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new jedi order

Threads that involve the New Jedi Order of the Galactic Alliance.
  1. Luric Ee'everwest

    Private To Quiet the Mind & Mend the Soul

    Coruscant Jedi Temple Room of a Thousand Fountains [Luric's Soundscape: Meditation Flow] Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force... Luric remained knelt at the base of a large tree in the Room of a Thousand Fountains...
  2. Oros

    Faction Library Hours: The Overdue Sequel (New Jedi Order)

    JEDI ARCHIVES CORUSCANT Previously on Library Hours Twilight descended on Coruscant. It was a night like any other for the New Jedi Order. Those Jedi in residence not already fast asleep wandered the halls allowing the Force to guide them towards some uncertain purpose. Distant echoes of a...
  3. Luric Ee'everwest

    Private The Warrior's Path, Pt. 1; The Ronin's Return

    [Luric's Soundscape: The Sun] Bare feet, running across an open, lush field of green, the sun shining brightly in the sky above. The laughter of children as they scampered and played outside on a perfect Nubian day. He could hear her voice, laughing and teasing him as they chased one another...
  4. Luric Ee'everwest

    Character Luric Ee'everwest

    LEGAL NAME: Luric Shinji Ee'everwest AFFILIATION: The Galactic Alliance [New Jedi Order], The Atrisian Commonwealth RANK: Jedi Knight [Ronin] SPECIES: Human / Atrisian HOMEWORLD: Naboo AGE: 21 HEIGHT: 6' (183cm) WEIGHT: 204 lbs (92.5kg) EYES: Pale Blue HAIR: Black FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes ALIGNMENT...
  5. Darth Solipsis

    Duel Revenge of the Sith | New Sith Order v. Jedi

    NEW SITH ORDER COMING SOON TO A JEDI NEAR YOU.. Look for the coming battles after the Annihilation and Invasion of Rothana. See you soon.
  6. Kai Bamarri

    Duel Padawan Fight Club

    Thesh-Mart Roof, The Works, Coruscant When Kai had challenged Silas to a duel, he had expected it to be a quiet affair. But once Corin Trenor got involved, offering to be the referee, it seemed like suddenly everyone else wanted a piece of the action. By the time he arrived at the appointed...
  7. Zhea Nox

    Character Zhea Nox

    ZHEA NOX Music Beautiful Life Full name Zhea Nox Aliases Z Eclipse Class(es) Sage Jedi Birthplace Kiffu Age 38 Personality Traits Patient Loyal Empathetic Protective Too forgiving Blunt Stubborn Education Traits Spititual Teacher Lifestyle Traits Historian Tracker...
  8. Sivoy Pok

    Character Sivoy Pok

    SIVOY POK Faction: New Jedi Order / Galactic Alliance Species: Jawa Homeworld: Nevarro Gender: Male Age: 16 GSY Height: 1.07 Meters Weight: 55 kg Hair: Dark Grey, furred body Eyes: Bright orange-yellow Skin: Pink and brown pads / nose / flesh Force Sensitivity: Yes Voice: Pierre Coffin as The...
  9. Dhalinar Greystar

    Private Keeping a Promise

    Sōla Taan fa-play fa-pause Dhalinar tapped a booted foot, arms folded across his chest as he waited on the Saber's balcony waiting for his delivery. It was an auspicious day for the old Jedi. It had been well over a decade since he had taken on a padawan. Maybe even two if memory served...
  10. Dagon Kaze

    NJO — Leap Into the Light

    Join the Sword of Reclamation — Alliance invasion of Maw-held Empress coming for that booty Donne Toulemonde ty Valery Noble for concept ilu
  11. Spirit of Faith

    Populate Ode to the Fallen | GA Populate of Vendaxa

    The death toll has risen every day in the wake of Tython, with more of the brave defenders added to the missing-in-action roster. Thousands of civilians met their end in the Maw’s run through the core, with just as many GADF soldiers finding theirs whilst defending their homes. The core and the...
  12. Darth Solipsis

    Annihilation Shatterpoint: BotM Annihilation of GA held Tython

    Site Administrator: Tefka Annihilation Duration: April 15th - May 15th Attackers Defenders Brotherhood of the Maw and the New Sith Order Darth Solipsis Jem Fossk The Mongrel Darth Caelitus Tu'teggacha Kralmus Orr Darth Mori Khamul Kryze Kyrel Ren Zachariel Steelblood Darth Ptolemis...
  13. Cailen Corso

    Private The Gathering

    THE GATHERING Force Awakened Pt. II Mood Music A right of passage for Jedi Younglings for millennia, the Gathering was a near-sacred trial intended to help aspiring young Jedi overcome their personal fears and failings. It was during the Gathering that a Youngling would find their kyber...
  14. Darth Solipsis

    Major Faction Broadcast to Galaxy | Road to Tython

    Denizens of the Galaxy, on this day we mark a transition. For thousands of years, the Jedi have brought stagnation and apathy to what was supposed to be the crux of civilized achievement. Nestled in their cradles of power, they protected the bloated hypocrisies and corrupt politicians who would...
  15. Zark San Tekka

    Character Zark San Tekka

    ZARK SAN TEKKA Birthplace Naboo Age Vintage Rank Jedi Master Faction New Jedi Order Home Jedha Species Human Gender Male Force Sensitive Yes Height Average Weight Cruiserweight Hair Black (Greying) Eyes Brown Skin Pale Writer Zark Image source High Republic...
  16. Bernard of Arca

    Character Bernard of Arca, Jedi Knight

    JEDI KNIGHT Music I'LL KEEP COMING Aliases N/A Path Sentinel Birthplace Arkania Age Early Twenties Personality Traits Prideful Last One Standing Arkanian Astuteness Virtuous Education & History Traits Jedi Youngling Jedi Padawan Mechanics & Science Alliance Marshals Sith...
  17. Kai Bamarri

    Character Kai Bamarri | The Doppelganger

    SOCIETAL Name: Kai Bamarri Alias: The Doppelganger Just Ander Homeworld: Chaldea Current Home: The Jedi Temple, Coruscant Faction: New Jedi Order Sithspawn Sanctorium (formerly) Force Sensitivity: Sensitive Force Rank: Jedi Padawan Force Alignment: Neutral APPEARANCE Race...
  18. Jyr Tal

    Character Jyr Tal

    Trust In The Force NAME: Jyr Tal FACTION: The Galactic Alliance, The New Jedi Order RANK: Padawan SPECIES: Lorridan AGE: 16 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 131lbs EYES: Bright HAIR: Clean SKIN: Well-hydrated FORCE SENSITIVE: Indeed. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: There is Serenity: Jyr has been...
  19. Osric Tev Sable

    Approved Starship Strela Meditation Sphere

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a fast, agile, and serene personal fighter-craft for the New Jedi Order Image Source: According to Google, this image only exists on Pinterest. Here's the earliest poster I could find. Canon Link: N/A Permissions: MP-042 "Skjöldr" Energy Shield...
  20. Darth Solipsis

    Major Faction Road to Tython: ONLY THE STRONG

    Join the attack on Asog!