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  • Intent: Illyria is a planet that was once buried in the pits of isolation. Slavery, civil war, and savagery wracked the planet until Adron Malvern Adron Malvern & Alessandra Malvern Alessandra Malvern took hold of the world, crafting a new Monarchy that supports progression, prosperity, and freedom.
  • Image Credit: Link
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Discovered
  • Planet Name: Illyria
  • Demonym: Illyrian
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: Solara System, United Illyria System
  • System Features:
    • Solara: A yellow dwarf which serves as the center for the system, it supplies life and energy to the planet of Illyria. The system is named after this star.
    • Avius: The largest moon in the system, it hovers closely to Illyria yet remains firmly fastened in orbit.
    • Aric: The smaller of the moons in the system, it trails closely behind Avius in the rotation. It is believed to be a piece of Avius that fragmented off to become it's own satellite.
    • Rotational Period: A complete rotation period is thirty-two hours.
    • Orbital Period: A complete orbital period is four-hundred and thirty days.
Location: Indoumodo Hex
Major Imports:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Foreign livestock
  • Foreign Fauna
  • Metals & Ores
Major Exports:
Unexploited Resources: Phrik


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Varied Grasslands- 20%
    • Mountains- 5%
    • Oceans- 30%
    • Forests- 30%
    • Tundra- 15%
  • Atmosphere: Type I

  • Capital City: Azurine
  • Planetary Features: Although Illyria is a vastly untouched world, it hosts a numbers of small cities spread across it's massive surface. The planet's waters divide some of these cities yet they are completely aware about each other. A good deal of the planet still holds fresh scars of the recent wars, including abandoned cities, destroyed settlements, and mighty fortresses left in ruin.
  • Major Locations:
    • Azurine Capitol City: This city serves as the capitol of the world. Home of the royal family and the center of the world's ruling body it is a shining beacon of Illyria's potential. Although in recent years it has become slightly downtrodden, it still stands an impressive city in it's own right. The capital city is host to the Royal palace of Illyria, which was once also a magnificent expression of the planet's power.
    • The Temple of the Silma: A pyramid of obsidian rock, the temple of the Silma is the home of the ancient force order of Illyria. It is a powerful beacon of the Force and is a nexus of the Dark Side on the planet.
    • World Trade Center: The Illyrian WTC is now a barren ghost-city. Once it served as a powerful hub that connected many of Illyria's wonderful cities in prosperous trade. Following the last war it was officially shut down and thus the city surrounding it has turned into a glorified slum.
    • Jassin City: Jassin city is a smaller city which is built around the planet's World Trade Center. Although it was once one of the greatest cities on the planet, it is now little more than a waste land that has been abandoned after centuries of war.
    • Cheshire City: A city far to the east, Cheshire city is one of the few cities to survive the last Illyrian world war. Most technological advances in the past decade can be traced back to this city, as well as the liege lords who rule it, House Rayne. Cheshire city sits in the middle of a massive plains land, making it extremely easy to find.
    • Regne de Sang: Blood Reign is one of the smaller cities that Illyria has to offer. Falling in the Province of House Astier, the city was once a well-known banking hub and source of Illyrian pride. Following the execution of the former Heads of House for House Astier the city has fallen into a state of decline, but rumors say the new heir to the Astier line has been pushing to keep Blood Reign from drifting further into the abyss.
Force Nexus: N/A


  • Native Species:
Immigrated Species:
Population: Moderate

  • Primarily Human {Over 85%}
  • Twi'leks {5%}
  • Various Alien Immigrants {Below 10%}
Primary Languages:
  • Galactic Standard Basic
  • High Illyrian {Proper}
  • Illyrian Common {Improper}
Culture: The Illyrian people are diverse and varied, however most of the commoners enjoy the bliss of the day's routine. Illyrian's do have a history of war which leads to a large population of trained warriors. Because of this many of the younger Illyrian's view different forms of combat and training as recreation. They are considered an "honor-bound" people who take pride in their family names and history. Illyrian's are also notoriously stubborn, seldom changing their ways once properly set. The Illyrian people enjoy believing they live a refined culture, that has only been partially muddled by the near-endless warring they have faced.


Wealth: Wealthy - The Illyrian world is a large, mostly untapped planet with a number of resources whose worth could not be comprehended by the Illyrian's who had practiced in isolation for so long. With their many advantages in exporting they are set to as a very wealthy society, regardless of past tensions.
Stability: High - Following the end of the last war, the Illyrian people are finding themselves getting used to a great many new things. Chief of them all is a Monarch with high expectations. Unrest is prominent through most of the planet, however it is being kept in check with the aid of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Under the authority of the newly formed High Court, the government is able to curb the many nobles into roles befitting the betterment of the planet. As the Court is made up of representatives from the many prestigious families that fill the planet, it provides a certain level of appeasement to those nobles with more ambitious hearts.
Freedom & Oppression: Indentured servitude exists in some form and fashion, yet it is quickly being snuffed out of the main cycle of things and utilized only as the most severe punishment.


  • Military: The Illyrian Royal Military is in the middle of drastic upgrading, creating a prestigious fighting force with an advanced array of technological weaponry, supported and funded by Dynetech Industries. This professional military is en route to be one of the greatest fighting forces in the galaxy.
  • Technology: Illyria falls just below the galactic standard. As their last king was an enthused isolationist, he forbid the continuation of space-travel based technology. In the recent months since the planet's rejoining the galactic scene it has made several strides towards improving it's technology.
It is believed that Illyria was settled sometime before the formation of the first Galactic Republic, however the information on the planet's inception has long since been lost to time.

Illyria's recorded history begins with the founding of it's first great city Azurine. A city created by the world's first King, even then it was considered a thing of beauty and elegance. The world has always been lush and filled with resources, some that the Illyrians knew of and some they most certainly did not. With these resources it did not take long before the city of Illyria became the center for the planet's people. The settlers who once colonized this world took root, creating a culture that prided itself in the refinement of the modern age. It would not be long before the arguments began on just how the planet was to be refined.

The first war was really no more than a series of small skirmishes that took place in Azurine. These skirmishes lasted less than a year but with them came the first division of the Illyrian people. While the main Illyrian faction remained in Azurine, the other two would branch out into the world, hoping to claim their own riches, build their own societies. These societies became the first great houses of the planet. Three powerful families, one royal by claim, and two noble by deceleration. In time these three houses would go to war once again, and the result would be another split. Three would become seven, seven would become twenty, and twenty would become fifty. For years these splits occurred and occurred until finally the planet was filled with smaller families, grasping much smaller territory than that of the original settlement.

The noble families would war for years, each one hoping to claim the title of King and sit upon the throne at Azurine. As time drug on this warring would become a natural part of their culture. The wars would stop for a decade or two but surely they would rekindle again. As the planet grew more advanced, the Kings of the world quit focusing on space travel and technology and instead turned their eyes towards maintaining their throne. The final King had been so obsessed he discarded all attempts at advancement, for military might and power.

With the coming of the final war, much began to shift on Illyria. The Sith Lord Kruel Zing would visit the world to deliver his own blessing, in the form of a dark temple to host his own holocron. As that holocron's corruption spread over the forest, now named the Dark Lands, it seemed more and more war gripped the world. It was not until The Confederacy of Independent Systems traveled to the world to end the war that peace would come once again. The CIS had come to this planet on the behest of Adron Malvern, who sought to subjugate the world for his own. With Illyria in a fragile state of peace and with the fall of last King the planet was ripe for the taking. The Dark Lord instituted many changes to the Illyrian world in the first few weeks, including the official outlaw of slavery, the destruction of several minor houses, the occupation of the planetary capitol and more. The Lord of Illyria, who was a former noble of Serenno and held a wolf as his sigil sought to bring a mark of himself to the planet. At great expense he purchased a small number of Loth Wolves, to be shipped to Illyria so they may begin to be a continuous presence to the world.
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So the only area that needs addressed is the immigrated species section for these questions:
  • Loth Wolves, in their wiki, are expressly said to be tied to the Force of Lothal itself so I'll need some sort of explanation of how they emigrated to here
  • Maalras is supposed to be spelled Maalraas
Modifications made:

  • Added the High Court of Illyria as Government.
  • Added Shadow Wolves as Natives.
  • A couple formatting changes, purely aesthetic.
  • Added the Temple of the Silma
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I'll be conducting this review for you. There are just a few comments from me end.

1. Region.
Region: Wild Space
As per the current template, please link Wild Space here.

2. Wrong Template Field (Coordinates).
Coordinates: AB-52
You'll note that the current template does not use this field. Instead, it uses a new field labeled Location. This is due to the fact that the official Chaos map no longer uses a grid system. Please edit this to reflect the new template field and then fill in as appropriate.

Location: [ This can be a screenshot of the hex from the map with a marker, or you can say that it is located "in X planet's hex" and give a general description of positioning. If you intend to add this planet to the Chaos Map please review the rules thoroughly.]

My only other comment is that your BBcode is broken in many spots (the appearance of [*] throughout). I would recommend cleaning that up before this is locked. Let me know if you need any assistance with that.

Please tag me when you have completed any edits.
Listed Updates:

  • Updated Intent & Military with more current information.
  • Fixed the 10,000,000 formatting issues.
  • Included pertinent hyperlinks where necessary.
  • Updated Imported Materials to include the Geminidae Treaty.
  • Updated Demographics to include a prominent spike in the Twi'lek population on the world.
  • Added Regne de Sang to the list of locations.

Ok, i think we can finally get this puppy back where it belongs in the Codex. Thank you for your patience.

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This is looking good so far, I just noted a few issues during my read through that I wanted to highlight for you.

1) Image Credit

The image credit link takes us to a very pretty planet, similar to the one used here, but not exactly the same. Could you please provide a link to the source of the specific image used.

2) Immigrated Species

You mention the species 'Maalraas' as an immigrated species, however, per the template:
[ Immigrant species with significant populations. Any uncommon species or custom species should be linked. ]
Please provide a link to the species.

Additionally, you mention Twileks and other Alien Immigrants in the demographics but didn't mention any in immigrated species, if they were a significant enough proportion of the population to be added here then they should also be included in the immigrated species section.
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