House Io. Renegades. Mavericks.


Our faction is many things. We are a faction which has immense potential and room for growth. We are seeking to go Major eventually. We craft as friendly an atmosphere as possible. We currently have a "Wide as a puddle, deep as an ocean" approach as the writer behind Starlin Rand put it.

Our lore has been deeply tied to the invasions and annihilation threads of the past two years, starting out from just a lone crazy person and disgraced ex Jedi leading a rag tag band of wisecracking murder droids with the personality of a YouTube comments section against major military powers to a faction led by by a bunch of crazy types, ranging from super advanced Gynoids, extremely murderous Dark Side Witches and fanatical heretic light side Sith.


We offer a faction with deep lore, easygoing and friendly writers who are highly creative. We are willing to consider tons of story ideas from members who join us and all suggestions within reason are considered. The tone of our threads can range from action, horror, drama, comedy, tragedy, anything in-between or even mixed together.

To join with us is to have access to advanced tech, weapons, and ships and open ended approaches to story telling. We aim for fun! Fun is the name of the game with us, no matter the form it takes.


Our faction was formed IC when Laertia Io rebelled against Coren Starchaser Coren Starchaser and the rest of the Jedi's decision to continue battling the Sith Empire in spite of the Bryn'adul ravaging civilization after civilization. Determined to stop the fall of the Sith Empire to prevent the Bryn'adul from making any further incursions into Sith Space, or delay its fall as long as possible, she grew desperate when the Jedi refused to stop their campaign, and teamed up with The Amalgam, an extremely powerful Dark Side Witch who was at the time her worst enemy, as well as securing the funding of powerful financial backers who remained in the shadows. Building the infamous Nuetralizer Droids, who have almost zero safeguards on their intelligence, Laertia became a significant threat to enemies of the Sith, cutting down Multiple Jedi and completely destroying her reputation in what eventually became an urge not just to inflict so much damage the major powers would be forced to the negotiating table, but out of genuine disgust and contempt towards the Jedi, who she felt had condemned billions to death for their feud with the Sith, and became determined to punish them for the rest of her life.

Gathering like minded refugees of Bryn'adul and later Maw genocides, Laertia founded a faction where Droids and Organics are equal citizens under the laws she and her strongest allies drafted for order and stability. House Io is a sort of "Democratic Oligarchy" it's Organic Citizens have sworn vengeance on the Jedi Order, frequently kidnapping, torturing, and mutilating them on live stream before sending them back to their enclaves as broken people. It's about as personal a hatred as it could possibly get.

House Io are Warriors who believe they have a sacred duty to punish not only the Jedi Order, but any other factions or organization that does what the Bryn'adul do, with total war and use of deadly, inhumane weapons and tactics. Droid, Organic, and Force user mix freely in this society, determined to be everything they claim The Galactic Alliance is not when it comes to protecting their people and upholding their rights against corruption. House Io aims to make sure every citizen of theirs, has the will and ability to say no to Force Users--with extreme violence if need be...along with anybody else



Model 1
Model 2
Model 3


Fixer Nuetralizer Model 1 (Created by the writer for [IMG alt="Isla Draellix"]https://www.starwarsrp.net/data/avatars/s/24/24179.jpg?1622409503[/IMG] Isla Draellix )
Advanced Model 1
Civic Nuetralizer Model 1
General Purpose Nuetralizer Model 1
Medical Nuetralizer Model 1
Chaplain Nuetralizer Model 1
Crisis Nuetralizer Model 1
Diplomatic Nuetralizer Model 1
Siren Corps

House Io members can enjoy any number of roleplay opportunity in our factions. We roleplay Droids and Gynoids as a specialty, but really, the sky is the limit! Here are examples:

REFUGEES: Survivors from hundreds of destroyed worlds, all enraged by the Jedi's actions during the Bryn'adul and Maw conflicts. They run the gamut from baseline human's, to Chiss, to pretty much any world devastated by the Maw or Bryn'adul. All citizens of the House are warriors, no matter the position they fill. It doesn't matter if they are a short order cook, banker, academic, or journalist...each are able, and willing to fight with savage violence and resort to the most brutal weapons imaginable. Organic Citizens mingle with the Artificial in all positions in the military and society of the House at large, and are taught to treat each other as blood relatives.

NUETRALIZERS: Nuetralizers are the backbone of the faction. Highly advanced Mechanical and Organic Soldier Droids with almost no safeguards on their intelligence, and endlessly Upgradeable and Adaptive. All have one thing in common, an unshakable loyalty to House Io. All Nuetralizers regard Laertia as their Mother/Creator and their fellow Nuetralizers as Brothers and Sisters

Model 1: The First Sons of Laertia Io, infamous for their one liners, trolling, and lethality mixed together on the battlefield. Not as numerous as they once were, Model 1's serve as Officers and Special Forces Personnel in the House and it is from them that many Warrior Traditions that would be adopted by later iterations of Nuetralizer stem from. They serve as the House's Equivalent of basic Jedi, and all Model 2 units, especially the experienced vets, pose deadly threats to not just Jedi, but Veteran Military commanders. They cover themselves in war paint, and wear War Masks, and every Model 1 would defend their Mother and the House to the death. Fully sapient, and with a range of emotions, and able to take any number of roles and hobbies in their off time, roleplaying as a Model 1 is an excellent starting point, as they take an active hand in training citizens, testing newer models of Nuetralizer

Model 2: The Model 2's were created after the Battle of Sarka, where The Model 1 units despite fighting extremely savagely, were eventually overwhelmed by the Bryn'adul. Bulkier, and more heavily armed and armored, Model 2's serve as brutal heavy shock troops. Though learning slower than Model 1's and 3's, they are nonetheless fully sapient, and capable of pursuing their own interests outside of battle. For the Roleplayer who wants the massive power to crush common Soldier NPC units as if they are tissue paper, is an excellent type for those who want to warpost as a walking tank

Model 3: Third Generation Mechanical Nuetralizers are not as heavily armed nor armored as the first two iterations, but what they lack in raw armor or arsenal they make up for by learning at a frighteningly faster rate than both--they are incredibly difficult to trick and even if you succeed, they rarely fall for the same trick twice. Much more open to unconventional pursuits, Model 3 units when not killing often emulate aspects of societies they encounter, and are far more likely to try and get into government positions within the House, even serving as the equivalent of senators. For the Roleplayer who desires a totally unique exploration of a Battle Droid as a person rather than fodder

Advanced Model 1: Lethal spy unit Nuetralizers, Advanced Model 1's are the life blood of the House's espionage divisions, able to infiltrate and assassinate in ways few others could, due to being entirely composed of experimental Nanites and being incredibly difficult to permanently destroy, Advanced Model 1's are a glimpse at the future of Assassin Droid technology, massively more advanced than many other models, able to look like almost anything or anyone, recover from almost any form of damage and are capable of turning limbs to weapons--all while being free to pursue any other goal they fancy so long as it doesn't compromise Faction safety. Such unique HRD's face no ostracism in House Society, and are welcome amongst even the lowest ranking citizen. For the roleplayer who wants to be a deadly, deadly spy.

Fixer Nuetralizer Model 1: Rare units, These partly Organic Models take up the position of infiltration of digital networks, managing House Computer Tech. Thinking in ultra fast code, The Fixers have a hard time communicating with ordinary people but are invaluable Citizens who are welcomed in all corners. For Roleplayers seeking unique Hacker characters to play as

Civic Nuetralizer Model 1: The main Policing Units of the House, and often serving as an on site legal system, Civic Nuetralizers are sworn to uphold House Law and investigate crimes in its territory with extensive detective, interrogation and Anti-Bias programming, ensuring all judgements of criminals are as fair as possible. For the Roleplayers who want their skill set described as "Dead or Alive, you're coming with me"

General Purpose Nuetralizer Model 1: The Nuetralizer that serves in functions ranging from secretary to school teacher to Maintenance, this Nuetralizer handles odd jobs and light security, and are the best at mingling in common society...but are still capable of Tom Hardy-ing a person's spine in a pinch. For Roleplayers who want a jack of all trades type of HRD to play as.

Medical Nuetralizer Model 1: Highly Advanced HRD's secreting Bacta grade healing enzymes and with the ability to convert any internal organs and tissue into doner organs and skin grafts for patients, they wipe the floor with common surgical units and are extremely customizable. For roleplayers seeking a unique type of Doctor Character

Chaplain Nuetralizer Model 1: The House's HRD equivalent of Jedi Masters, Chaplains keep up morale and serve as Psychological Councilors for any citizens. Equipped with deadly weaponry that allows them to pose a threat even to very experienced Jedi, to face a Chaplain is like getting a visit from the Street Preacher in Johnny Mnemonic, except everybody is a potential Henry Rollins to the Roleplayer taking up this Droid as an option . BEHOLD! YOUR SAVIOR!

Crisis Nuetralizer Model 1: Nuetralizers created to purify areas full of harmful Radiation, as well as manage epidemics and pandemics, this Nuetralizer's blood can inoculate against deadly radiation and potentially disease also. Capable of making safe completely uninhabitable areas. For Roleplayers who want to crawl out through the Fallout

Diplomatic Nuetralizer Model 1: The House's Chief Negotiators, these HRD units are expertly programmed to debate and reason with their political counterparts, and often attempt to use reason and logic to get their way. But as with all Nuetralizers, they are extremely dangerous in fights, capable of threatening Jedi or highly trained operatives. For the Roleplayer who wants more teeth than usual to their diplomatic characters

Siren Corps: Vat Grown, Flash trained Female Soldiers, Sirens are well trained, dangerous, and fanatically loyal to House Io. For Roleplayers who want a ready made Soldier with out the complications that come from being a Nuetralizer


Our Faction currently plays host to two groups. One Dark Side, one Light Side


Murderous Witches in trade mark skin tight white catsuits, The Cult was founded by the vicious Darth Phyre in The Gulag Plague, and worships a Dark Dream Goddess called the Brain Demon, and seeks to corrupt even a simple Civilian to the Dark Side. Depraved on a level that can disgust typical Sith, The Cult functions as House Io's Black Ops and State Terror Group. Each Witch is composed of dozens or even hundreds of evil Witches in a single body, and command terrible black magics, making even a single witch an extreme threat. Free to walk amongst House Io citizens, The Cult is forbidden from attacking citizens in House Society under penalty of death or involving them in rituals without the citizens express permission. Curiously, neither the leadership of the House, nor the Cult itself downplays the danger they pose to ordinary people, who treat it as a sick game. Citizens are free to interact with them all the same, and are frequently reminded by the Cult members themselves that they ultimately do so at their own risk. Many citizens treat this as a challenge or test of their own prowess to mingle with these Force Embued homicidal maniacs and live to tell the tale, and oddly enough, friendships/Alliances DO form on occasion.


Heretical Light Sith formed in the era before The Gulag Plague by the Seer, Darth Themis, The Serpents are dedicated to twisting the Light Side of the Force to bring Order in ways typical Light Adepts would find abhorrent. The Serpents are slow careful infiltrators of Light Side organizations, their ranks recently bolstered by disillusioned Jedi from the Bryn'adul and Maw conflicts. A deadly foe to Jedi, they are diametrically opposed to what Brain Demon Cultists stand for, but Darth Xiphos's growing influence has led to a tentative truce between the two groups, and softened a number of hard line stances, a strategy which has begun to slowly affect even the cult itself. Twisting the Light to their way, Light Sith are a greater risk of falling to insanity due to the unnatural way they wield the Light

We hope to see you in our faction, and sincerely hope we have at least tempted you with the options on display. If not, we hope to roleplay with you all the same!