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Major Faction Application The Keshiri Imperium Major Faction

Solan Charr

Name: The Keshiri Imperium -

Faction Staff -

Myself, Solan Charr - Faction Owner, Head Admin

Mope, Herah Herah - Co Admin, OOC builder

Noah Corek, Co Admin, Factory Man

Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae - Co Admin, chief moderator.

IC Hierarchy: (What are the branches of government of your Major Faction? What are the positions? Who's the leader? Are there checks and balances? Is there a military? Are there sub-factions?)

The Government of the Keshiri Imperium is split into three bodies with their own power structures.

The Royalists are the first branch, this includes the King, Queen, Nobles, personal guards, servants, and a portion of the high command. They oversee Executive powers of the government, acting much like a prime minister or president but serving for life in the case of the king. Abdication is an option as well and one taken before in the past, though this is not always the case. The majority of the former ruling elite remain in this branch of the government, though some do break off and fall into the other two branches due to their closer ties to the people directly.

The second branch would be that of the Parliament. This branch is a body of elected officials from the planet and as more worlds join, other worlds, that will help govern the actions and the laws of the Imperium. They act as a check to keep the Military and the Royalist from exerting authoritarian like control over the people and hold the two other branches accountable for their actions. Due to the election of the members of the parliament, this body is made up of more common folk, though the occasional Noble or Veteran can find their way into the Government. Within the Parliament there is the elected position of Speaker, this is a member of parliament elected by his peers to represent the body. This Branch covers both Legislative and Judicial processes and is the most commonly seen by those of the Imperium.

The Military is the final branch within the Imperium. Due to the militaristic nature of the Keshiri Homeworld and the influence of the old Imperial rank structure of old Imperial nations, the Imperium’s military retains a strong presence in the government and is a key force. They encompass both naval and ground forces and are bolstered by conscription like law, requiring two years service by all able citizens within the military. This Branch covers defense, expansion, and foreign aid, allowing it to be far more versatile and the first face not only enemies but future members or allies meet. As such the military makes up a rather significant portion of the diplomatic corp alongside Parliamentary individuals or the Royals. As expected, the Military ensures order is kept, acting as both police and standing army against invaders.

As of the moment, no force order remains attached to, supported, or established within the Imperium. Force Users are integrated fully into the populace, though calls for an order have begun to circulate.

Requested Hexes: Teth (capital), Rinn, Nadium

Interested Members:

Hannah Charr Hannah Charr
Vulpesen Vulpesen
Raijin Arashi Raijin Arashi
Rocho Rocho
Zesiro Zesiro


The Faction is a simple one, to take the ideas of a constitutional monarchy and apply them to the site and universe, giving both an Imperial feel one would expect from such a government, but also the egalitarian draw of a republic or parliament. While the faction bears the name of its homeworld, a key story right out of the gate and part of the first dominion will be that of reclaiming their homeworld from a mysterious invader. Once their homeworld is reclaimed, they will seek to ensure that the worlds around them are also protected, bringing order to the worlds but also freedom for those people on them.

The lack of a constitutional monarchy among the major factions, one that has some inspiration from the British Empire in a way, though with much less conquering, was something that was missing and definitely needed its place among the galactic stage and after several years of buildup, with dozens of threads, codex apps, and otherwise, the flashpoint has given the time for it to stand up on its own feet. It will by all rights be a niche faction, one centered around a more imperial style government without the instant “Conquer everything in sight” ideals behind the normal creations, but one our members are fully here to join in on.

Our location as well, and the instant source of conflict will be a great draw for people, and it will create a strong story coming out as well. With the reclamation of our homeworld and the joining of three nearby systems in defense, it gives us a strong springboard to operate from and quickly gain momentum.

The Pitch:

Kesh is a world that not only I but several others have spent years working on, working through other factions and making deals in character to see its progress forward. Growing into a full-fledged faction on its own rights is finally doable and something that a lot of dedicated writers are happy to sign in on. The World is going to be a niche and small start, giving people something to really build up and connect with, rather than a massive blob of worlds that are all just numbers on a map for the most part to other factions.

It is this deep connection, built over seven years, in dozens of threads, with people who for some their first characters were connected to this place that has driven to the creation of this major faction. And while we cannot start on the world it is named after, it is this connection that is driving us to preserve it and continue the growth of it.

Past Roleplay Threads:

Preparation for Reclamation (Obviously Ongoing)

Valiens Nantaris Valiens Nantaris
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Solan Charr Solan Charr
Your application is approved. You may now do Major Faction stuff.

Link this post when putting in your map update application. You will start with TWO hexes.

Bear in mind our discussions regarding the hexes chosen. They may not be hexes under dominion or currently being rebelled.