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  1. Elise Ahana-Gwyneira

    Private  Of Books & Blades

    Outfit. Cyan text indicates illusions. Tags: Revna Surrounded by so many books, tomes, scrolls, and holocrons, Elise Vi- Elise Ahana-Gwyneira could never quite stop feeling like she was getting the bookworm's equivalent of diabetes from too much sugar, or in her case, books. She continued to...
  2. Gatz Derrevar

    Private  We're Not Nerds, We Just Like Books

    Ship: The Red Night Weapons: Training Saber Tag: Aris Noble Toby Perris Returning to the Order had been a stressful, hectic mess. Gatz had never been much of a reader, but with how much of it he was doing, he may as well have been a bookworm now. There was still so much to catch up on, and he...
  3. Eris Genen Zhenlian

    Resolved  Books?

    Does anyone know which part of the factory or Codex I should submit a book of Visions/ prophecies? I'm not sure one hundred percent about the place for it to be.
  4. J

    Private  Books & Banter

    Jedi Archives, The Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Rahla Tis The Archives, a well-stocked treasure trove of information accessible to the New Jedi Order on Coruscant, courtesy of generations upon generations of information carefully collected and stored within the database managed and maintained...
  5. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Destroyermen series

    Hey there, are there any fellow destroyermen fans on this site?
  6. Stardust Solus Skirae

    Private  On The Books

    Malsheem Sometime around midnight standard system time Months here and she had barely scratched the library's surface, so much knowledge in such a place she could read through and eventually move to her own library that was currently under construction. However that was the least of her...
  7. Naivia Neryn

    Can anyone reccomend some key books about High Republic era?

    I wold like to explore more peaceful times like 200-300 years before Phantom Menace. Would love to hear your reccomendations and thoughts about it!
  8. Bernard

    Approved Lore  Jedi Tricks for Dummies

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a somewhat humorous addition to the site lore based on non-canon content. Image Credit: Jedi Mind Tricks for Dummies article on Wookieepedia, Tag & Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Jedi Tricks for Dummies GENERAL...
  9. F

    Xandria Publishing House

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Me Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Xandria Publishing House Headquarters: Bastion Locations: Dromund Kaas, Galidraan IV, Pasmin Operations: Books, Holobooks...
  10. Celiana

    What's Everybody Reading?

    Hey y'all, I was just curious as to what everybody is reading right now. Kinda curious as to what all people enjoy reading as well as maybe picking up some new books I should look into. Currently I'm working my way through Shadow's Edge by Brent Weeks as well as going back through the Republic...
  11. Judah Dashiell

    Currently Reading

    A thread to share with others on SWRP what you're currently reading. I recently finished 'Star Wars Dark Disciple' about a month ago so as of now I've been back to a semi-lengthy biography of Napoleon. I've got my eye on 'Tesla : Inventor of the Electrical Age' but I'm a little unsure if...
  12. S

    New Faces

    [member="Hal Terrano"] A book. He had given her a book. It was a lovely gesture really, a gift that she appreciated. Learning had always been of interest to her, though unfortunately this bit of learning was closed off to her. The book was written in a language she could not understand, a...
  13. C

    New 'TFA' Tie-in Books Revealed

    Back in March, it was revealed that at least 20 “Star Wars” books, ranging from adult and teen-centric novels to storybooks and stickerbooks for young kids, will be published later this year in order to connect Return of the Jedi and this December’s The Force Awakens. Now, Lucasfilm has released...
  14. Grrwunhoooll Agaburry

    Bookworms! [ Arcanix ]

    The Sith Archives. Were ancient knowledge was no longer that ancient and where secerts were stored to be viewed in awe. Compared to the Archives back in the times of old this was laughable to look at but the archives held more than the eye could really see. Each datacron, scroll & page were...
  15. C

    Star Wars introduces its first LGBT character to canon... Star Wars is about to get its first official gay person. Moff Mors, a character in Paul S. Kemp's upcoming Star Wars: Lords of the Sith novel, will become the first LGBT character in official Star Wars canon...
  16. Valiens Nantaris

    Overrated Books/Movies/Games

    So what are some popular media you think are overrated, just not as good as other people say? For me 'The Thin Red Line' does nothing for me. I think it's silly and dull. Skyfall. While I thought it was enjoyable I didn't think it was great by any means. Game of Thones. Book and TV series. Very...
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