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new jedi order

Threads that involve the New Jedi Order of the Galactic Alliance.
  1. Ramakh

    Character  Ramakh

    RAMAKH Age 29 GSY Species Noghri Gender Male Height 1.63 Meters Weight 52 kg Force Sensitive Yes Voice Deacon Frost (J.B. Blanc) PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Ramakh is a typical member of his species. Grey, scaly skin, protruding head ridged with horns, and silvery eyes. While capable of...
  2. Efret Farr

    Faction  Uncover the Faces of Old [NJO; open to 3 characters]

    fa-play fa-pause Then marble, soften'd into life, grew warm. - Alexander Pope The Jedi were slowly stitching their Temple back together, at least structurally. The decorations had yet to be restored, but that was understandable. Something ought to be functional before it was made fancy...
  3. Jasper Kai'el

    Faction  Once Boy, Now Man | Jasper Kai'el NJO Departure

    Once Boy, Now Man Coruscant, Jedi Temple Steps Tags: Valery Noble, Open to NJO A crowd had gathered on the war-torn steps of the Jedi Temple. It was not a sizable one, given the destruction that had befallen the planet, but it was just enough Jedi to give the impression that something of...
  4. Rhen Qel-Droma

    Faction  Aspect of the Force Series - Control ( NJO or invite only)

    The Prosperity Training Training Grounds Rhen Qel-Droma, a Corellian Green Jedi of the New Jedi Order, surveyed the Padawans and Initiates seated before him with his piercing green eyes. In light of recent events, their training would continue aboard the Prosperity, the enormous Temple-Ark. His...
  5. Jand Talo

    Approved Armor  Jedi Robes

    JEDI ROBES "Your sleeves are cut to allow exaggerated movements of your arms. Likewise, the long tunic, which appears as if it would impede your movement, also allows freedom of motion. Of equal importance is the fact that in combat its swirling motion will distract an opponent's eyes." ―...
  6. Fa-Olan Warren

    Character  Fa-Olan Warren

    FA-OLAN WARREN ᴊᴇᴅɪ ᴘᴀᴅᴀᴡᴀɴ ___________________________________________________________________ NAME Fa-Olan Warren SPECIES Morellian HOMEWORLD Morellia AGE Young Teen SEX Male HEIGHT 5'5" WEIGHT 145 lbs EYES Blue HAIR Black SKIN Pale LANGUAGES Binary, Galactic Basic (native) FORCE...
  7. Ran Serys

    LFG  Scream From the Mountain Tops - Force Training

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Ran Serys, Jedi Knight, has arrived at the Jedi Enclave on Jakku to assist in the lessons of a group of willing students. No stranger to danger, death and the isolation of space, Ran is a master of the Force Trance by necessity and will share that...
  8. Ran Serys

    LFG  The S'krrr Incident

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Ran Serys and a contingent of Jedi Explorers and Archeologists touch down on the planet S'krrr to investigate an underwater Temple to the Force. The native S'krrr have contacted the Jedi to deal with the matter as any party they have sent has yet to...
  9. Bernard

    Minor Faction Three Virtues

    Following: A Monument To Your Sins Hirata Estate A cold breeze carried powdery snow into the room where the destinies of three Jedi interweaved. Piles of white covered the slanted roof beyond the opened window of the third floor at Hirata Estate already. Bernard slid the window panel closed...
  10. Bernard

    First Reply  No Ignorance

    Prosperity, Library Section, Restricted Access Area As Bernard approached the keypad to the Hidden Archives within the halls of Prosperity, he wondered for a moment if matters today might escalate to the point that more Jedi blood got spilled by his hands. The keys lit up blue as he entered...
  11. Zark San Tekka

    Private  NJO Council - Tales From the Outer Reaches

    Valery Noble Kahlil Noble Amani Serys Jasper Kai'el The Prosperity drifted in Coruscant's orbit like a beacon. Alliance capital ships gathered around her in vast formations. More were dropping out of hyperspace every hour to help reinforce a new Imperial frontline. Shuttles touched down on the...
  12. Amani Serys

    Faction  Necessary Precautions [Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave, New Jedi Order]

    The Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave Open to members of the Vonnuvi Enclave and/or the New Jedi Order Times were changing for the Jedi. The Dark Empire has sent the Alliance reeling, and forced its members to reevaluate their approach to the growing threat. For the Jedi, part of that decision meant...
  13. Spirit of Freedom

    Diplomacy  Paradigm Shift [GA/NJO] [Coruscant to Fondor]

    The galaxy stands on the precipice of an era-defining conflict as the Dark Empire emerges from the shadows, bringing with it a wave of fear and uncertainty that has not been felt in ages. This sudden threat has sent the Galactic Alliance into a scramble for solutions, with its leaders convening...
  14. Efret Farr

    Character  Jedi Lore-Finder :: Efret Farr

    fa-play fa-pause
  15. Darth Solipsis

    Major Faction Operation Shadow Hand | Results

  16. Zark San Tekka

    Approved Starship  Jedi Academic Cruiser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a NJO training ship that can transport small groups across the galaxy. Image Source: High Republic Adventures Canon Link: Padawan Academic Cruiser Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Valkeri Enterprises...
  17. K

    Faction  Hostage Situation - Reef Fortress, Hapes [GA, NJO]

    Reef Fortress, Hapes Kalen stood before a force cage, peering through the barrier of crackling energy at the man within. “You?” he hissed, eyes widening as he recognized the face of the prisoner. “You’re the Jedi spy?” “Sinsor Galney”, supposedly the stepson of a Ducha, had only recently been...
  18. Rayia Si

    Faction  Star light, star bright, no candles guide my way tonight

    (Brief OOC: This is intended as a social thread for the New Jedi Order and any affiliates. Rayia is feeling a bit homesick and as a result, has decided to throw a bit of a celebration. NJO Members are welcome to partake in a Weikian Felacatian holiday surrounding the alignment of all seven...
  19. Oros

    Faction  Library Hours: Detention (New Jedi Order)

    RESTRICTED SECTION JEDI ARCHIVES Previously on Library Hours Unnatural darkness swallowed the light except for a large glowing crystal suspended upon an ancient looking repulsorlift. Something alive floated within luminous golden mist. It did not look human. A writhing nest of tentacles...
  20. Master Jake Judah

    Private  The First Duty (New Apprentices)

    Coruscant Jedi Temple Jake's office on Coruscant was fairly small, though with the high ceilings of the design of the Temple. It contained a flowform hoverchair, a desk, several databanks and computer consoles with stools, a holodisplay, a couch, and two comfortable easy chairs. The desk was...
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