The Consors Sovereignty
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Codex Entries

  • Planets:
    • Geminidae, Capital Planet:
    • Triexen: Under construction.
    • Amartax: Under construction.
    • Yalmere: Under construction.

    • Geminaie, the Heights Dwellers, native near-human inhabitants of the Consors System.
    • Fauna:
      • Najax'kahn, Geminian Hounds.
        • Found on: Geminidae, Triexen.
      • Skelmorn, The Hungerers.
        • Found on: Geminidae.
    • Flora:
      • Under construction.

  • The Castes:
    • The Ambassadors.
    • The Novitae. (Under construction.)
    • The Politicians. (Under construction.)
    • The Soldiers. (Under construction.)


  • Under construction.

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Foreign Relations

The People of the Consors System
Current Sovereign:
Her Majesty, Sovereign Feyd-Serit.

Lyra Uvati

Content Creator Credits: Naviira
Inspired by Adhira Chandra 's Balmorra: A Compendium of Planetary Lore