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Game Total War Warhammer 3

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
So he's essentially Rasputin if he got in charge of the church.

Well, he looks like Rasputin, is a scheming cleric some regard as a 'holy man' and terribly difficult to kill.

But for a full-on Rasputin copy, the empress would have to be enamoured with him (and married to a bumbling half-wit, but I digress). Also so far there are no stories of scandalous liaisons with noblewomen. And he still needs to give the monarch's sickly son a 'miracle cure'.

So...at the moment the similarities seem to be surface level. The political set-up seems to have more in common with those rare occasions when the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus was able to assert himself and become a competing figure to the Tsar instead of being a stooge (so pre-Peter the Great, since he abolished the office). Like Patriarch Nikon of Moscow. Or ironically the competition between Pope and Holy Roman Emperor.
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Khorne roster reveal! Surprised at the lack of mortal units, though I imagine they're saving the mortal stuff for the lord packs. Launch is very much daemon heavy!