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The Sith’ari



Black robes flickered and whipped against the windy night sky, shrouded men and women each masking their faces under the hooded veil began to march in unison up the long stair. Statues passed them by, each one adorned with images of various figures from the past, heroic and of great stature. Within each idol's stonework grasp was a symbol, an object that represented a civilized weapon for a more civilized age, a tool no Jedi could be without. That same symbol hung freely from each and every one of their hips, dark cloth swaying back and forth over their unique casings. One by one they ascended, led by what could only be described as a consumptive void, a blackened maw that swallowed everything it touched in it's own dark emotion, all light that was drawn in died and thus the figure that held such a presence akin to miasma would allow no such light to continue to exist. He may not have had sight but he could see. Oh he could truly see.

Ages ago now, it felt like, had he crossed a similar threshold upon the promise of destiny. Then it was all so simple, so black and white; good and evil. Shades of grey did not exist to Sight as untrained as his was then, back when his mind wandered as pieces of a whole. Back when his desire to use what little he knew for the advancement of the galaxy as a whole was the only thing which drove everyone one of his burdened steps. But now, he saw naught but a place of sanctimonious treason. The shades of greywere absent, it was merely a mirage of Light that resonated in his space. And where it filled him with hope before, swelling the broken heart in his breast, now he felt nothing but disgust.

Fire would soon engulf the sky as above and so below, the Brotherhood's Armada would emerge from the Pathway of the Mystics and split the stars with their fury. The once glistening towers would crumble and burn, there would be blood and fire as those who would bask in the glory of the War, Death, and Rebirth would baptize this world in the Gospel of the Hidden Maw. There would be sorrow. There would be death. There would be revenge.

He took one last look at the Jedi Temple before him, and with sight upon sight, he could see.



The Brotherhood of the Maw strike the Queen of the Core, Coruscant, as the member states of the Bastion Accords plot their next move in the wake of the Battle of Lao-Mon and the Raid on Jakku. Meanwhile, the New Sith Order march on the New Jedi Order at their sacred temple in hopes of destroying their sworn enemies once and for all, capitalizing on their machinations within the Galactic Senate all in accordance to their Grand Plan.

The Galactic Alliance, the New Imperial Order, and their many allies fight against the ravenous marauder hordes of the Brotherhood of the Maw and their armies of dark disciples as they plunge into the Galactic Jewel with a mind for nothing but WAR, DEATH, and REBIRTH! Fight in the sprawling cityscape turned warzone against the dark armies of the Brotherhood, defend the skies above Corsucant from the clutches of the Final Dawn as they attempt to lay waste to the center of the galaxy, defend yourself against the Knights of Ren, the Sorcerers of Rhand, and the Heathen Priests who seek nothing short of the death of every single sentient being on Coruscant.

The fate of the Core Worlds is in your hands! Take the dive and be apart of history in the making!

The Second Great Hyperspace War continues.. on September 13th
[Amazing comic art by the talented Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze ]


The New Jedi Order have been incarcerated, locked away to their temple by the Galactic Senate, the very people they sought to protect and guide. They have been deceived, after numerous investigations and inquests influenced by paranoia and deceit spread by Senatorial infiltrators belonging to the New Sith Order, the Jedi were too dangerous and must be kept on a tight leash. The paragons of truth and justice have been corralled into a corner, herded together until a final inquiry into the matter can be laid at rest.

The time is now.

The New Sith Order gather, their machinations finally bearing the fruit of their labor, they rise from the shadows of Coruscant and march on the Jedi Temple. Fresh from the hunt on Jakku, the New Sith Order finally step out of the darkness and into the light, they come to deliver a decisive blow to their rivals once and for all. The Jedi must die, every last one of them.

At last they will reveal themselves, at last they will have their revenge.

Defend the temple or take your revenge.


The galaxy mourns the Shi’ido, committed to genocide after the nearly successful liberation of Lao-Mon by the forces of the Silver Jedi Concord, the Galactic Alliance, and the New Imperial Order. The Brotherhood of the Maw rebuked the Bastion Pact’s forces after a hard fought battle for the soul of the planet. The defeat of the combined forces of the Pact and the successful defense of Rhand against the Confederacy of Independent Systems spoke ill of events to come, so it was that the Iron Imperator Rurik Fel called the Pact back to Coruscant where they would reevaluate their next moves.

The Brotherhood of the Maw followed.

Led into the heart of the enemy with the discovery of the Pathway of the Mystics, the Brotherhood of the Maw slipped their armada deep into Alliance space, emerging near Metellos. The machinations of the New Sith Order run deep, as they prepared to strike a decisive blow against the Temple, the Metellian Defense Fleet was left blind by the magicks of the Sith. Sensors fooled by illusion, battleships led astray, and officials bribed with visions of power as the true threat was now free to approach Coruscant unopposed.

As the New Sith Order strike the temple of the New Jedi Order, the sky burns and the Brotherhood roar, the Maw rages across Coruscant as war engulfs the glistening spires of the Queen of the Core. Fight in the streets, plunder or protect the Senate District, free the crazies of Azreal Asylum or stop the madness from taking root. The enemy ravage Embassy Row, Xiao-Town, and the 500 Republica will you join or stop their advance?


The Naval forces of the Galactic Alliance and the token forces brought by the Bastion Pact engage the Brotherhood of the Maw’s armada over the Queen herself. Laser fire and scrap metal fill the void of space in orbit of the galaxy’s center, battle rages between both sides as chaos erupts in the Core. As the battle progresses the Maw seek to solidify their surgical strike with the deployment of WS-1 World Devastators, their intent clear, do not let them feed off the sorrows of Coruscant. Defend the Queen! Fight the Brotherhood or ravage the Pact, the choice is yours.

Credit to the glorious Annasari Annasari for these lovely objective banners
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