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Game Total War Warhammer 3

King of Midvinter
Vile Pillager
Incredible trailer, and it's nice to see Cathay after we never got to see Araby in TWW2. I expected Kislev, but it's great to see anyway!

Curious as to when they'll be bringing in the Ogres. First expansion race? Maybe Chaos Dwarves for the second?
King of Midvinter
They've stated there's pre-order bonus in the form of a race pack, but I doubt it's Ogre Kingdoms or Chaos Dwarfs as they are the last two core races left. Could be Dogs of War?

There's also one more DLC coming to WH2 to look forward to, which I believe will be the Beastmen update to finally bring them in line with the other races. Whether it launches before or after WH3 remains to be seen.
Nice to see Kislev... I have the old Ice Queen model from back in the day. I wish we could get some of the End Times stuff like Nagash and Thangoul/Boneripper... :D

Lirka Ka

Really edgy
Wanton speculation with Elf:

Not a ton of end times stuff outside the tame things

Tamurkhan will be a DLC lord for Warriors of Chaos/Daemons eventually to go along with a Legion of Azgorh alt faction for Chaos Dwarves
It's fine, the DLC from the first 2 games carry over to the joint map, so you'll be fine.

I suspect Chaos Dwarfs might be the pre-release pack, letting you play in WH2 Mortal Empires with the new race. It's either that or Nagash's legions. I don't suspect that'll be it though.

Cathay was totally unexpected. Interested to see what they do with them.

Kaska Arden

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I have a feeling it will be Chaos Dwarfs, yeah. I would personally love to see Araby or even the Border Princes, but definitely feels like Chaos is going to get another entry.

Ogre Kingdoms have got to be a DLC in the future. Maybe Nippon at some point, too. I'd also put money on some Troll Country themed units rocking up as DoW or as an additional boost to Kislev.
The great thing is that once the 'Immortal Empires' map is done, they can go back and add things anywhere so long as there is money to be squeezed from it. By that stage it'll cover almost the entire world which is frankly astonishing.

Heath Valhoun

King of The Elysium Empire
One was cool.

But I'd like my Old Total War back please.

Or at least make em moddable so we can have LOTR Total War with Gandalf making bubbles and screaming that his foe shall not pass.