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canon planet

  1. Lupheri Heff

    Coachelle_Prime [Canon]

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Describing the changes on the homeworld of the Lepi Image Credit: by Bunny Derp Canon: Yes Permissions: N/A Links...
  2. Xasha Callisto

    Approved Planet  Constancia (Canon planet)

    Intent: To flesh out the planet of Constancia Image Credit: top picture Cityscape Azuria Planetary Senate building Turbolaser towers from planet wookiee Banners and emblem belong to me Canon: yes - Constancia Permissions: n/a Links: n/a Planet Name: Constancia Demonym: Constancian Region...
  3. Scherezade deWinter

    Approved Planet  Endelaan

    Endelaan A planet of beauty and might, saved in an unknown corner of the galaxy, preserving much of the ancient ways that the rest of the galaxy has forgotten about. The ancestral home of the Family of Darkness and the deWinters, the life and culture of Endelaan reside heavily on the dichotomy...
  4. Hansen

    Isobe - Home of the Sephi

    Ancient Althea Source (x) OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Clarifying the nature of the Sephi homeworld and its' history within Chaos, this is an attempt to synthesize the Canon Isobe and Legends Thustra with the latter treated as a separate planet and Sephi Colony in the Submission rather...
  5. King Iedolas Solidor

    Approved Planet  Kaikielius

    THIS IS A CANNON ITEM OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish a capital for the future of the Interstellar Protectorate. A place where the many can RP if they wish. ​Image Credit: (https://www.devianta...lanet-687836850) by Gurra943. (P.S. - I don’t know how to make the image...
  6. LT-137

    Approved Planet  Thyrsus; Home of the Thyrsian People.

    = Thyrsus - Home of the Sun Guard = Intent: To flesh out the woefully lacking homeworld of the Thyrsian people. Image Credit: Project Dune - by Mark Molner [All images resized by Me via Imgur.] Nilfgaardian Sun Icon - The Witcher Series (Post Breaker manipulated by Srina Talon.) Image...
  7. Jak Sandrow


    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To bring the history of the (canon) planet Ithor up to date with Chaos canon. ​Image Credit: NASA Canon: Ithor Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Planet Name: Ithor Demonym: Ithorian (emigrated) Region: Mid-Rim System Name: Ottega System System Features...
  8. Ugohr Poof

    Approved Planet  Dulvoyinn

    Dulvoyinn as seen from space Image source: Name: Dulvoyinn Region: Deep Core System: Dulvoyinn Suns: 1 (F4V type) Orbital Position: Inner limit of habitable zone Moons: 0 System Features: No other system features...
  9. Jessica Med-Beq

    Approved Planet  Ringo Vinda

    Image source: Wookiepedia Name: Ringo Vinda Region: Mid Rim System: Ringo Vinda Suns: One: Ringo Vinda Orbital Position: Rather close but still habitable Moons: Do artificial rings count? If yes, one, otherwise, zero System Features: None Coordinates: R-7, close to The Wheel, but closer to...
  10. Ugoto Chivaro

    Approved Planet  Farquar III

    OOC Information Intent: To expand on the history and nature of a canon planet that is currently a stub article. Notable Player Characters: None Astrographical Information Name: Farquar III Region: Mid Rim System: Farquar System Suns: Farquar I, yellow dwarf main sequence star...
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