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What attracts you? [IC]


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Seeing as how I have found myself attracting many different species of organics, and because I wish to understand mating relationships and similar activities present among organics, I have begun this thread asking what attracts you in looking for a significant other. This of course does not pertain only to those of your species but you can post that if you wish.

(Keep it IC people)

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Well I like one who doesn't mind that I sometimes run around as a large Rancor for fun
It's Real to Pretend
In some cases, a variety of things. I originally come from predominantly Zeltron genes. Our mindset is that of polyamory, the love of multiple persons. I'm willing to accept most anyone if I feel an attraction towards them. Whether they're six-plus-feet tall mixed near-human mercenaries like Ven'Rain Sekairo or furious flame-focused foxies like Aynea Kottos, it doesn't matter to me.

No futanari, though. They're genetic experiments gone wrong. >_>
Blind chicks

Me? Someone who is willing to put something into a commitment, instead of sleeping around with everyone in sight. Someone who cares as much about you as much as you care about them. I do long term commitments, flings aren't my.... Yknow, thing.

I'm not that hard to please. Well... Unless you count at home, if you get what I mean, but... Yeah. Please-wise, just don't be a schutta. :D


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The little hat seemed to speak the thoughts of the Ropo as it began to waddle in a small circle before tripping over its tongue.


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I would like to date someone who likes me for who I am. Is beautiful on the inside, and most of all, is willing to work with me no matter what happens.
Zahori Denko
What do they call those people who like to play with fire? Them.
I wouldn't mind if she were a redhead, neither.
Togruta, Arkanians, Sephi, and Rattataki are my top women.

EDIT: And she's gotta like the finer things in life. Fine drink, elegant dresses, balls/soirees, and drugs, drugs, and drugs.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
"Women who can stand up for themselves," Jak replied to the interviewer. "While I don't mind being the manly-man, it's kinda inconvenient when your girl gets captured. Then there's bargains, and blah, blah, blah..." He managed to drone on for another half-hour.


Well any women who does not try to compete with me because usually I end up killing them . Secondly , if they cook that's essential after I cut the guts off an animal I just cant seem to cook the meat :p (OCC: uber fail)


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Females must be trampling each other to get to you.
A mate that shares similar intrest, but different ideals. Species wise mostly Mon Calamarian, Nautolon, maybe a Quarren (MUST have a really really nice personality then) Togrutas and Chagrians as well are attractive. Perhaps an A.I. though it would depend on their sophistication. Ultimately someone who wishes to procreate and has valuable traits to if not pass down genetically than also teach our prodigy, raised from either procreation and or adoption.

Rasu Gan

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Well I think I would like a guy who was confident in who they are. They've got to have faith in who they are and their abilities.
It wouldn't matter what species they were as love comes in all shapes and sizes.
I guess they would need to be fit, it'd be fun to train with them. (Muscles are good too...)
But I think the main thing that does it for me is when they're not afraid to speak their mind, they don't worry about what people think of them. That is awesome.
The list goes on and on.....
OH gosh I'm blushing.
@[member="Marek S'hadar"]
Where do I start?
She has to be able to throw a solid punch, Hold her liqour, maintain a weapon, fix armor, look good in armor, do jump coordinates without a droid, and is good with younglings. A sense of humor doesn't hurt either.