance at Drøbak. Primo Victorian has stepped up and continued the work of terraforming the planet back to its former glory. It works closely with Aurora Industries to ensure that the planet and terraforming process are done safely and with the goal of returning Thyferra back to what it once was. Primo Victorian has become aware of the Confederacy's movements toward Thyferra and are open to negotiations regarding the base and its security.

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