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Rasu Gan

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
NAME: Rasu (Rasulapi) Gan
  • Silver Sword of the Silver Order (Passed On)
  • Tython Academy Headmistress (Passed On)
  • Jedi Councillor (Passed On)
  • Silver Jedi Councillor (Passed On)
FACTION: Silver Sanctum Coalition
RANK: Jedi Master
SPECIES: Shi’ido although changes species often due to skin shifting ability
AGE: 84 (considered a young adult among Shi’ido culture as they have a life expectancy of 500 years)
SEX: Female (although this changes also due to skin shifting)
HEIGHT: Varies
WEIGHT: Varies
EYES: Varies although prefers cooler colours
HAIR: Varies


  • Her skin shifting allows her to blend into the environment around her, changing to species that are more commonly found in a certain area. This also helps when trying to avoid detection.
  • Rasu also has a strong sense of adventure, taking any opportunity that is presented to her that allows her to leave the Jedi Temple and explore the galaxy. This can also however lead to her being put in dangerous situations.
  • Is she has spent majority of her life in the temple and has been gifted with along life she has had much time to practice her piloting skills. After successfully completing many simulations provided by the Temple she has become quite an advanced starfighter pilot able to pilot almost any space craft and is able to quickly adapt to those that are unfamiliar to her.
  • With her time spent teaching and advising as Headmistress, Rasu has learned to become extremely patient, having to deal with situations that would get on the nerves of many a Jedi. However after much practise and training students, Rasu has learnt that these things will happen of in their own time, and she is willing to wait if need be.

  • She is always optimistic and acts quite childish, giving her a naïve view of the galaxy. She only see’s the wonders of the universe and is unable to notice the corruption and suffering that is also present.
  • Rasu is often unable to act serious, always making light of a situation. This is sometimes seen as a way to increase morale but is often considered rude and childish by higher military and elder figures.
  • As she is still young in Shi’ido years, she hasn't mastered her skin shifting ability to perfection. With this she finds it difficult to shift into larger or smaller species that aren't humanoid. She is able to achieve this but can’t change out of this form for a considerable amount of time which could prove disastrous in a dangerous situation.


As a member of the Shi'ido species Rasu is able to change her appearance through her species ability call 'Skin Shifting'. Through this the Shi'ido are able to change their physical appearance to resemble any species that they have seen in the galaxy. As Rasu has spent most of her life in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, she has witnessed many a specie walk in and out of the temple so has a vast number of available forms to shift into. However she still has yet to master this ability so finds it challenging to change into any alien outside the humanoid category, with this said she is still able to do so but she is unable to change form after for a long duration of time. Rasu prefers to keep her forms within the humanoid category, and is often seen as a green skinned Mirialan or Rutian (Blue) Twi’lek. She rarely changes sex and prefers to keep her forms around the same height and weight so she doesn't have to compensate more time getting used to thenew aspects. Her forms will often reflect her mood so others are able to often determine how she’s feeling by studying her present appearance.


Rasu Gan created her lightsaber like many other fellow Jedi Padawans on a trip to the barren ice world of Ilum where the Jedi prospects would meditate in the crystal caves to determine the appearance of their first own original lightsaber. The trip to the crystal caverns proved difficult however as members of the crew caused ice to collapse along the fragile path to the sanctuary. The Padawan's were tasked by Jedi Knight, Iella E'ron, to assist the crew with traversing the large chasm that had formed in the ice, as well as retrieving a crate that had fallen, which contained the components needed for theconstruction of their lightsabers without using the Force. Relying on teamwork the Padawan's were able to bring the crate back to the surface and finally make it to the famed crystal caverns. During her meditation, Rasu had quite a different vision of her lightsaber compared to the others , the Shi’ido was led by the force to instead of one crystal but two. With this said, she created a dual-phase lightsaber with the average length blade consisting of a yellow crystal and the extended blade using a deep green.
After learning Jar'Kai from her Master, Marek S'hadar, Rasu has also taken up using another lightsaber, one to fight with alongside her dual-phase weapon. Rasu now possesses both a shot and dual-phase lightsaber, to increase her overall efficiency in battle.


Form I Shii-Cho (Way of the Sarlacc): Advanced

Form II Makashi (Way of the Ysalamiri): Advanced

Form III Soresu (Way of the Mynock): Advanced

Form IV Ataru (Way of the Hawk-Bat): Mastered

Form V Shien / Djem So (Way of the Krayt Dragon): Adept

Form VI Niman (Way of the Rancor): Advanced

Form VII Vaapad (Way of the Vornskr): No Experience

(Untrained / Novice / Adept / Advanced / Mastered)


Alchaka: Adept
Force Body:
Force Healing: Adept
Force Speed: Mastered
Force Concealment: Adept
Hibernation Trance: Mastered
Morichro: Untrained


Theran Force Listening: Adept
Force Meld:
Force Sense: Mastered
Shatterpoint: Adept
Telemetry / Psychometry: Untrained
Force Empathy:
Farsight: Mastered
Force Sight: Mastered
Force Comprehend Speech: Adept
Telepathy: Advanced


Alter Damage: Novice
Alter Environment:
Beast Trick: Advanced
Battle Meditation: Untrained
Cleanse Mind: Adept
Combustion: Untrained
Crucitorn: Adept
Emerald Lightning: Untrained
Force Bellow: Untrained
Force Blinding:
Force Deflection: Mastered
Force Flash: Advanced
Force Flight: Untrained
Force Illusion:
Force Leap: Mastered
Force Light: Untrained
Force Push/Pull: Mastered

Force Throw: Mastered
Force Wave: Advanced
Ionizer: Untrained
Malacia: Untrained
Mechu-Deru: Novice

Mind Trick: Mastered
Pyrokinesis: Advanced
Revitalise: Advanced
Sever Force: Untrained
Telekinesis: Mastered
Tutaminis: Advanced


Husband: [member="Marek S'hadar"]
Daughter: [member="Allana S'hadar"]
Friend/Colleague: [member="Sochi Ru"]
Friend/Colleague: Iella E`ron
Friend/Colleague: [member="Aika Kawakami"]
Friend/Colleague: [member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Friend/Colleague: [member="Matsu Ike"]

Master: [member="Marek S'hadar"]
Padawan: Asaak Tey
Padawan: [member="Eskel Tyvia"]
Padawan: [member="Barinthus E`ron"]
Padawan: [member="Ar'ekk"]
Padawan: [member="Celiana"]


Rasu was born on the Shi'ido home world of Lao-Mon towards the final days of the galaxy wide, Gulag epidemic. With their planet safely tucked within the unknown regions of space, the Shi'ido weren't largely affected by the virus, allowing them to live out their long lives in isolation. Rasu was only four years old when the virus was publicly announced as being eradicated. Rasu's family was one of the first Shi'ido to travel out of Lao-Mon and back into the folds of the known galaxy. The family settled on the Mid-Rim world of Kira, where Rasu was taught the importance of teamwork with other young settlers around her age. However the settlers were slightly alarmed by the newcomers strange ability. Their skin shifting created a bit of unease between the two colonies and this was only intensified when Rasu began showing signs of her ever-growing force sensitivity. At the age of 18 Rasu accompanied a group of settlers, based of humans, twi’leks and togruta on a hunting trip. However her force sensitivity nearly ended up killing the entire group as she unintentionally caused a cliff face to collapse resulting in a rock slide just missing the hunting group. With tension already high between the settlers and the Shi’ido, the hunting incident caused the settlers to take aggressive action. In the middle of the night, the settlers snuck into the house and attacked the Shi’ido elders, in the hope they would flee the planet, however they refused so the settlers began to murder them in fear of their abilities. Rasu and the other younger Shi’ido were spared death however were imprisoned and put into slavery on the planet. The young alien slaves were only freed when a group of Jedi came to Kira in search of force sensitive beings to refill their ranks. The settlers willingly let the Shi’ido go free in fear of the Force’s power emanating from the Jedi, however before the Jedi departed the planet, they asked the orphaned Rasu if she would like to accompany them to Coruscant to master her strong connection to the Force, the light that had brought the Jedi there. Eagerly Rasu accepted the offer, relieved that she would be able to fully master her strange powers. So at the age of 19, Rasu, now orphaned, left behind her past and took the first step onto the road of becoming a Jedi.

Rasu, now a Jedi Padawan, spent 40 years at the Jedi Temple, training and studying the aspects of the Force. For the first 25 years of her training, she was placed in the Bergruutfa clan as a Jedi Initiate. Here she met and befriended many young initiates although being younger than herself. However this did not stop her from continuing her training. As an initiate she learnt the basic knowledge of the Force, how to sense it around her and how that instead of controlling the Force, she was but a vessel to carry out the Force's will. Her clan was also introduced to the art of lightsaber combat, the initiates were given practice sabers and the Jedi Quartermaster taught them the basic form of combat that is Form I. Unlike her other clan members, Rasu struggled to understand the steps for this form and therefore fell behind in this subject. Her struggles set her training back many years, stopping all progress towards any sign of promotion. Her clan mates shot ahead of her, many of her friends being allocated to the position of Padawan and leaving Coruscant with their new masters to go off on adventures. Over the five years, initiates fired on through the Form, nearly on the verge of mastering it completely. Her struggles caught the attention of the Jedi Quartermaster, who offered to give her additional private training. With the Quartermaster’s help she caught up to her fellow clan mates and with the tips and extra lessons from her elder Jedi, soon became the best lightsaber practitioner in her clan. At the age of 44, Rasu was summoned to the chambers of the High Council. Nervous and a bit anxious, she stood before the council members, curious as to why she had been brought to them. To her surprise and joy, the Council had deemed her worthy of being promoted to the rank of Padawan.

In this role she now had access to much more information and many more opportunities to progress herself as a Jedi. She dedicated a year to learning from the wisdom of those Jedi before her, in the form of their holocrons, gaining valuable information from their past experiences. After this, she grew fascinated by the vast array of flight simulations and found that she had quite the talent for piloting spacecrafts. She was often allowed to borrow the Temple starfighters and fly through courses set up on other planets to set to train Jedi Aces. While enhancing her piloting skills she also had the opportunity to start studying new lightsaber forms which she embraced with a hungry passion. She found that the Ataru form was best suited for her, as her skin shifting ability allowed her to pick forms that were best known for their flexibility and agility, giving her an edge in battle. Using the tips she had been gifted during her time as an initiate, she flew through the training of the basic steps, her alien forms giving her the edge needed to reach an advanced level of the form. Her hunger for more knowledge, led her to taking on another form of lightsaber combat, Form VI Niman. This form proved to be a bit more difficult than Ataru, as she wasn’t able to rely on her skin shifting ability as this form relied on the users force abilities. However she continued to push herself in this field and is slowly but surely progressing as well. Rasu soon realises that the Temple training grounds and library don’t have much more to offer her. Looking at other Padawans, she realises that if she is going to further her knowledge and experience she needs to be taken into an apprenticeship and for that she needs a master. For the past year Rasu, now 59 years old, has continued her training, however is always on the look out for a potential master to allow her to take those few more steps down the path of the Light Side.

It wasn't long before her call was answered in the form of Jedi Knight, Marek S'hadar, the unfortunate twin brother of Cale Gunderson. Marek took Rasu under his wing and began to continue her training as a Jedi, helping her get ever-closer to a promotion that the Shi'ido had long dreamed of. During her apprenticeship to the human Knight, Rasu met fellow Jedi Padawan, Sochi Ru who after a brief dueling mishap, realised that they were both students of the same Knight, strengthening their friendship. The trio soon embarked on a mission to the planet designated as New Alderaan, where the Jedi would be settling a political dispute between two of the noble houses before another civil war erupted on the planet. After this mission it wasn't long before war sprung upon the galaxy, factions suddenly were forced to side with others or be the enemy of the other. Rasu was sent with many other Jedi to planet Ossus to invade the planet and bring it back to the Republic after being in the territory of the Sith for so long. The Padawan was tasked with retrieving what remained of the ancient knowledge in the Great Jedi Library on the planet. After the invasion of Ossus, Rasu returned to the temple where she and Sochi were brought before the High Council. Confusion was suddenly turned to gratitude and elation when it was revealed that two Jedi were being promoted to become full members of the Order, Jedi Knights.

A sense of fulfillment had settled over the Shi'ido, now here she was, a Jedi Knight, finally being able to go out into the galaxy on her own and make a change for the good of the people. New opportunities were presented to the Shi'ido and now with all out war truly having begun, the Republic needed it's Jedi defenders more than ever. Journeying to the planet Dac, Rasu bravely defended the shipyards, working with members of the resistance to fight off both the Imperial rulers and pirate forces that attempted a kamikaze move on the yards. With a victory at the aquatic world, the Jedi continued onward, taking advantage of the weakened state of the Sith after the capture of their Emperor at Jedi hands. It was on Korriban that the Republic and more importantly the Jedi attempted to finally eradicate the Sith and their Empire for good. Assisting Jedi Master's Iella E`ron and Syn aboard the Sith Dreadnought, Acerbatis, the Jedi boarded the craft and took control of it for the Republic. Finally war was over after a victory at Korriban, with the Sith Empires disbandment, peace was restored to the galaxy, if only for a short while. During the war, Rasu along with members of the Council of First Knowledge, re-established the Jedi Academy, appointing the Shi'ido as the Headmistress, which she humbly accepted, thrilled to be in charge of the training of the next generations of Jedi. It was also around this time that Rasu came across a new rising threat to the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong. Travelling to the planet Lujo after receiving news of several mysterious kidnappings, Rasu and several other Jedi were sent to investigate, only finding a horrific scene. The Yuuzhan Vong, led by their Supreme Commander, Dredge, were infecting the kidnapped villagers with a new and more deadlier Rakghoul plague. Hoping to stop the operation before the plague consumed yet another world, Rasu engaged the Yuuzhan Vong. Struggling against the species immunity to the Force, Rasu continued to take them on, nearly on the verge of succeeding until Dredge brought out his secret weapon, the Rakghouls. Unleashing them upon the nearby villagers, Rasu and her Jedi strike team were too late to stop the released Rakghouls before they were able to infect a small village. It was here that Rasu faced the decision that would change her life and transform her from the young, innocent Shi'ido that had striven to learn and become the best of her abilities. She ordered the deaths of both the Rakghouls and the infected villagers. Although not committing the act, the Jedi under her charge acted upon her orders immediately, destroying all inhabitants of the village, both Rakghoul and human. Although she left Lujo physically unscathed, the memories and thoughts of that day still haunt her even now, questioning whether she should continue on as a Jedi.

The galactic peace was short-lived as soon the Republic began expanding it's borders, wary of another invasion by enemy factions. Rasu took charge in a few of these operations, leading Jedi and troopers alike on Iridonia, Tund and Rakata Prime. After a swift victory on these worlds, it was not long before the Fringe were provoked and joined forces with the Galactic Empire, bringing it and its members into it's borders while the Republic invaded O'reen. Fringe and Imperials fought against Jedi and Mandalorians alike. It was here that Rasu once again came across Supreme Overlord Dredge, leading an army of his Yuuzhan Vong warriors and biotech weaponry. Knowing that she was one of few that knew how to fight the Force immune species, Rasu leaped to the defense of the vulnerable Republic and Mandalorian forces, taking on Dredge and his army with help from her Padawan, Yinch and another of her students, Anatares Windu. However the Overlord had seemed to bring out every resource and soon the three Jedi were overwhelmed, much like the Republic forces all over the planet. Seeing no positive outcome, Rasu acknowledged the order for a retreat and fled the planet with the other remaining forces. War now seemed imminent with the Fringe, with many Jedi preparing for the outbreak of another war. Returning back to Tython, Rasu buried herself in her work, teaching and meditating in the tranquility of the sacred planet, taking advantage of the peace before chaos again raised its head. However thanks to the fast work of Council Member, Joshua Dragonsflame, war was averted and a peace treaty was formed between the Fringe and the Republic.

Relieved that peace had again returned to the galaxy, Rasu returned her attention to the Academy, which began to thrive as more and more Force-sensitives were enrolled and began to learn. With the number of staff increasing, Rasu stumbled upon the idea of a pilgrimage for herself and dear-friend Sochi. Noticing that some aspects of Jedi Knowledge were in need of updating, Rasu and Sochi set forth on a trip to various Force-using cultures, in order to gain more insight upon their culture, as well as learn new techniques that could later be shared with the Jedi Order. Starting with the Baran Do sages on Dorin, Sochi and Rasu learnt about a vision had by the Kel Dor, depicting the pair learning to strengthen their emotional and mental link,s with each other, resulting in the pair becoming nearly inseparable when in a mental link no matter the distance. Taking a month the pair, trained in both their mental links as well as learning the Baran Do's own technique, manipulating the electromagnetic waves around the user. At the end of their trip, the pair returned and were again brought before the Council, where they debriefed and shared their knowledge with the Masters. The pair were also presented with great news. During their trip they had been recommended for promotion. Rasu left Coruscant, returning to her beloved Academy on Tython, a Jedi Master.
War again threatened to return, this time in the form of the Mandalorians. Tensions rose as old allies butted foreheads, however the Jedi Order remained staunch as ever, the Council refusing to give in to the luring of war. Rasu respected and supported the decision, the memories that haunted her from Manaan and the previous Sith war still feeling fresh. Rumours had spread of ill feelings being projected upon the Republic, and more specifically the Jedi Order, and Rasu didn't want to give more cause for these feelings to linger and build. If war was to erupt, then it would not do well for the Republic to suddenly lose many of its allies. However the creation of the newly formed Ossus Academy sent Rasu's worries aside, finding time to focus more in assisting the new sister school that had sprouted within the Outer Rim. Led by Council member, Master Daella Apparine, Rasu joined the Jedi Master on the Academy Council, acting as an emissary for the school on Tython. The Academy received a lot of enthusiasm from many a rank, however Rasu's work became distant on the Council as her mind was brought back to that of her own Academy and the arrival of a pair of particularly intriguing students. It was on Coruscant that Rasu met both the Togruta, Asaak Tey, and the Fosh, Arythe. Both were more than willing to learn the ways of the Force, and Rasu was more than happy to help them on their journey. Scooping the pair up, she brought back with her to Tython, allowing her role as Headmistress to blend in with her new recurring role of Master as she started training the pair of Padawans.
It had been three months since her training of the two Padawan's had begun, and still war threatened the galaxy, with tensions reaching an all time high between the Republic and the Mandalorians. News reached of an invasion fleet orbiting Coruscant, forcing Rasu to race to the galactic capital, hoping that she would not be too late to defend her home. However to her utter relief the threat was averted, the quick-thinking and advanced diplomatic skills of various Jedi having brought temporary solace to the minds of the Mandalorian forces. Taking her time to return after the ensuing threat, Rasu was called before the Council, thrilled and grateful to find their invitation, offering her a seat on the Council.
This role was only held for a short time as soon infighting erupted within the Jedi Order itself. Grandmaster Dragonsflame had averted an invasion on the capital world of Coruscant, a move that had saved the entire Republic from near annihilation. The Council felt that the time had come to search for an end to the seemingly endless war that plagued the galaxy, ceasing all assaults outside of their territory. This did not sit well with many within the Order, causing splinter groups to rise up, with the Council on Ossus being one such group. Without warning Master Apparine of the Ossus Council called for a vote of no confidence in Grandmaster Dragonsflame, causing a great uproar among the entire Order. Seeing no end to the apparent violence and having felt betrayed by the sudden cue, Master Dragonsflame abandoned the title and fled the Temple. Shocked, Rasu left Coruscant, returning back to Tython where she recollected her thoughts. She too had gorwing doubts about the direction her beloveed Order was taking, so she was not surprised when she found other like-minded Masters who were willing to act as she would, one such being Master Iella E`ron. Working in secret the pair fled the Jedi Order and created a new form of Jedi, one that upheld the true tenet of the Masters of old. Situated on Voss, the Order of the Silver Jedi was founded.
Years went by as Rasu and her fellow Silver Jedi members focused on the foundations of their order, building a temple that matched the grandeur of the monuments of old. A military force was initiated, with a fleet also under construction. The Order had done well for themselves and before long they had set themselves up as a major force against the Forces of the Dark Side. Sensing that life would go on without her, Rasu took a minor role in the Order, finding it was time to allow a different generation to take charge of the faction. Only a chosen few knew of her departure, as she left Voss, scouring the unknown regions of the galaxy for a number of years.​
Left in isolation for too long, Rasu was absent from the passing of her dear friends Iella E'ron and Sochi Ru. Grief-stricken, the Shi'ido returned to Voss, finding that the Order she had once created had morphed into a militaristic Colaition between the existing Order of Silver Jedi and the remnants of the Levantine Sanctum. With the tenets of her faction unknown to her, Rasu continues serving her new Order, unaware of where this will take her. So many of her old companions have journeyed forth to become one with the Force. With the reality of her extended life weighing upon her, the Jedi Master attempts to create new relationships as well as maintaining the bonds that still exist.​
Rasu's attention turned to assisting the younger generation of Jedi, pulling from her roots in the academic arts. Barinthus E`ron, son of both Syn and Iella, began his trials of Knighthood under the direction of the Shi'ido while she also began offering her expertise to those new to the Order. Never one to sit still for long, Rasu travelled with various beings from within the Coalition to various worlds assisting where she could and remaining a source of advice and knowledge for those many years younger. However the Jedi Master found that her combat skills would also come into play as the arrival of a new Sith faction called the Coalition to Ruusan. Aiding Master Matsu Ike on the ancient Jedi world, Rasu fought against Sith Sinistra as chaos ensued on the planet, tearing open a portal to the Netherworld. However victory alluded the Coalition as the SIth forces overwhelmed them and were forced to retreat back to Sanctum space. All around the galaxy, warfare had returned. With the One Sith slowly beginning to splinter under the combined might of the Mandalorian clans and the Galactic Alliance, Rasu turned her focus to strengthening the defenses of Sanctum space. Forces were spread across the Tingel Arm, with the Shi'ido being sent to Kessel to abolish the slave practice there. However back on Voss, the Silver Jedi would gaze upon the return of a familiar face. Sochi Ru had returned, by some unknown power and brought with her a re-established bond between the pair of Jedi.​

(Shi'ido Form)


As a Jedi Padawan, Rasu has not been presented with a ship, however she often uses the available Jedi Starfighters in the Temple hangar from time to time when she practices her piloting skills. However she does not own a ship.

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Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.


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Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Thanks heaps, I spent ages trying to come up with something. I couldn't find any inspiration so means a lot when you say you like it!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
This bio is really good and welcome o th order. Only thing I see and find strange is her still being a padawan with that many skills. Still if your looking for someone to teach alter environment we have one of the strongest masters of it. (who also happens to have a long list of skills and powers she has learned)

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Cool sounds awesome @[member="Syn"] . It was her struggle with lightsaber combat that really slowed her down, and then it was just about having to find a master that really took her a while. Shi'ido live to around about 500 so she is still basically a child.

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Thanks for the awesome welcome everyone. So glad to be writing with you all.

Regor Laxvan

A shape shifter, thad should make things interesting, also this is probably the only padawan of 59 ( wel at least Thad I know of).

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
@[member="Regor Laxvan"] yeah 59, sounds really weird but I have to remind myself that she is basically still a child and acts like a teenager.

Regor Laxvan

seems logical, if you look at the ages they can get ( kind of reminds me of the assari frome mass effecd) @[member="Rasu Gan"]

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Hahahah oh dear. Gotta keep this old bird fit as a whistle!