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The Gathering [Silver Jedi/Iron Empire]


KSV Hoth's Light, Ilum Orbit

As Arisa looked down upon the scarred icy planet from the observation of Hoth's Light, she could still hardly believe the position she was in now. From a refugee of the fallen Republic to a Jedi Master of the Silver Order. There were many times the Republic transplant felt like she hadn't quite fit in with the Silver Order, so she took it as a great honor that her fellow Masters would entrust her to lead the next generation in their fight for peace and justice. It was honestly nerve-wracking for the young woman who still very much a student herself, but she would try her best to fulfill her duties for their sake.

She had come to the post with a lot of ideas about how to progress the Silver Order, one of them being to resume the ancient rite of The Gathering on Ilum. There were other planets out there suitable for the ceremony, but none quite compared to Ilum in terms of historical significance, or the legendary quality of its crystals. As the Iron Empire had secured the planet, she thought it was about high time that it be revisited by Silver Jedi so they could reconnect to their roots.

As the Baelors had been gracious enough to allow Silver Jedi to conduct the Gathering, and offer lodging planetside at their fortress, Arisa had invited the Force Users within their ranks to join the Silver Jedi in their ceremony. After some shaky times for the fledgling alliance as Voss, she found it to be a good opportunity to reaffirm their special relationship.

Aster was supposed to down there waiting for her as host of the fortress. She considered the young princess a friend at this point so it would be nice to interact with her outside of their official duties. It had been a shame that she had to have been evacuated from Voss in the first place. Arisa hoped she would return sometime.

"Alright, gang, we're here," she announced over ship's intercomm system. "All Jedi and surface teams, please meet me down at hangar B within 30 for a quick briefing before we head planetside."

Her dark eyes lingered upon the visage of Ilum for a few more moments before she turned to leave the deck.

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It was not long ago, Jairdain herself had made a journey to Ilum. It was here, she had faced a final trial before becoming a Jedi Knight. A trial that if she had failed, would have killed her. Three times now in her short life had she faced her own mortality and come out stronger for it every time. She had hoped not to come to Ilum again any time soon, but here she was with some of the other Jedi going on a gathering quest for those that wanted to.

She would have been looking out of the view port if her eyes allowed it, but instead looked down at the planet through the Force. Jairdain could almost sense where she had landed before, walked and been tested. The caverns far below the surface resonating with unspent power of crystals full of life.

Arisa's voice came across the intercom requesting those that were going planetside to meet her in hanger B within thirty minutes. She knew what the weather was like down on the ice ball and came more prepared this time. She wore several layers of loose clothing, her robes over those and lastly her cloak. In addition to the clothes, she also had gloves and a scarf to cover her mouth and nose when they were out walking.

Hooking her lightsaber to her belt, Jairdain left her cabin and made her way to hanger B. To meet Arisa there and anybody else that was joining them.
KSV Hoth's Light, Illum Orbit.
Illum.... Jakkor never thought he would be back to this frozen hell, but he had been here several times, and the frozen hell never changed not even in 850 years. He thought he would not come back but yet again his presence was requested, and so here he was meditating on board a star destroyer, finding peace and serenity within the Force. He could only imagine what brought him here with the Jedi to Illum. The Gathering, a ritual that was enacted by the Jedi Order thousands of years ago. He had been there once with his best friend Kana Mekasa when they were little, it was where he created the two lightsabers he so proudly wielded today. His lightsabers had been with him everywhere, from the Clone Wars all the way up to now. They were his only unique possession. He knew that he would serve as a guide for this journey as he knew of the ritual for the padawans to construct their first lightsabers and he would gladly do so. Perhaps he would find a Padawan of his own on this journey if the force wills.

He would meditate on his old memories, hearing of the fun conversations and banter brought by both him and Kana, how they had worked together to get the crystals they needed from the same dwelling, and at the end of it was more than there bond that brought the two together, it was there lightsabers. Lightsabers were more than just a weapon they were a part of you and a part of who you are. Suddenly his mind fasts forward to the most horrible events such as the Emperor's Purge, Kana being made the Second Sister, her fighting and confessing her love for him in a tear-jerking fury, and then killing her while screaming in rage. His eyes snapped open as he muttered to himself clutching his head in his hands. "Why this place when the past still haunts me.." He walked over to the refresher and rubbed his face with cold water, he was practically shaking from the memory flashes.

He had walked over, and tried to sleep but couldn't he was too disturbed. He then walked over, and sensed the power of the force from afar, he knew they were here. He knew that he would have to face some part of his past, and knew that this would be his test, as much as the Padawans, and knew that this was one of those times he would not run away from his past, and so wrapped his Tusken mask around his face, and put on his cloak as he got ready for the harsh climate of the Kyber filled world.

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Vitha peered out the viewing port at the planet below. Just looking at it caused her to shiver slightly. It was clearly just a ball of ice and snow which was going to be incredibly miserable. Having grown up with high heat, almost no water, and generally dry desert conditions meant she wasn't set up for dealing with anything below forty degrees.

Dipping her beak down she adjusted the saberstaff strapped to her leg and eyed Arisa. Her master probably wouldn't care about things like cold and how they didn't have any Avogwi friendly environment suits. "Don't suppose you could get me the crystal while I stay up here watching? I'm sure that if any Sith show up I can send advanced warning."
His Master, Arisa, informed him of a mission to the planet Ilum. He hadn't heard of the planet before but was told that he held great significance to the Jedi and the SJO as well. This was enough for him to be interested in visiting the planet so he was now travelling on a ship towards the planet. The ship was quite open spaced, at least compared the ships he had travelled in his youth so the trip through hyperspace was something he found relaxing and spent time meditating, pondering on what he would discover on the former Jedi planet. Yuroic still hadn't had a chance to fully experience his Force powers but he was keen to test them especially if he would be as powerful as some of the Jedi he had met, though the likelihood was going to be far from that.

He was adorn in thicker Padawan robes than usual to adjust to the cold climate that he was warned about when they reached the surface. His brown cloak hung loose on him as he heard Arisa's transmission, he listened to it all carefully before deciding to head down to the hangar. His cloak swished around him as he moved with speed and a stride of slight confidence. The Jedi had given him something he had not felt before in his life, a belonging. Being around them felt right to him, especially since he was connected to the Force like them.

By the time he reached the Hangar he noticed the others around and gave a polite nod of the head to them. He stood near Arisa, intent on listening closely as he inhaled deeply and took a deep calming breath.

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KSV Hoth's Light
Observation Deck

A barely habitable planet lay beneath them. Swirling storms battered its barren surface; ice covered every inch of its landscape. Despite the natural chaos that buffeted Ilum every hour of every day, from here, it looked peaceful. As Kaden's eyes studied the planetary body below, a dejected sigh escaped his lips. From a spectator's perspective, he likely seemed unwilling to embark on the imminent mission. A fellow padawan on the deck, young, female and human, noticed this. "Don't you want to find your own crystal?" She inquired, quite innocently.

Kaden glanced at her. She had pale, unblemished, skin and long, brown, hair. Eyes, pure and icy blue, gazed into his own. A moment passed before the Sith responded, rather flatly; "Already have one." He moved a fold of his cloak to reveal a long, thin, durasteel cylinder; his lightsaber. Looking back to the ice world below, he added, "Just need the right one."

The girl feigned interest, nodding her head a bit too enthusiastically, and returned her own gaze to the planet.

When Arisa's voice rang out over the intercom, Kaden had already left the observation deck. Long legs drove his robed body towards the hangar turbolift, which hissed open when he approached.

A beep, seconds later, signaled the arrival on Hangar B and the turbolift's doors opened to reveal the hangar's expanse. Kaden walked towards a growing group of individuals and positioned himself on the fringes; avoiding eye contact and drawing as little attention as possible.

He quickly found that it's quite difficult to be inconspicuous when your skin is bright red.

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Aster, accompanied by her usual escort of security personnel awaited the arrival of the Silver Jedi vessel in the Iron Pantheon's private spaceport. Filled with excitement at the prospect of meeting with the allies of the Iron Empire again, she watched the skies with a pair of macrobinoculars for the incoming ship.

"Will they be here soon?" she asked Everly, head of the Wolfsglaive.

"They should be," the woman replied.

"I see," Aster put down the macrobinoculars to rest her eyes for a bit. "I wonder if I'll see any familiar faces," she mused. Her unwilling evacuation from Voss had caused her to lose contact with those she had been acquainted with at the Voss Academy.

"I'm sure you will," Everly placed a hand on the blonde-haired teenager's shoulder.

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This was an odd situation for Kurayami to be onboard the KVS Hoth's Light as he was used to flying on his own. Single seat fighter or his transport, he rarely was not the one in control. In a way it was freeing, yet at the same time it bothered him. Probably the Corellian bloodline at least that is what he was going to chalk it up to. The planet that they were en route to was one he personally had only visited once, many years ago. During the trip here he had taken the time to run over the systems in his Mk.4 Expeditionary Armor and make sure all was in place. Even though he hadn't worn the suit in a long while it still seemed to be in good repair and the updates for the holonet access and encrypted comms didn't take quite the whole time. It was while he was finishing up the maintenance on the old MSD-32 he was carrying that [member="Arisa Yune"] sent out the message to meet down in Hangar B within 30. Looked like he was being summoned. Replacing the pistol in the holster on his right hip and clipping his saber back onto the left side of his belt he made his way down.

Upon entering the hangar he caught sight of the Padawan's and other Masters who were gathering to listen to what Arisa prepared for them. As he scanned the crowd, one clearly stood out. A pureblood Sith. Interesting that one would find themselves here, but he supposed that not every member of the Sith species was an adherent to the Force order named for their kind. He could feel the power radiating from Ilum, his one visit here having been less than a good experience. In the end it had been similar to what happened to him on Korriban more recently, but involved different people. Deaths that still saddened him even if they no longer haunted him as hers did. If such a thing would ever heal he did not know, perhaps it was possible, but from what he had read it would be something that could severely backfire. He knew of times it had, it was why he tended to keep his distance from others. The deaths he had caused and experienced simply gave a believable out.

Today was about the young ones who were gathered, not him. He could only hope that their visit would end better than his own had.

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IT always felt like Caelag was just, magnetically drawn to force users and their gatherings. Nowhere she went since she joined the Iron Empire seemed free from their activity. IT wasn't that bad, of course... she herself could at least understand when they went all philosophical on her, waxing and waning about the beauty of the Force. Unlike most soldiers, she at least understood the legitimacy of it all, being blind without the miracle that was force Sight. Even so, she couldn't help but feel pity for those who relied so heavily upon it, herself included, as it made them so terribly weak.

Especially if it got torn from them.

But that was neither here nor there, what mattered was today she'd been acompanying Aster, the princess, as sort of a repayment for her kind words and actions what felt like a lifetime ago. Were it not for Aster's forgiving nature, and her generosity, Caelag would be locked up in prison instead of fighting for the Empire. Or dead, very likely dead.

Standing not far behind Aster, she'd promised to forgo her usual kit of weapons and armor, instead wearing her cloak and teacher's garments, slacks and a button down. These were allies, after all. She had insisted on bringing her lengthy sniper rifle however, for her own comfort, and the heavy weapon rested calmly in her arms as she moved up behind Aster. She offered a half bow, her head aimed straight ahead. "My Princess, how many times have I thanked you for giving me a home here?"

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Viathae Qarmast

Mandalorian Exile Jedi of Clan Qarmast
Illum is somewhere she had never been to. Ever in her life. Viathae always wondered what was even on this planet, and what secrets could lie there. Especially the fact that where kyber crystals are found. She had only heard stories of this world being sacred to many force users, namely the Jedi and Sith. Her holocron especially told her about this world. However, it was not the one where Tarre got his dark saber from. In her new Mark III armour that she had gained from Tarre's place, Viathae flew her ship over to Ilum and landed there where she was summoned by Arisa Yune, a person she had never heard of before within the order. By the sounds of it, she sounds quite important... was she the grandmaster of the order? Nico never really told her much about her, but either or, this should be interesting, more or less, educational in some regards.

It was one of those planets that was... bitter cold. But luckily, the armour kept her somewhat warm. Heading into the hanger at sector B, Viathae exited her small ship and came out. It might be a bit weird, considering she might be the only Mandalorian that was actually there... Even though that Nico told her that there was other Mandalorians, she still felt like she was the odd one out in the order. She placed her holocron away and went towards the gathering crowd which was where Yune was. She fixed her long Mandalorian hair so it won't get stuck between the armour.

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Ilum was a cold planet. It was on par - give or take - with Rhen Var however, so he had some basis of weather to go on. And unlike some of the other snow planets he'd visited, this one at least had a Type I atmosphere. It tended to help when things went wrong. Not that he was expecting anything to go wrong, not on this particular trip. If it ended up being a combat operation against more than the elements or animals, they had more serious problems.

Unlike most of the others, Audren had not shipped aboard the KSV Hoth's Light. There were several reasons for that, most notable among them being that he'd learned of this after the Light had already departed. He'd come from elsewhere. Had it come up, he would also have argued against taking a Kiriban vessel as a Silver Jedi ship. It wasn't because of what it was, but what it wasn't. It wasn't a Silver Jedi vessel, but a ship aligned with a neutral planet that one of the Masters happened to be a controlling factor of. By all means include it, but it shouldn't be the official transport for something like this. Regardless of his personal thoughts, the Sephi's ship had quickly obtained clearance to dock and transfer him onto the larger vessel. Once he was aboard, the pilot disengaged the smaller transport and moved to a respectful distance.

Arisa had chosen to resume the traditional Gathering, where Jedi went into the crystal caves of Ilum and found a crystal used as a focus for their lightsaber. Such focuses didn't need to be from here or be accompanied by a ritual or tradition; he'd found his by chance in a far different setting. He was well aware that such traditions cemented the Silver Jedi with the original Order, something that seemed to be lacking in the thoughts of many outsiders. Not only that, but it also broadened the training of those gathering crystals and provided them the most essential parts of their sabers at the same time. Multifaceted objectives, something he highly agreed with. Arisa was certainly proving herself.

The elfin Master had chosen fairly traditional robes, just a bit thicker due to the weather. As he gathered with the others, the robes were proving to be slightly uncomfortable. Once planetside though, he'd no doubt be wishing for even thicker ones. In the meantime though, he simply put up with it. Arisa's briefing wouldn't last very long.

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Jairdain arrived after some of the others had. She felt them through the Force and the now familiar presence of Yuroic stood out the strongest. Arisa was next, the others she had never met, but gave polite bows to in turn.

When she had been here before, she had no clue what was expected of her and instead allowed the Force to guide her. She did not need a crystal this time, but hoped the experience of returning would be enlightening. Jairdain also hoped none of these other Jedi faced the same trial she had and with goosebumps on her skin, she approached Arisa and Yurioc.

The Jedi Master, she gave a warm nod to and an even warmer smile to the young Padawan. What had started as a quest to guide him in finding the peace within himself, it had turned into something far greater. As he had learned to accept his emotions and control them better, she had learned something. Lessons usually went both ways with the tutor learning as much as the student. She had never had what might be considered a partner in her life, but the way things were headed, she needed him now. While she had never hid her emotions, this one she had kept to herself. Perhaps this journey might provide her the opportunity to tell him.

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Tempest watched their approach upon the Star Destroyer from the view screen of the Knights' quarters. She read about the harshness of the planet's surface and it brought back memories, unwanted memories of her early childhood, left abandoned on a distant planet pummeled by meteorites. The scent of the sulfur somehow manifested in her nostrils. Her throat clammed shut and she choked, the sensation reminding her of the time she could not form words no matter how hard she had tried. In all of it, as in those days long past, her sense of Empathy heightened around her and she reached out. It was unanticipated, all of it, and it was also instinctive. It would be her first identifiable experience with post traumatic stress.

Within a brief moment as she stood before the view screen, Tempest again became animated as she was before her experience overtook her physical senses. All she knew about what had just occurred is that something feels off inside. A slight 'Humph,' formed within her throat and she shrugged it off. Meditation is far too late now, but the Force, to reach out to it is always readily available for assistance. And so Tempest reached out in the Force. Again the planet was felt, and she recoiled from the view screen, unable to pinpoint the issue she sensed.

'Maybe I shouldn't go..'

Tempest was prepared, layered in the requisitioned temperature appropriate gear, overlayed with her personal fur overcoat. When she heard the call to assemble within the Hanger, she followed the others out of the room and filed in line within the corridor. She marched off towards the destination within the ship. She recognized a few who also worked among the Dominion.
Ford woke up with the beeping of an Astromech droid in his hear. The beeping sounded louder than normal in his throbbing head. He wiped an arm across his half open eyes, before putting a foot onto the ground. It had been a long trip. A trip he wasn’t even sure of. He struggled to his feet and stretched his arms into the air. The action was met by the low roof of the transport vessel, sending shock waves down his fingers. Ford shook his head at his own stupidity.

“What are we doing here?” Ford asked Q7, not really expecting an answer.

Ford adjusted his is leg holsters as he stepped up to the view port. Somehow his sleep really shifted them around. Ford glanced out of the view port. The sight sent a shiver down his spine. Ilum was nothing like Vestar, where he had grown up. It actually looked nothing like any planet he had seen. A ball of ice, designed to make a person uncomfortable.

Ford turned back to the bed and collected his robe. He could hear the hustle and conversations of the crew as they prepare for landing. He glanced back at the view port. He had no idea what to expect on the service, because as usual, he was going on rumours. He had heard there would be a type of Jedi gathering, what a Jedi gathering was, or what they did during such a gathering he did not know.
His glance was broken by the beeping of his droid. He smiled at the droid before speaking.

“I’m sure your circuits won’t freeze up Q7.” The droid give a sharp buzz of disbelief to the response.

Concisely Ford’s hand move over the back of his robe, touching the rear mounted holster, where is lightsaber sat. The weapon had come in handy on a few occasions to open a jammed door or cut a piece of metal, but never for its actual purpose.

The transport vessel landed with a load thud, enough to make Ford jump. He gave Q7 and look and a nod before heading towards the exit. As he stepped out of the transport, the drop in temperature was instant. Ford exchanged a hand shake with the Captain of the vessel and threw his hood over his head. He had no idea where to go next, but something was drawing him to one building in particular.

[member="Arisa Yune"] , or anyone else willing to assist a lost soul
On her way off the observation deck, Arisa paused and snorted as her apprentice had it in their head they would be excused from participating in the ceremony. As if the Avogwi had forgotten that her master was unaware of her activities on another planet even more frigid than this one.

"Sorry, my friend," she told
Vitha as she turned back to face the Avogwi. "But if Jakkor can make it down there, then so can you. You'll have the benefit of one of my personal climate control systems to keep you warm, so you should have a better time here than at Midvinter. Come, now."

She waved the avian over to follow her out to the internal tram system to get from the CIC to the hangars. In a few minutes, they would arrive to meet up with the other Jedi, soldiers, and scientists beginning to assemble down in Hangar B as she had ordered. The massive armored doors of the hangars had been retracted, filling much of her vision with the icy expanse of Ilum as she looked outwards.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, more people would file in until there was a good size crowd gathered around the A-10 LAATs being used as their transports. Among the Jedi and Rangers that had joined the voyage, there were many new and old faces alike. For the Silver's first official outing to Ilum for the Gathering, this was an excellent turnout. Having organized this trip, it made her day.

"Alright, thank you all for showing up in a timely fashion, and for newcomers, welcome to Ilum! This will be my third time on the planet and my second time to be participating in a Gathering ceremony here. I'm so pleased to be sharing this experience with you all, especially as entire generations of Jedi have been denied such an opportunity."

"I'm going to keep this briefing short. Over the next hour, we're going to pack up our things into these lovely LAATs around us, then head to the IE complex down on the surface to check in with them and get our lodging situation straightened out on the surface. That'll give you all some time to settle in and get fresh air before we head out tomorrow to begin the ceremony. All of you, please be on your best behavior when interacting with the folks of the Iron Empire. We are only allowed here at their discretion, and they have done much to make this planet hospital once more for the Jedi."

"Now, a while back, when I was here previously, I had deployed some survey teams to check around the surface. I'm pleased to report that they have managed to find a prime location within speeder distance away from the IE fortress. They think it may have actually been a site used by the Jedi previously."

"From there, we'll take as much time as we need to ensure that everyone is taken care of during the ceremony. Then we'll return to the IE fortress for a little party before setting off back home. I'm free to take any questions to clarify anything, but if you don't have anything for me, then feel free to start packing up."

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So, a ceremony performed by the Jedi. Colour me intrigued. I can only imagine what this will entail. Yuroic listened closely to what Arisa had to say, his excitement was bubbling in his chest like a little child over candy. He moved closer once the briefing had finished and greeted his master, seeing Vitha close to her.

Greetings Master, looking forward to the Gathering. Hopefully things will go smoothly once we land planet side. Yuroic was all to familiar with the knowledge that not all plans went as smoothly as one would like them to.

He then wandered over to Jairdain and gave her a warm smile, seeing her on the ship was a delight. He also noticed fellow Padawan Kaden, the one with the weird tentacle beard, as Yuroic called him behind Kaden's back. He offered Jairdain a friendly hug as he said, Glad to see you here, sounds like it should be fun. Never been to Ilum before so looking forward to knowing what this gathering is about. Have you ever attended one before?

He waited politely for her response before apologising and heading off to grab a few of his items. He clasped Kaden's shoulder and gave him a wide grin. Hey up Sith man, so you got any idea what this gathering will be about? He crossed his arms as he waited for Kaden's answer, he was more than curious about what was going to happen on the planet.

Later when he returned to his small cabin, which was just the smallest room he could find on the ship, he looked around. All the supplies he brought with him were a sleeping bag which he rolled up and set aside for a moment and a bag of items he had started collecting for an idea he had rolling around his head. Nothing concrete yet but he was looking forward to getting to build something with his hands.

After he strapped his bag on and grabbed his sleeping bag, carried under his left armpit. He moved through the halls of the ship, passing through the many men and women who were walking around. He then arrived back at Hanger B, then was a spring to his step as he felt the buzz of excitement, travelling to a former Jedi planet, seeing ruins of a former Jedi life. What was there not to be excited by?!

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Hangar B

Meditation was a skill that came in handy at any moment in any situation. On the fringe of the massed Jedi and hangar crew, Kaden put his own meditation skills to the test whilst he waited. He closed his eyes and gradually focused on himself and everything that existed outwith. Within, he felt the lingering darkness caused by his engagement on Dromund Kaas and, more specifically, a Sith Pureblood sorceress. He hated her with more intensity than he hated his own father for what she had put him through. The Sith had to focus hard to suppress that hatred and begin looking outward.

He sensed the milling group of Jedi and hangar staff and within them, a few select individuals who seemed more interesting than the rest. Inklings of foresight dictated that these individuals would be important parts of today's excursion and, perhaps, of Kaden's life. Before he could delve deeper into the winding abyss of his own destiny and others' involvement in it, a hand gripped his shoulder and woke the pureblood with a slight jump.

A frown morphed into a brief smile as he recognised his interrupter, Yuroic. He returned the shoulder grasp with a slap to Yuroic's own before he shrugged in response to Yuroic's question.

"It's a Jedi custom; one I'm not all too familiar with. I do know that we'll be spelunking in some crystal caves and, if you're lucky, a lightsaber crystal will 'choose' you. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine..."

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Jairdain came prepared with only what she wore or carried on her for this gathering. So when Arisa told people to go off and get what they were going to bring with them, she stayed in the hanger. Her only thought and hope that when everything was done, there would be something to warm drink when they returned.

Her trip here, she gone out into the caves alone, facing a trial that only she could do. Thinking back on that she wondered what trials awaited the others. As the Jedi Master spoke, Jairdain would listen, but would appear distracted by her thoughts. Time would tell what became of this expedition.

When the master was done, Yuroic approached Jairdain. She could feel his delight at seeing her and when he gave her the hug, she returned it with pleasure. Over time, the butterflies that had been in her stomach at first was mellowed out. There were moments though when they returned. This was one such moment and she drew in a breath hoping he didn't pick up on the feeling in her belly.

"A gathering? No, I've never been involved in one."

As he moved away, Jairdain followed his movements as he greeted another fellow Padawan. Though the Force, Jairdain could see that he was almost startled out of his thoughts. Her own impression of the sith was that of a person torn inside. There was a great darkness around him, but there was just as much light. Two halves both fighting for control. It would be up to him to decide which side won and while she could assist and guide him down one path, it would be his choice alone which one he followed.

She would approach the two of them, still wearing the smile the hug from Yuroic gave her. Nodding in the direction of Kaden, Jairdain gave him a small nod. If he was empathic himself, he would feel her sure footedness in the light, her slight nervousness at all the people around (though that was not shown outwardly), her budding feelings for Yuroic and curiosity about him.

"I am Jairdain."

That smile spread to him as she introduced herself.

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He had little information about The Gathering, as the Silver Jedi had called it. But it had been of enough interest to him to pique his curiosity and bring him away from his training, his usual duties, and from his family, to embark on the mission. The Jedi Master had been with the Silver Jedi for quite some time, and yet he knew nobody here that was on this mission with him. Everywhere he looked, he saw strangers. Everywhere he glanced, he saw unfamiliar faces. He didn't know a single one of these people, and it made him aware of the fact that he spent so much of his time on mission by himself, or simply training his own Padawans in solitude. He had met the former Grandmaster, Sorel, but... She had been gone soon after. He did intend to keep in touch with her, of course, but when it came to the Silvers, well... Not even his former Master, Matsu Ike, remained in their ranks. He let out a sigh, shaking his head as he quite otherwise remained quiet. It was like his first days in the damned Republic all over again. He knew nobody, he was familiar with nobody, and it just felt so bloody awkward.

The social part of him wanted to speak, but no words left his mouth. So instead, he would simply listen to the briefing of [member="Arisa Yune"], who appeared to be the one leading this mission. If this gathering was so important... Where was Thurion and Coci? Or had they already gone and delegated duties to a new Grandmaster? It seemed he had missed the memo on if they had or not. A consequence of him being off-world much of the time. He understood that he'd be out of the loop when he was either off on mission by himself, training Padawans, or on his off-time, at home with his family. He just wished they'd actually at least -try- to communicate with him. It wasn't like he was bloody impossible to keep contact with!

The briefing went by, but it was just the status of the mission... No information on the Gathering was disclosed. This just got more and more ominous the more that this went on. Honestly, there was a pit in his stomach beginning to grow. Maybe it was just him being used to betrayal, being used to dishonesty... He had been a Republic Jedi once, after all. He had been used as a tool, betrayed and cast aside like nothing when they got what they wanted from him. It wasn't all that far fetched for a Jedi Order to do it all again, except on some kind of large scale. But he'd try to trust them. He really would. He just hoped they gave him a reason to trust them in this case.

And maybe he'd actually get to know a few Jedi while he was here. Boy, would that be nice...

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Samara stood on the observation deck, inches from the viewport that allowed her gaze to fall upon the icy ball of Illum. Hanging from her neck was a simple Platinum chain that cradle a broken Crystal, the very same crystal that have powered her lightsaber until Upekzar. Though her seclusion ended with her healing the crystal that she had long ago Bend to her will there was no saving it from the strain it had endured over the years. In the following weeks Samara went without her Sabre, always feeling as if a piece was missing from her. And though she could stay for the first time in her life that she had balance this is gathering and restoring four lightsaber or something she was still hesitant about.

The Jedi Master was aware at some point that Master Yune stood on the observation deck with her, but neither Masters acknowledged each other. Perhaps the other sense the small storm brewing Within Samara and gave her respectable distance. But now was not the time for the Hapan Master to cut herself off from her peers again. If she learned anything from her seclusion it was that this Darkness was not hers to fight alone. With a shaky sigh Samara back away from the window and the Starscape Beyond and rejoin her fellow Jedi

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