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Character Jakkor Kess 2.0


Name: Jakkor Kess
Age: 48
Height: 5'8
Weight: 200 LBs
Rank: Jedi Master (Formerly) Imperial Knight Initiate
Faction: The Empire
Faceclaim: Iain Glen

Race: Human (Tusken Raider)
Homeworld: Tatooine
Languages: Tusken, Galactic Basic



Jakkor Is a very calm man, he is mostly never the one to give into anger, sticking to the true morals of the Jedi Code. He is a kind and gentle person, who always seeks to help those in need, and is much a very family oriented man since marrying his wife, and raising three girls with her. He is also very intellectual and prides himself as a historian in a sense. He was always interested in Galactic History, and so whenever he could he devoted his free time to holo books. Despite his kind and calm nature, Jakkor never backs away from a fight when he absolutely needs to fight, as a Tusken Warrior and Veteran of the Clone Wars, and the Omega Wars Jakkor became very battle hardened and always eager to defeat his enemies to protect the ones he cared about.

Jakkor is also somewhat of a romantic seen on how he charmed his former best friend Kana Mekasa and his wife Viktoria Norduin seeing as how attachment was against the Jedi code, he explored the aspect of love, and with his wife he found love made him a stronger and better man for it, while with Kana he had to keep such things a secret. Despite all the positive traits that Jakkor possesses he is still distraught when it came to the Clone Wars, and the Great Jedi purge. From the horrifying events that occurred left him stricken with PTSD, and so at times makes him reluctant to go into battle anymore, even sounds or memories related to the War triggers it, and leaves him shaking and utterly broken, this often made him see the Jedi of now as nothing but servants of the dark side, seeing they made the same mistakes of the Jedi from his time, he devotes his time to learning about the force, and teaching it's ways rather than focus on combat feeling that is not the Jedi way.

He is now seen as a Wiser and patient man than he was before, and is always ready to teach the ways of the Force, and what it means to be a Tusken as well. After decades spent in exile the man grew older, more jaded in the galaxy. After ruling as a Tusken chieftan for so long he ventured out into the galaxy. Seeking something different than the Jedi he used to be and a changed man.


Born in 37 BBY on his homeworld of Tatooine, Jakkor Kess was born to Human parents who were indoctrinated into the Tusken Tribes. From a very young age he was taught how to hunt, where to track down Bantha's, and where to find fresh water as well as how to read the sands. When he was 5 his tribe was attacked by a group of mercenary's delivering a shipment of illegal weapons to the hutts, and figured it would be a best time to test the weaponry out on a band of Tuskens. His parents fought bravely but were slaughtered along with his tribe. Jakkor was the only survivor, and at that moment thought he would join his family in death. That's when a hooded figure wielded a green blade came to the rescue, cutting down the murderers and saving the young boy.

The man revealed himself as Jedi Kam Solson, Jedi Watchman and asked Jakkor to come with him. Seeing their were no other options Jakkor reluctantly went with him. Kam took Jakkor to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where after testing his force sensitivity was indoctrinated into the Jedi Order. Jakkor spent years training, becoming familiar with the ways of Lightsaber combat, and Ways of the Force. During his time as a youngling he met Kana Mekasa an orphan just like him from Corellia, who took a liking to the young Tusken and the two became fast friends. After many years he was taken along with Kana under special circumstances as the apprentices of Kam.

They trained daily, and went on many missions across the Outer Rim dealing with crime syndicates, and the lawlessness that plagued the Galaxy. Than at the age of 15 The Clone Wars broke out. Jakkor did not immediately go into the war, preferring to stay at the temple and continue his training along with Kana. Than at the Age of 17, His Master, Kana, and Jakkor himself were sent out to war. Kam made the General of the 350th Attack Battalion, while Jakkor was made a Commander, and Kana his lieutenant.

Jakkor and Kana over this time grew closer, during this period as unknowingly to him Kana had actually started to fall in love with Jakkor but didn't admit it. Together the three fought on the worlds of Ossus, Toydaria, and Xagobah. During the Outer Rim Sieges in 19BBY They were sent out to reinforce the invasion of Ragmar V. With the help of Commander Jax Jakkor and Kana took down a Sepratists stronghold, while their Master oversaw an attack on a nearby town. On that very same day Order 66 went down, Commander Jax turning on Kana and Jakkor along with the rest of the Clones.

Jakkor and Kana desperately made their attempts at an escape, by getting to there Jedi Starfighters. They managed to reach there, but were momentarily distracted by the death of their Master. As Jakkor made his way on board his starfighter Kana was shot in the leg by a blasterbolt stopping her. She looked at Jakkor with tears in her eyes frantically crying out for help, but Jakkor to afraid voted to leave her behind, and so left her there on the planet, and narrowly made his way out of the system left to wander the Outer Rim.

He wandered the Galaxy for months, Hunted by newly formed Galactic Empire, He always went from planet to planet hiding out in the Outer Rim where the Empire's reach didn't touch, and had to often steal to survive. Than one day a mysterious figure came to greet him, He saw the figure as in a shape of a female, and her Force Signature was familiar. She removed her hood, only to reveal that it was his former friend Kana, her face now a slight pale shade, and covered in scars all over her body. Horrified he tried to reason with her, but didn't want to hear any of it as she confessed that she loves Jakkor deeply, and so explained that's why she needs to kill him.

She attacked Jakkor viciously, while being horrified and confused by this sudden revelation barely defended himself, as he felt guilt for leaving her, and felt he deserved to die. After a duel that seemed to last forever he escaped, only to be chased by her constantly who now went by the name "The Second Sister." Wishing to uncover the truth behind her turn to the dark side, he ventured to the one place where he could get answers Coruscant. He ventured deep into Imperial Center, hoping to get information from the Jedi Temple, but was horrfied when he learned that it now sported Imperial flags, and so retreated to the underlevels of Coruscant.

In the Underworld he once again encountered the second sister, and engaged her in combat once more. During the course of the duel, he sensed something within her, something not so dark, and felt as if she was holding back, during the heated confrontation she asked him, with tears in her eyes to kill her, before she killed him. His mind was conflicted, and so kept pleading with her to turn away from the dark side, but she didn't listen still caught in a eternal struggle, as she tried to kill him. The duel came to a close when he had no choice but to impale her with his sabers. She kissed him as she breathed her last breaths declaring her undying love for him, before dying. Distraught by grief he tried in a vain effort to save her, even going so far to declare his love for her as well, but all for naught it was too late.

Sadden and feeling hopeless he sought to get off Coruscant. As he made his way over to the space port, he stopped sensing a huge amount of fear and anger, like no other. He turned and saw a dark figure which an officer who came up addressed him as "Lord Vader." The dark figure looked at Jakkor, and pointed to him, he activated his blade and engaged Jakkor in a duel. Jakkor asked the man if he was responsible for the Second Sister's Fall. He said he was, and responded with taunting Jakkor on how Kana said during her torture that Jakkor would come and rescue her.

This drove Jakkor into a rage, for which he proceeded to try, and beat the dark figure, but to no avail was beaten by him. Realizing he was playing the man's game Jakkor jumped onto a freightor in mid take off, and narrowly made his way off coruscant, mourning his companion's death. Hopeless and nowhere else to go, he traveled to the Unknown Regions determined to loose himself and spend the rest of his days in solitude.

He traveled to what seemed like a desolate space station, and decided to make himself at home, But encountered an Inquisitor guarding the station who revealed it was a warehouse, for storing artifacts the Emperor wanted, He engaged Jakkor in a heated lightsaber duel reaching the bowels of the station. He was than Locked inside an ancient Sith Casket after giving into the dark side, and dealing a critical blow to him in the process. He slept for centuries, untouched by time and plagued by the spirits of the ancient Sith within the room.

He than awakened in 845 ABY by a Jedi Padawan named [member="Xiarr Sair"]. He explained what had happened to the galaxy, and how he had found the Tusken. The Black TIE Syndicate than attacked the station, and with the help of Xiarr left the station. He than proceeded to stick closely with him going on many travels with him, from Illum to Jakku, to Jakkor's homeworld of Tatooine, where he fell close to the Dark Side and encountered an Ancient Sith in the Dune Sea.

After the encounter he parted his way to exile out in the Outer Rim, trying to come to grips with his past, he met all types of beings and people, most times he often drank himself to sleep trying to forget the things that happened to him. He was at one point captured on board a prison ship, cut open and injected with force enhancing drugs. He escaped but was left deeply scarred by the encounter.

During his travels he came across [member="Viktoria Kess"] who was Viktoria Norduin at the time, She like him was a Jedi Knight out in the Outer Rim, Jakkor was smitten with her right away and after much discussing with how they were so similar, Jakkor became Viktoria's Padawan and the two shared a bond like no other. The two eventually encountered a Sith where Viktoria was captured, and Jakkor was forced to save her, after narrowly getting away the two confessed their love for one another, and consummated their love on that same night.

The two eventually sired two twin daughters, named Natalia, and Anastazia Kess. They also adopted a girl they named Lilla Kess. But than after a few years of relative peace the Omega Wars Arrived in 849 ABY which caused Jakkor and Viktoria to fight in the fight to save the galaxy. They mustered up a few allies, and decided to help with the freeing of slaves, and dealing with stormtroopers and Sith onboard the Superweapon. Weary from War, and wishing to find himself he vowed to never wield his sabers again.

After the wars, Jakkor and Viktoria retired to the world of Lothal where they raised their family in peace, and continued Jakkor's Jedi Training. Jakkor decided to stop wearing his Tusken garbs, and retired to life as a Farmer and Family man, deciding just going by the name of Jak to distinguish the pain of his old life. But he knew that such a peace were not to last forever, he saw growing tensions between the FIrst Order and Galactic Alliance grew worst, and soon enough war would be on his doorstep.

After the Sith tried to kill Jakkor, and hearing the aftermath of the Battle of Kaeshana, this gave incentive of Jakkor to leave. He sold his farm, and set off with his family into the Outer Rim. After spending days of travel he recieved a vision in the force of Jedi like him flocking to a world where a new order was rising. He jumped on this chance, and followed where his vision had guided him to the planet Monastery. It is where he found The Order of The Sacred Lotus, an Order founded on restoring peaceful and true Jedi back into the galaxy once more, and focus less on War and combat, than learning and healing.

After sometime he had gone into exile for a year until resurfacing again in 851 ABY where he decided to resume being a Jedi once again. Having wished to become a Master of the Archives withing the Silver Jedi Order. He had gone all over the Galaxy gathering every piece of knowledge of the Jedi he could find. He had cut all ties to his family and decided to start a new with the Force as his guide.

After many years of travels, Jakkor had eventually traveled back to Tatooine. There he had ruled a Tusken tribe and lived as a Tusken. Many decades passed, and he grown cynical, bitter and angry of the Jedi path and the pain it caused him. Growing older the last Jedi ventured from Tatooine when his tribe was slaughtered by a rival tribe. Against his better judgement and his shaky past with Imperials Jakkor would make his way to the newly established Empire. Still haunted by his trauma as a boy from the Clone Wars. He eventually decided to choose a different path, and face his demons with one last story in the works for Jakkor Kess

Powers and Abillities

Jakkor is a proficient Duelist having honed his skills in both The Clone and Omega Wars, as well as his encounters with the Sith, He is skilled in Djem So, Jar'Kai and Soresu combat, He is also skilled in Force Speed,cloak,persuasion, and Telekinesis. He is also at times able to see visions in the force as well. He is an excellent Pilot having earned most of his experience in combat, He is very good with diplomacy preferring to find a peaceful solutions and resort to aggressive negotiations unless absolutely necessary. In the decades following his style became more aggressive. Reduced to the barbaric nature of the Tusken tribes his fighting style resembled his peoples mixed with the Jedi arts. His own strength in the Force had grown from an aggressive stance in fighting


Jakkor is a skinny man, only weighing around at 200 LBS and standing at around 5'8. He wears Desert style Jedi Robes, and mostly keeps his Tusken mask on seeing how it goes against his culture. He has his hair in a long braid, and it is mostly a dark color, his face is covered in Tattoo's that represent he is Tusken just as much as he is Human. He has Hazel eyes. In his old age his face had wrinkled, his hair started to bald and his younger frame started to shift into that of a battered warrior. Out in the galaxy again he feels as if an old man with his age showing his scars.



+ Form V lightsaber combat (Jakkor when training in lightsaber combat did not like the defensive posture of Form III,or the acrobatic approach of Form IV decided to settle on a more direct way to deal with his foes,and a way to channel his rage. He settled for Form V Djem so despite the negative feedback the aggresive form received from the jedi order.)

+ Jar'Kai lightsaber combat (Although not practically well versed or used as Djem So. Jakkor had taken interest in Jar'Kai just in case he faced two opponents at the same time.)

+ Piloting (Jakkor was very fascinated with starships and space travel. This especially came in handy during the clone wars outer rim sieges, where he piloted a black Eta 2 actis class interceptor. Becoming a formidable Jedi ace when he was not on the ground fighting.)

+ Tracking (Since Jakkor could remember, his parents taught him what it meant to be tusken. This included tracking and knowing the way of the sands. This is most effective on desert worlds.)

+ Melee weapons. (Jakkor often had a distaste for blasters and mostly used his lightsaber, or other melee weapons when he could.)

+Patience Throughout his experiences, and his years Jakkor is no longer immature and rash instead wiser, and more patient about what he thinks


Mechanics (Because of his upbringing Jakkor never really tinkered with machinery since tusken culture mostly abhors machinery only using as little as possible. So when it comes to repairing Jakkor lacks in that skill area.)

- Stealth (Jakkor has always preferred a more direct approach when facing an enemy,as he has never been known to just stand around and wait.)

-PTSD (Because of the traumatic experience of the clone wars. Jakkor suffers from PTSD often suffering from nightmares of order 66, or at rare times flashbacks.

-Apprehensive Due to him being weary of combat Jakkor doesn't draw his blades unless he has no choice.

Custom white robes and tusken mask. Gaderffii Two lightsabers

The Outlander ( Modified VCX light freightor.
Black Eta 2 Actis class interceptor ( Unmodified


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