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Junction The Frontier War: Beacons of Light | Junction of Enclave-V'Shar, GA-Iskadrel

Dom-Mommy Mandalorian



WAR in the galaxy rages on.

As the Core worlds reel from a surprise attack by the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW on Coruscant, the long-standing center of the galaxy, the MANDALORIAN ENCLAVE continues their campaign against the criminal factions of the galaxy’s frontier.

Aiming to establish an island of stability and peace amongst the CHAOS of the Outer Rim, the Mandalorian Enclave’s civilian government, the Tributary Council, prepares to convene for the first time on the faux capital of New Krostport, Hefi. Mando’ade and Auretti alike meet as equals to discuss policy and the interests of the worlds that now fall under the Enclave’s reign. In its inaugural session, however, two Galactic Powers meet to discuss relations; the GALACTIC ALLIANCE, whose interest in fighting the Sith and Crime aligns with those of the Enclave, comes to Hefi to treat with the Mandalorians.

Meanwhile, on the world of V’SHAR, the KAH’REN CRUSADE, an insurrectionist movement aiming to topple the democratic government of V’Shar has allied with criminal factions to stop the Enclave’s advance. The insurrections are armed with a cache of KYBER CRYSTALS — stolen in the attack on Coruscant and distributed through the black market — that intelligence believes is being used to create a dreadful SUPERWEAPON. Mandalorians and the NEW JEDI ORDER descend on V’shar to restore the legitimate government and recover the stolen Kyber before it is too late.

  • The city of New Krostport, Hefi, serves as the faux capital of the Mandalorian Enclave; their true capital of Kestri remains hidden from the galaxy. The civilian government of the Tributary Council prepares to convene for the first time, presided over by the Quartermaster. In their inaugural session, the Galactic Alliance has come to treat with the budding power and establish formal relations with the Mandalorians.
  • On the world of V’shar, insurrectionists have deposed the legitimate government and intelligence believes that they have a stolen cache of Kyber Crystals to be used in a superweapon of terrifying capabilities. Mandalorians and Jedi team up to stop the insurrectionists and recover the Kyber Crystal.
  • The worlds of Hefi and V’shar are full of mysteries to discover and wilds to explore. Use this as an opportunity to tell your own story, whatever you should wish it to be.

Dom-Mommy Mandalorian



Objective: Convene the Tributary Council
Location: Ra'ntisr Capitol, New Krostport, Hefi

Banners of crimson cloth emblazoned with the mythosaur symbol of the Mandalorian Enclave streamed low from the rafters of the great capitol building on New Krostport. From where the Quartermaster stood at the center of the circular hall, she could see dignitaries, Mandalorians, and various individuals of importance filter into the chambers to find their seats in the audience or in the section reserved for representatives from Mandalorian worlds and ambassadors for the systems beyond them.

She breathed, hands tucked behind her back in a regal position. Once upon a time she had been a simple smith, albeit a good one. But when the Sith had destroyed her home, killed everyone and anything she had ever loved, and forced her to flee from Mandalorian space, others had looked to her for leadership when she'd founded a secret Enclave on Roon. Now, she was the head of state of a new galactic power, a Mandalorian galactic power at that. And at times, even for her, it could be overwhelming, though she dared not show it, least of all on a day like this one.

This would be the first time the Tributary Council, the Enclave's representative legislature comprised of member worlds of the Mandalorian state, would be convening. How they preceded here would set a precedent for the Enclave's governance in the future, so it was imperative that all functions ran smoothly. What was of equal or perhaps greater importance was the fact that representatives of the Galactic Alliance would be present as well, to establish formal relations with the Outer Rim power. The Quartermaster knew that their Jedi had been tasked to assist her Si'kayha and other Mandalorians in the battle on V'shar, but such operations were only because of parralel objectives on that world. The real politicking would be here, and the Quartermaster was not a Core World-bred diplomat; she was a Mandalorian, and Mandalorians were notorious for speaking eloquently only with a beskad and blaster.

Some had been confused at the location -- for Hefi was not the true capital of the Mandalorian Enclave -- and the Quartermaster had been patiently explaining the difference to those hwo cared to listen. Kestri, the Mandalorian's bright and frozen jewel, was too precious for the galaxy to know of its existence, lest it be laid to waste like Mandalore and all the worlds before it. In the eyes of every single Aruetti, she had said, Kestri didn't exist, and New Krostport, Hefi, was the capital of the Mandalorian Enclave. That was why the Ra'ntsir Capitol building was located on the faux capital world, not Kestri, though the resulting near-constant commute was more than a simple annoyance at times. But it was to protect Kestri, to protect Mandalorians, from the genocide the Sith had layed on them near a decade ago.

She patiently waited for the last of the officials to file into the room, and from there they would begin.

The Iron Father


Objective: Convene the Tributary Council
Location: Ra'ntisr Capitol, New Krostport, Hefi

Ijaat had come. Once, when the Alliance first liberated Coruscant from the One Sith, decades ago, he had fought for them. Not out of virtue, but the money had been right and the cause was not an affront to his thinking. Back then there had been several jobs like that, but even then, he was more fond of the Alliance than just money, though that helped substantially. It always did when dealing with a Mandalorian. Well, usually. Certain things... Certain things no amount of money could buy you.

Armored in bare and burnished bes'manda armor, the gar'buir radiated a soft golden light and hue as if some mythic figure. All across the armor were minute folds and patterns of the metal, etched to stand in greater relief, that would imitate the look of exceptionally well made damascus steel. His helmet was on his head and sealed - even with tentative new allies you could never be sure. At his hip was the sword of the same metal as his armor, joined with a Sith crystal from the armor of Carnifex-Demiurge Carnifex-Demiurge wrested during their last fight as a trophy.

Beyond that, a UMDR-1 Shacklebolt hung on his shoulder on a sling, and under his left arm was cradled a sword shaped bundle wrapped in terentatek hide bag tied at one end with golden cord bearing coins with the Alliance and Enclave symbols. The contents would be known only to The Quartermaster The Quartermaster , being a short box of veshok wood containing a special lightsaber hilt, and a beautifully scabbarded bes'manda ori'kad, weapons to be exchanged between the two powers as a symbol of cooperation.

Walking up to the Quartermaster, he nodded to her and took a respectful stance behind the other smith, slightly to her left. A clear association between the two, but also a distinctly military stance, almost a formation, that spoke of protection. A stance that was all his own idea and inclination. She could protect herself better than almost anyone, after all.

Lifts an Eyebrow



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New Krostport.

It had become a place of healing for the loss-ridden Sephi. It had taken some time, but he had regrouped. And when he finally emerged from that dark hole of trauma, he found that the Galaxy was still moving at an alarming rate. News reached him that Coruscant had burned. Decade after decade, the Galaxy suffered at the hands of Evil. Of Chaos.

The tall, regal Sephi had quickly taken charge, as is his nature, of the planet. Finding an old friend and fellow ex-serviceman Verin Oldo Verin Oldo in the planet as well was a pleasant and welcome surprise. The two men have worked well together for many years. Now they both served alongside each other once more, working alongside the Mando'ade to bring stability to Wild Space.

Moving into the circular Council hall of Ra'ntisr Capitol alongside Verin Oldo Verin Oldo , the two gentlemen took their designated seats in the representatives booth. Vemric gave The Quartermaster The Quartermaster a regal nod. He was at least quite acquainted with the Mandalorian way of talks and doing business after the contracts he had with Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol and having Ruus Kote Ruus Kote on his ship, training marines.

Awaiting the dignitaries' arrival from the Galactic Alliance, Vemric turned to Verin.
"Please tell me you have some proper defences in place? The news from abroad has been troubling. One never knows what follows these Alliance politicians here. I doubt the Brotherhood had finished with them." he said in his usual aloof tone.

He sincerely hoped the events would go down without a hitch.



TAG : Vemric Keldra Vemric Keldra The Quartermaster The Quartermaster Ijaat Mereel Ijaat Mereel

A lifetime spent in the military had ensured Verin was an accomplished statesman. If one could navigate the intricacies and politics of the Confederate Naval Command, one could navigate almost anything. Verin was well known for keeping his crews in an orderly fashion, every action and order precisely checked and accounted for. The Confederate Navy had allowed for such a thing, a leviathan of a force that could operate in such a manner. This new Enclave was…altogether different.

Their unique approach to those outside of their sphere and scope was one he was learning to manage, especially in the various meetings and assemblages he was attending of late. Encountering his former CO and sometimes friend, former Grand Marshal Vemric Keldra, had been something he had not foreseen when deciding to accept the commission to join as an overseer and consultant to the fledgling entity out in Wild Space. It was a welcome surprise, two old space-dogs reunited. They had seen action together on numerous occasions, Oldo's last role as a sector chief in the NAVCOM. He knew that Rhand would have taken a great toll on the Gran…former Grand Marshal's conscience and well-being, though his appearance had elicited quite the response.

In truth, Oldo had been thrilled to see Confederate Ships of the Line once more, from the mastermind of the Roble shipyards. Their slender design, their ruthless efficiency, had carried Oldo through battles numerous to recount fully.

They had failed at Rhand. The weight of the worldship crushing the

He blinked once again, catching himself and huffing somewhat to bring his focus to the matter at hand. His hand stroked his new tan coloured dress uniform. There was no real consensus on Naval dress yet; they were literally building a new one for the very purpose. He had opted for this as a sort of trial, to see what the likes of Vemric would think.

They walked quietly into the grand building that was to house this brand new council. He smiled respectfully, never quite knowing the reaction of any of the Mandalorians who maintained their armoured helmets. The Mandalorians were less concerned with the hierarchy than they were with cultural honour, something Oldo could admire, even if he did not subscribe to it. He did the very best to accommodate it, however and made sure he had begun studying the Way, the Creed and the culture-at-large to not offend. This meeting with the Galactic Alliance was far more like what he was used to. He felt a strange sense of excitement; he had served with and, shamefully, seen some combat against the machinations of the Alliance and it was rare that he found himself on dry land in their presence, talking to them. He would take his cue from his superiors and betters, of course, and was ready to offer any assistance he might.

The Assembly on Hefi was impressive. He had only visited the Viceroyalty on two occasions during his entire tenure in the Naval Command of the CIS and so he was always struck by the magnitude of such a place; the statement made was undeniable. The vastness of its ambition was striking and unshakeable.

They took their places, Vemric as a planetary administrator and he as a man charged with defending various corners of this new power. He hoped their history and shared experience would bring some semblance of experience to this pocket of the Wild Space they would be calling home for the near future. Vemric asked him about his progress. He knew the Governor was appraised of the exact status of the planetary defences but they were old acquaintances; they could attempt small talk.

"We are doing our level best, Governor. They have enjoyed the relative quiet that this pocket of the galaxy affords but our efforts are redoubling. They're an astute lot, these Mando. Nothing quite like I've ever known, in my humble opinion. They'll take some getting used to."

He sighed, taking in as other delegates and officials entered the large chamber, the clatter and clammer of noise beginning to ring out.

"I tell you what, though. They sure can fight."


Well-Known Member
Objective: Convene the Tributary Council
Location: Ra'ntisr Capitol, New Krostport, Hefi

Ars Vami had arrived at the meeting as a semi-official representative of Kazutal directly bordering the Mandalorian territory. The planet was divided on the position to take towards the new neighbors. It was clear to everyone that sooner or later they could end up in the sights of the Mandalorians.
With the politicians of Kazutal Ars Vami he had been explicit saying that they had zero chance in a direct head-on confrontation with the Enclave. His group had an orbital shipyard 2 frigates and some corvettes to defend him, he would not fight the Mandalorian fleet which he could never beat. When it was clear he was going to the meeting on behalf of Kazutal's nearly 5 million Woolies, they gave him a formal proxy.

Seto Du Couteau, Senator of Empress Teta
Objective One:
Convene the Tributary Council
Location: Ra'ntisr Capitol, New Krostport, Hefi
Action: Introductions and Formalities


Stretching his hands over his head, the young Du Couteau heir silently yawned as he awoke from his much needed nap. The hyperspace journey hadn’t taken long but Seto had been on the hunt for any precious amount of time to find sleep. With today of all things being yet another meeting with more representatives, Seto refocused himself in preparation. The Alliance continued to move on ahead with the galaxy despite the chaos that transpired in the last few weeks, so it stood to reason that Senators likewise continued to work despite their own troubles.

The transport ships that took the Alliance delegation down to the planet were quick, which caused Seto to finish up his last bit of data-slate work at a fast pace. Slightly annoyed he hadn’t been given more time for research but when he heard about the chance to return back to the Wild Space regions he quickly volunteered to join the delegation. His home world of Abrion Major had grown to become a distant memory and Seto intended to freshen his memory of his past. Just as I'm attempting to keep my memory of the geopolitics out there fresh in my mind. From one end of the galaxy to the complete other side, but he had very little to complain about given the circumstances.

The Enclave had certainly made themselves formidable, and their growth steady with no clear indication of ever slowing. Perhaps we can find ourselves a mutually strong ally. Seto walked ahead to the meeting location, his eyes glancing across the guards and the other delegates. Entering into the large chamber, already several other delegates had arrived, many donned with their armour, clearly articulating to Seto he was in the presence of Mandalorians. Truth be told, I haven’t exactly conversed with many before today.

Finding himself a place to stand within the council hall, Seto inclined his head for a formal bow before his introduction. “My name is Seto Du Couteau, Senator of Empress Teta. An honour to meet all of you.” Raising his head to glance around the room for a moment.

“I hope we can answer any of your questions that you may have for us, the Alliance.”

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The starfighters of Revenant Squadron were violently hurled from hyperspace amid a cacophony of alarms and klaxons. The tiny single-person craft tumbled through the darkness of space as their pilots wrestled with their controls. Maneuvering thrusters fired as the twelve starfighters slowly came back under their control before moving to regroup.

The sudden reversion to realspace was the latest in a series of failed hyperspace jumps. With all their engagements confined to the Chiss worlds to the north, there was a fear that the marauding Maw might be slowly moving toward the Core via the systems to their south. Iskadrell, a world of little note between the borders of the Galactic Alliance and Brotherhood of the Maw, had caught the attention of High Command. As far as any starcharts were concerned, the planet only had one viable hyperspace route.

Starfighter Command had been ordered to find a second one, should the Alliance need to get the jump on their enemy.

“Scratch vector three-one-besh,” Charr ordered over the comlink as Revenant returned to their formation and prepared for their next jump. It was dangerous work blind jumping, equal parts bravery, luck and stupidity. But Revenant’s actions at the Battle of Coruscant had not gone unnoticed, and another big win under their belts would could the squadron receive the recognition Chaar craved. The other eleven pilots probably deserved some credit too.

Much to the commander’s surprise, the squadron was starting to gel. He’d stopped short of kicking Leon out for abandoning them at Coruscant. In their confrontation during Qellene’s promotion ceremony, his latent Umbaran ability to sense the true intentions of others had registered no lying on Leon’s part. The usually untrusted Chaar had even publicly acknowledged their new pilot, Kaul, during the pre-flight briefing.

Maybe he was becoming more trusting in his old age?

Impossible. It must be something else.

“Standing by for next plot,” he announced as the pilots poured over the starcharts for the next possible jump. “Any word on Cadence?” Starfighter Command had tasked the larger Cadence Air Group to patrol the nearby Tasariq sector for signs of Brotherhood incursion. Silence on their part would be a good sign.


Revenant Squadron: Five: Kaul "Joker" Emos Kaul "Joker" Emos | Six: Danielle Stellaris Danielle Stellaris | Seven: Leon Gallo Leon Gallo | Eight: Len Vert Len Vert | Ten: Qellene Tyliame Qellene Tyliame
Cadence Air Group: Kathryn Foster Kathryn Foster | Rhyssa Edaara Quillan Rhyssa Edaara Quillan
Mandalorian Enclave: Open

A Mandalorian cloaked in fur and with large black avian feathers adorning their shoulders calmly strode into the chamber. Their helmet slowly panned the interior not pausing on any particular sentient or object present. After the sweep, they began to walk around the back of everything assembled; now and then the figure would pause and pass an open palm along the wall. Only when they completed their patrol did the figure turn to descend deeper into the room to claim a place for the proceedings ahead.

After a moment of silence, the woman reached into a pouch affixed to their hip. No mind was paid to what anyone thought as several small bones were cast into the air just above their now outstretched palm. Some might have mistakenly believed it a move to draw a weapon. They would be wrong, but they would not be far from the mark. From behind the visor they weighed the pattern the bones took in the third-dimensional space over their palm. After several seconds the bones fell back into their grasp once more.

It was a trying day for them all. All of these worlds had fallen into old habits. There were ancient powers laying dormant here; their pull conducted the living as one might a symphony. With the Enclave seeking to disturb that spiritual balance by restoring 'order' Runi Kuryida wondered how long it would be before the first disaster shook the sapling, and whether its roots would be well established to weather the storm.

The delegates of the Alliance drew her gaze for a moment. She could sense the touch of darkness in their wake. The Brotherhood of the Maw... Yes, Runi felt them even this far from their strongholds. The spirits spoke of them. Their power. Their purpose. The screams of those shackled and those lost. Perhaps they would try to draw the Enclave to oppose these agents of darkness. At least this Mandalorian was certain the dark spirits did not lurk in these halls to influence the Quartermaster's thoughts as the foundation for their future was laid.


Persona: Senator of Denon
Location: Council Chambers, New Krostport, Hefi
Attire: White Suit, Vexx of All Styles

Mandalorians. Why, of course Denon would gladly furnish Mandalorians with all the weapons, armor (even they needed good armorweaves), parts for their ships, access to shipyards... Why the list was endless. As they were far closer than Coruscant -- and after that dreadful assault -- it was only reasonable to assume they would desire trade and commerce with Denon. Pay no attention to the Confederate or Silver Jedi worlds. Those organizations had far too much red tape and Force Users running around policing the galaxy. Meanwhile Vexx and those she represented only had one, perhaps two, Jedi that were quite occupied with the Maw at the moment. It was an absolutely perfect time to extend a heart-felt invitation to their expanding neighbors in their time of need.

Dominique smiled to herself as she strode straight through the doors of the capitol of the Mandalorian Enclave. That so many men and women wore helmets didn't bother the good Senator one bit. Why, she knew plenty of intelligent and loyal people in the Alliance that wore helmets. She knew more that didn't, but critiquing an entire culture on their choice in fashion wouldn't get either party any where today.

Seto seemed to have made himself comfortable as Dominique entered the room. Ever the gentleman offering to help the Enclave in whatever way possible. Such diligent customer service. Hopefully he hadn't spent the entire trip there perfecting some sort of speech; the man was an absolute workaholic! Part of the reason she liked him.

"Senator Dominique Vexx of Denon," she announced once Seto had finished his own introduction. As Dominique removed her glasses, she continued, "A pleasure to meet you. I've heard only great things from this region of space since the Enclave arrived and began forming bonds with the communities here."

Never Say No to Bacta.



Location: V’shar, Planet’s Capital City, V’shar Planetary Defense Force Headquarters, Briefing Room
Local Time: 20:16
Primary Objective: Secure Precious Cargo
Secondary Objective: Eliminate Terrorist Group’s Leader (Optional)
Equipment: Loadout 1 (Minus the ECM 598 Backpack) + Goran’s Stand (Greatsword’s Sheath lies over his left pistol holster on his Kama)
Tags: Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla | Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal | Shai Krayt Shai Krayt | Ishida Ashina Ishida Ashina | Valery Noble Valery Noble | Vren Rook Vren Rook | Open for more!


Inside the dimmed briefing room, a massive Mandalorian Ori’ramikad clad in jet-black beskar’gam stood by the holo-table with his arms crossed over his broad chestplate as he carefully studied the holo-map before him for the upcoming mission at hand. The holo-map depicted the layout of the capital city, real-time updates of loyalist and known insurgent troop movements in the streets and its various levels, strategic points for both defense and offense, among other battle -and mission- related data. The holo-map’s blue light was cast over the Supercommando’s beskar’gam, shrouding the giant in a hue of lively blue, from buy’ce to kama. The sound of distant blaster fire and artillery shells of various calibers occasionally echoed in the room.

The V’shar’s Planetary Defense Force Headquarters situated in the planet’s capital was among the last remaining bastions of the legitimate government. The government troops and the local populace -in the form of a semi-organized militia force- remaining loyal to the government were fighting tooth and nail to hold their ground. The sudden emergence of the insurgency a week ago had taken the government and their forces off guard. With the intelligence they were provided by fellow Enclave and government operatives, it was apparent the insurgency’s level of organization and preparedness for a complete takeover of the capital suggested that this was meticulously planned for a long time. Months, years of planning went into this. Their take over of most of the capital was also backed up by their supporters and sympathizers in the capital. There were reports of small groups of Defense Force troopers defecting to the insurgent side. This was a civil war.

But whose support the insurgents had, would remain a mystery for now. They were supplied and trained by someone. Perhaps a government entity seeking to destabilize the sector and The Enclave space? V’shar was at the edge of Enclave space. Intel operatives were working hard to uncover that. They still had a ton of data to analyze.

But he and his squad wasn’t dispatched to V’shar just to quell the insurgency, no. There were worrying reports of a cache of Kyber Crystals stolen by the insurgency during their take over of the capital city. Apart from seeing use in the making of comm devices and powering the lightsabers of Jetiise and Dar’jetiise alike, the same crystal was used in the making of superweapons. He wasn’t sure if the insurrectionists were in the pursuit of creating a weapon capable of mass destruction, or simply selling it in the black market to profit off the stolen shipment.

Regardless of what they intended to do with them, they would be extremely dangerous to not just The Enclave, but anyone in the sector. Maybe the insurgents would sell them to the pirates neighboring Enclave space for a hefty amount of credits to bolster their efforts on V’shar by purchasing more weapons and armor. The Enclave was in the process of eradicating the pirates from the sector, but such items capable of mass destruction in the possession of the pirates -or any wrong hands for that matter- was not acceptable. That possibility alone posed a threat to The Enclave, which warranted a limited intervention.

Failure would not be an option for this mission. A lot of lives depended on their success, both Mando’ade and aruetiise alike.

The mission briefing he’d be giving to his squad and allied personnel would commence soon in the next fifteen minutes. His hands would drop on the holo-table’s console from crossed over his chests as he started to use the pointers and symbology to help visualise the mission objective and the area of operations.


Time: 20:32

<“Alright vode. Heads up,”> Kranak said as he spared a brief glance to his squadmates and allies around him as he spoke. <“We have received concerning reports of a shipment of kyber crystals finding their way into the hands of the insurrectionists a day ago. How they got their hands on them is currently unknown, but the aforementioned material is not something you’d want to see in the hands of bad guys.”>

The giant tapped a button on his custom datapad in his hands. With the push of the button, the holo-map depicting the larger battle and the frontlines would subside, as the map shifted to a different area of the capital. <“We are uncertain whether the insurgents are planning to make a superweapon with it, or sell it in the black market to some shady buyer for some credits,”> The map would stop shifting in the industrial zone of the city, deep in enemy territory. Whether the insurgents had the technical potential to create weapons off mass destruction with the kyber crystals or not, was left uncertain in the intelligence report.

<“Either way, our mission objective is to retrieve the precious material. A simple smash and grab. Our intelligence suggests that the stolen shipment of kyber crystals are stashed in a heavily guarded warehouse, deep in insurgent territory of the capital city of V’shar.”> The target building was circled in red on the holo-map as he spoke.

<“Unfortunately, we are unable to insert -or extract- via hot drop. Insurgent anti-air capabilities decimated the V’shar Defence Force’s air capabilities at the start of their insurgency, about a week ago. Speaking of which,”> The holo-map would leave its place to a picture of an insurgent guerrilla as the Supercommando pressed another button on his custom datapad. The man was clad in bits of plastoid armor, wearing a hooded poncho with the hood draped over his head. His face was shrouded underneath a mask. He held a military grade rifle in his hands.

<“Do not pass them for low life criminals like we’ve seen in Kaddak,”> That was directed at his squad mates that were present in the battle for Kaddak that fought and killed a large number of criminal scum. <“These guys pack serious heat, and have the training to back it up.”> It would be great if they had managed to find some intel as to who trained and equipped them during the mission. With the press of his thumb on a button on the datapad, the image of the insurgent guerrilla was replaced with the holo-map once again, depicting a seven hundred meter radius perimiter of the target building.

<“This will be our insertion point,”> The Vizsla said as he extended his right hand and pointed at a manhole in a back alley. The surrounding buildings were the residential area, host to tall apartment complexes, providing residence to factory workers and their families once. Some were in ruins, but all were devoid of any civilian activity. Their insertion point was six hundred meters south of their target building. The map then would highlight the route they would be taking in the sewers, and which sewer entrance they would be taking to their insertion point. <“I hope you’re ready to get dirty.”> the giant quipped, his grin hidden underneath his faceplate. The giant would continue with the briefing afterwards. <“We will be infiltrating the enemy territory quietly, though I do expect the guerrillas to use the sewer system of the city for their efforts of thwarting the local government forces. Keep your eyes open when we’re out there.”>

The giant continued as he placed his left hand at his hip, over his left pistol holster on his Kama. <”We will be divided into two teams, attacking them from multiple fronts once we are in position.”> With the press of his thumb on a button on the datapad, the map zoomed in and focused on their target building. The assault plan was well detailed. The team would break into two at Rally Point A’den, about two hundred meters away from the target building. The teams would then assume their positions at their respective battle points. The two assault teams would be attacking the compound from east and west. The plan was laid out to Kranak’s squad mates and allies’ visualization. The paths they would take was marked with green arrows. Rally Point A’den and battle points were highlighted with blue circles. Their direction of attack was highlighted with red arrows pointing towards the large warehouse.

The warehouse itself was considerably large. It had multiple entrances in four directions, but had one loading bay entrance to the east of the compound. A large number of small, red triangles appeared on the map after a short moment, depicting known insurgent patrol patterns around the complex the cargo was located at. Several patrols around the perimeter fence, the catwalks on the exterior of the structure, and near the loading bay. The red triangles totalled up to fifteen confirmed hostiles.

<”We will have to do this quickly. We will be deep in enemy territory. There will be no reinforcements coming to assist us. We will have limited artillery fire support from V’shar Defense Forces, but that is about it,”> Said the giant as he heaved a sigh before continuing. <”It is also likely that there will be several outposts close to the compound,”> The insurgents had wasted no time to strengthen their defenses on the territories they had taken from the government forces. <”The guerrillas in the safehouse can potentially call in reinforcements from said outposts, so be ready for enemy reinforcements once blaster bolts start flying overhead, vode.”>

The Supercommando’s glowing white visor briefly glanced at each of his squadmates and allies around him afterwards. <”Any questions?”>

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Mandalorian Deathdealer

(Objective 1: Iron Diplomacy)

The Chimera drops into realspace and we enter into low orbit while waiting for landing instructions. The ship is scanned and our transponder codes verified. After a brief wait, we're cleared to land and I follow the pair of starfighter escorts to our destination on the surface below. Once we land, a trio of Mandalorians disembark the ship, one in the lead and two following as ceremonial guards. In lieu of our regular weapons we've got ornate tribal staffs passed down from our ancients. In contrast to many here, our armor is covered in dust and sand and looks well worn. A testament to our clan's survival in the hostile deserts of Smarteel.


<< "Sora K'taris, Chieftain of Clan K'taris." >> Our tribal leader speaks in Mando'a; rarely did she speak Basic except to drive home a point she wanted to make. <<"We bear tribute.">>

Uva steps forward, allowing the guards at the dock to inspect the camtono in her hand. The sides of the container part to reveal the contents inside; twenty bricks of beskar. Enough to make an entire suit of armor. The metal had belonged to Garlen K'taris, whom we had recently committed back into the sands of our ancestors. But he had so believed in the cause of the Iron Declaration that he had wished his armor be given to the future generation of those who lived by the Resol'nare.


After they're done with the security checks and identity verification, we're taken to the large chamber inside housing the diplomatic function. While Sora takes her place along with the other representatives, we hover close by to serve pretty much as gophers. My partner and I are drawn to the feathered one nearby casting runes...while the bizarre ritual was unfamilar to us, our tribe's Huntmaster, Vorn, did something similar. He was very much into the ancient ways.

Another Mandalorian catches my eye; the ornate swirled patterns in his armor signified the highest degree of craftmanship; our Forgemaster, Shim, would vacc his pants if he got to see it up close, let alone the man. "The Iron Father" was an artisan whose reputation spanned scores of parsecs. With any luck, our fallen brother's Beskar will end up in his hands.

Looking back to our chieftain, I see she's taken notice of the Alliance senator from Denon. She's probably thinking the same thing I am; Is this person in the pockets of the Corporate Authority of Denon? Their mining operation was a menace to the indigenous tribes and the settlers. Sooner or later the crusade would make its way to our homeworld of Smarteel and Direx will want to defend its assets and fight for the status quo. The Senator is probably not even aware of the dustbowl fringe planet we call home. Nobody's ever given two chits and I doubt she would be any different.

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[Flight Lieutenant Qellene Tyliame]
[Revenant Squadron - Callsign "Revenant Ten"]
A-Wing Interceptor]
[Iskadrel Sector]


She lurched forward, immediately felt the breath breaking free from her lungs as the A-wing began to tumble, and tumble. Klaxons burst within and outside her helmet, whining, shouting, planting brand new aches in Qellene's head. Her hands secured the interceptor's controls, pulling backward with all the strength she could muster in the moment, forcing the maneuvering jets to bend to her incoherent will. Make it Stop. Make it Stop. MAKE IT KARKING STOP. Qellene's teeth bit down on her tongue, Hard, until the momentum that clung to the A-wing for dear life began to slip away.

"MOTHER KARKING-" The flight lieutenant raced to correct a new set of errors overwriting her dashboard's controls, grabbing furiously at switches, killing the power to now useless and even detrimental automated countermeasures, "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." Her volume began to crescendo violently, even painfully. "SHUT THE-!" Qellene slammed a fist into a final switch, and cut to abrupt silence. Except it wasn't really silent. Her ears rang under the fire of previous vehement cursing, and if that wasn't karking bad enough, she couldn't arrest her own loud, unrelenting breathing.

“Scratch vector three-one-besh,”
Though still fuming, Qellene complied with Chaar's insultingly emotionless order, marking off another element in a seemingly endless list of confusing... unreadable... dull.... aggravating compilations of marks and bearings and calculations and...

Her thoughts began to drone off in the brief period of calm that followed Revenant Squadron's umpteenth blind jump, while each of the overworked pilots nursed the aches in their hands, the pains in their heads. Their strained hyperdrives were slow to once again spool themselves up, thankfully. That would buy the group another few minutes before...

"Oh. How the mighty have fallen..." The first coherent sentence left Qellene's mouth as she provided the droid brains another attempt at jump functions. Over Coruscant, Revenant Squadron had reduced a Brotherhood battlecruiser to debris, and dead officers; crippled the coordination of those dreaded World Devastaters; inflicted a wonderous amount of casualties on the Maw despite the odds- And now they found themselves leaping head first into brick walls, searching for a hyperlane that quite possibly didn't exist. Would that just be golden? The risks they took blind-jumping with the threat of the Maw hanging overhead may have been for nothing, or even more priceless, to satisfy the fantasies of a desperate admiralty.

“Standing by for next plot,” he announced as the pilots poured over the starcharts for the next possible jump. “Any word on Cadence?”
She was really beginning to hate her commander's voice. Immediately, a wave of guilt in the face of the notion washed over, but her unprocessed stress nonetheless proceeded without falter. Qellene punched another switch into position.

"{Nothing yet, sir. Sensors are still blank for them.}" She'd elected to monitor comms for the squadron. For some reason... Qellene bit her tongue mid-thought, before emotion could be translated into words, "{Revenant-Ten: Standing by for plot.}" The flight lieutenant deviated the dialogue quickly, and closed her link before Chaar could hear her screaming.

Dad would be proud. She cursed like a sailor.

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Pain Is A Necessary Evil


After This And This



The light flickered overhead.

Resting in his lap, the cuffs binding together the Knight’s hands were growing heavier and heavier. A deep exhale left his mouth. How long had he been in here, a couple of hours maybe?

It seemed a little excessive, but then again he did break a direct order from the senate. In their words, “No Jedi were to leave the Temple.” Technically, he was never in the Temple, but in the hangar. Well, his departure from it might have caused some issues, but it didn’t seem as enough of a reason to be here.

Looking up, the man saw his reflection in the one-way glass window. What stared back was a tired and beaten down boy. It had been a long day, and it was truly starting to catch up with him.

Honestly, he’d rather be getting this over with the hard way than sitting in this cell. At most he would probably get a slap on the wrist and a fine for breaking the senate’s order. Then, it was time for a much needed vacation to a planet far away from Coruscant.

But for now, time was not going anywhere.
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the credits must flow

As the diplomatic shuttles ferried to Galactic Alliance delegation to the surface from Alliance One, Tithe reflected on his previous dealings with Mandalorians, all of which had been unpleasant to say the least. His first encounter had been during the Invasion of Mandalore when the then-Treasurer General had helped run the Sith Empire’s propaganda machine as they claimed the world, culminating in his position almost being overrun. His second and third encounters had seen him on the wrong end of bounties, captured first by Volker Mereel Volker Mereel then later by the Sons of Mandalore. He’d stayed clear of the nomadic warriors since then.

But his past dealings could not escape the business of state. With the Brotherhood of the Maw railing against their borders and relations cooling with the New Imperial Order, the Alliance was in need of allies who knew their way around a blaster. An agreement with the fledgling Mandalorian Enclave government to the east could go a long way to bringing security and stability back to the streets of Coruscant.

Plus, the Mandalorians were transactional. They respected a contract and credits first and foremost, leaving the politicking to others. Tithe, himself far from an ideologue and having love only for credits, respected that.

Seto, the chair of the Commerce & Finance Committee, and Dominique, the Senator for Denon, introduced themselves to the armoured representatives of the Mandalorian Enclave. Parties from other regional governments were also present for the talks. “Chancellor Tithe,” he said by way of introduction, greeting the Quartermaster and their retinue with a bow of reverence. “A pleasure to make your company, and might I say, an excusite venue for this auspicious gathering.”

Tithe nodded to an aide, who stepped forward bearing an ornate box which Tithe presented to the Quartermaster. Inside was an ancient mythosaur axe, understood to be a rallying symbol for the Mandalorians. “Yes, recovered from a dig on Iskadrell,” he explained. The working assumption was that their ancestors had raided the world generations ago. “Please, my gift to you.” While the Chancellor normally preferred something a little more civilised - artwork, fine wines, rare delicacies - the gift seemed fitting for the highly martial society.
Buskayu'agr cuyir a sribitadir

<”Any questions?”>

Sasha was listening intently to the battleplan Kranak had laid out, admittedly impressed at how much he had drawn up. And yet, she couldn't help but wonder why not just blow them up, crystals and all. Oh wait, someone wanted the crystals... Not them. She would blankly deadpan to the likely individuals, but maintain her silence on such a topic. It was no surprise Sasha had no interest in helping the Jedi... Though, she also didn't hate the Jedi... For all their stories of altruism, they were nowhere to be found when their skies rained fire.

She was very much vindictive enough to like things as they are, but not blind enough to understand what an ally like the Galactic Alliance could've been for her, and more importantly their people; the ones that would come after, and during her time for life. It was only right to look out for whoever came after, just as those that came before had looked out for her.

In a way, it was simply... Boggling to think about. Her parents were Mandalorian, and so was she... Whether she adopted a child, or had one; she would raise them as a Mandalorian... It was all this big cycle, and she really saw nothing wrong with it, save for this little moment of inwards thought. Quickly shoved to some other part of her mind as she focused on the task at hand.

"My kit doesn't exactly scream discretion Vod, now I can bring my dog, "

She shot a nod towards the Pred-X droid that was sitting at attention near the doorway, unmoving. A few eyes following this action, and a voice even commenting on what she had said.

'Looks like a cat...'

Sasha was fully intent on ignoring that, but couldn't help deadpan and stare briefly at the commentator, who would clear their throat and look back at the mission briefing screen. At that, she would shake her head, and look back to Kranak.

"He's good for killing single targets, but he wont be much use if it turns into a Ground War... Then again, me and you can discuss it before we shove off"

She said, realizing it didn't make sense to drag the entire group into the slight tactical changes that could ail her during the military action. As such, she would simply wave off the whole topic, pulling her left foot closer to her own butt as she continued to lean on her side atop one of their tables. Right leg hanging, and swinging lazily off the edge.

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Ironclad Wardog

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Shai stood in full armour by the holotable as she listened to Kranak's briefing. The mission seemed simple enough, go in and shoot a bunch of guys before stealing their stuff. Simple gun running job, really. What immediately made her cybernetic eyes go wide was the mention of dropping in through the sewer systems in order to get to their objective. Shai removed her helmet to look straight at Kranak and the rest of the group.

"Yeah one problem. Why the sewer systems? Hell, you want those crystals, I'll fly low with my Basilisk and shoot the place up... or even just shoot my way through the defences... do we really have to go through the karking sewers?" She asked Kranak. The look she gave him wasn't of defiance, but more akin to panic or even fear. She looked back to the map for a moment as a scowl formed on her features. The irony of a hardcore Mandalorian being scared of sewers wasn't lost on her. Though she wanted to know how other people would react to almost drowning and getting chopped up into bits.

With a sigh she raised her hands in defeat. "Kark it, let's just get it karking over with. Don't be surprised if I don't exactly take it slow and steady down there, last time that happened I almost got drowned." She warned stiffly. Slipping her helmet back on, she checked her weapons and gear for a moment. "Karking sewers, what's with people and karking sewers?" She grumbled to herself as she finished up.
Jedi Master
Beacons of Light


Location: Briefing Room
Valery: Appearance
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After weeks spent preparing, and traveling to study the enemy the best she could, the time had finally come for Valery to get to the action. She had seen what the Maw was capable of at Coruscant and knew it was her duty to combat them. So with great determination and confidence in her steps, the Jedi Master entered the briefing room. She joined a group of mostly Mandalorians around the holo-table and turned her orange eyes to the display.

The cooperation with the Mandalorians was rather strange to her at first - she came from a time not long after the Mandalorian Wars, when the tension between the two groups was incredibly high. There had even been skirmishes that she was involved in at the time, but now she stood alongside them to fight a great evil.

She trusted them and was going to be ready to protect them as well as she could. The woman then offered them a nod of her head, and remained quiet while Kranak Vizsla Kranak Vizsla briefed the group on their objective.

The stealth element wasn't going to be a problem for her - she was a Jedi Shadow, and very capable when it came to cloaking herself against the naked eye, as well as the Force. But the idea of going through a sewer system made her internally sigh for a moment.

"Only one question," Valery said during a moment of silence after the briefing.

"We have two separate groups after the rally point. Who will be the assigned leaders for each group to get them to the target?"

She didn't really care who was leading the teams, but she always felt it was important to establish command prior to the mission. All sorts of things could go wrong in the field, so preparing this beforehand could help keep the coordination smooth. Even if chaos were to strike.

"As for stealth, this may be something I can offer additional assistance with. I can move around unnoticed quite well, and report back on upcoming threats if this is desired at any point."

The others who had spoken thus far seemed less than enthusiastic about a quiet approach, so she decided to offer her help there. If she could alert them to targets or potential threats before even reaching them, they could more easily handle the guns blazing part when the situation called for it.
Final Dawn Supreme War Command



Somewhere within the Seeratter Sector , a Lone
Quadary-Class Surveillance Ship drifted through the empty void of Space. Belonging to the Final Dawn , this Small Vessel was part of a larger yet minor network of Similar Surveillance Ships tasked in keeping tabs on the Fleet Movements of the Eternal Empire and in the case of this Vessel , the Galactic Alliance within the area. Why? you might ask. It was simple , these Vessels served as an Early Warning System for the Final Dawn altering Supreme War Command of any immediate threat to the ongoing Final Dawn Mining Operations at lol , a lifeless Planet in the Unknown Regions yet one of strategic importance to the Final Dawn as it provided it with valuable Materials needed to construct it's Vast Arsenal of Warships and Starfighters through the Mining Collective , a Mining Corporation owned by Marlon Sularen Marlon Sularen which oversaw most of the Final Dawn's Operations on lol. The Planet itself was defended by a Small Task Force comprised of One Supremacy-Class Star Destroyer and 2 Ascendant-Class Pocket SDs with Supreme War Command having viewed the Planet as safe from any potential incursion from either the Eternal Empire or the Galactic Alliance due to it's proximity from their territories , that is until now.

As the Surveillance Ship went through it's usual routine , one of the Politorate Officers stationed onboard the Vessel noticed something. It seemed to be some sort of Communication. Quickly , the Officer signaled his superior
LT-224 informing him of this new development. "Sir , we seem to have intercepted a Communication." The Officer said in haste. LT-224 quickly responded wasting no time in seeking further information regarding this new development. "Put it through , 5-7" LT-224 ordered. Soon enough , a recording of the intercepted Communication could be heard throughout the Control Room , further intriguing LT-224.

"Scratch vector three-one-besh"

“Standing by for next plot...Any word on Cadence?”

"{Nothing yet, sir. Sensors are still blank for them...Revenant-Ten: Standing by for plot.}"

From the sound of it it seemed to be a Starfighter Squadron conducting some Reconnaissance in the Area although where and who , LT-224 did not know yet. "Where did these Communications come from?" LT-224 asked. Another Politorate Officer 9-6 was quick to reply to LT-224's question providing him with the response he sought. "It seems that these communications came from somewhere within the Iskadrell Sector , approximately one jump-point away from our current position.". The Iskadrel Sector. The Closest Nations to that area were the Galactic Alliance and the Confederacy of Independent Systems , LT-224 thought , however what intrigued the Intelligence Officer so much were the names mentioned by the Two Pilots : Cadence and Revenant. Could the latter refer to the Galactic Alliance's Revenant Squadron? If so why were they out here , conducting Reconnaissance? Where they aware of Mawite Activity in the Area? Where they aware of the Larger Operation Eavesdropper? There was so many questions in LT-224 yet little time to find answers.

"8-4 , what do you think about this new development?" LT-224 asked to 8-4 , a Politorate Information Analyst stationed onboard the Surveillance Ship. "I believe this may be a Communication between Two Members of the Galactic Alliance's Revenant Squadron. If that is true then there is a possibility that the entirety of Revenant Squadron might be in the area , most likely conducting Reconnaissance." Interesting. LT-224 thought , the presence of Alliance Starfighters in this area was unheard of as Final Dawn Forces had rarely encountered any Vessel or Entity venturing towards this area unless it was to travel along the Starbird Trade Spine. "Hum. Very Interesting. What kind of threat does this Starfighter Squadron pose to our Operations in the area?" LT-224 asked once more. 8-4 responded once more to his superior in a emotionless and semi-robotic tone just like the rest of the Politorate Officers present. "They pose no direct threat to our assets although with their presence in the area they have a high chance at uncovering our Operations in the Region including our presence at lol."

Satisfied with this , LT-224 gave his Final order addressing yet another Politorate Officer 8-1. "8-1 , send an encrypted transmission to the Politorate and Supreme War Command , inform them that we have detected Alliance Starfighters in the Iskadrell Sector which pose a serious threat to the secrecy of our Operations in the Area." said LT-224 to his Officer who soon replied once his superior was done "Yes sir.". Soon enough the Politorate and Supreme War Command would be aware of these developments and act accordingly. Whether they chose to intervene or simply pull back all Assets to avoid detection was up to them , but as far as LT-224 was concerned his job was to Keep tabs on enemy Fleet Movements , and that's exactly what he would do.




Alora coughed quietly to herself in the briefing room as Kranak gave them the low down. She might have... asked the Gambit to do a low-altitude flyby on the enemy stronghold earlier. "Uh, yeah," the young Mandalorian with violet highlights turned to look over at a disturbed Wardog, "their anti-air batteries are pretty tight. These guys aren't locals -- or if they are, they were furnished from off-world. Gambit barely wove his way through the mess at full throttle." Her mini-corvette could haul ass so this wasn't like a bunch of nerf herders with pea shooters.

I will not transport your little team of 'SuperCommandos' into that complex, the Gambit had declared earlier. I made it through while in motion. I won't have them filling me with holes as a stationary target so you don't need to be all the Commando you signed up to be!

Hey, at least they got some intel from the pass though! Not that... it helped them avoid the whole sewer thing. Which Alora wasn't exactly thrilled about herself. Not for the same reasons as Shai though. And not because, you know, there'd be... uh, leakage. No, it'd just require a lot of cleanup afterward. For sanitary reasons and because they'd totally get written up for not being shiny and clean the next morning.

Then the Jedi person spoke up wondering about who the second team lead was. Good question, Miss Random Jedi! Misses Random Jedi? They weren't required to be celebite were they?

Don't even.

What? Totally wasn't thinking of that. 'Sides, Force people got squirrelly around Alora. One of them once said she felt 'weird' in the Force. Like, what did that mean? Was it like smelling body odor?

"Great. I'll keep an eye open for an unsecured computer terminal to jack in and disable their comm and alarm system. If they can't call for help, we won't need to worry about those outposts." Plus Alora could try disabling the anti-air turrets so the Gambit could swoop in for rapid extraction if things got hairy. With the cargo, of course, which would make it super scenic. Probably holo-worthy! If this wasn't some kind of ultra classified mission... which it probably was if they had a Jedi here.

Speaking of which, when did the Enclave become friends with the New Jedi Order? That was new! 'Course Alora knew of the Order having spent years in the Core doing all kinds of jobs. Some of which would totally not be approved of if the Jedi knew about them -- which is why they didn't.