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Server: Ebonhawk

I don't remember any of my characters names.

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Hadzu'ska: Sith Sorceror 55
An'yalla: Scoundrel 51


Fast Talking Face Reader
Jung Ma
Doz-Koth: Jedi Sentinel 19
Borith: Sniper 14

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
Ebon Hawk

Sith Empire
Pet'ra - level 55 Sorcerer
Nox'deus - level 51 Juggernaut
Sha'noxa - level 21 Sniper
Morsdator - level 20 Powertech

The Republic
Sha'lux - level 20 Sentinel
Rom'anri - level 20 Shadow
Vis'vitae - level 19 Cammando
Lux'sha - level 15 Scoundrel

Sarah Frostlight

well I haven't played for a bit other than a quick starfighter game or 2
but most of my chars are on ebon hawk
Karennah 29 jedi sentinel
Methrin 19 gunslinger
Consherra 19 jedi shadow
Valtherra 25 merc
Cimrey 18 sith marauder
Sedan 29 sniper
Dalivinjah umm sith sorcerer
Kasdimir 26 sith juggernaut
Dvella 11 vanguard
Theralda 25 commando
Karidijhan 19 jedi guardian

3 shars on harbringer
2 on Bergen
2 on the shadowlands

Jonathon Patches

Information Broker

Lvl 55 Juggernaut "Zenforth"
Lvl 55 Sorcerer "Raine"
Lvl 55 Mercernary "Chiwetel"
Lvl 55 Sniper "Elijiofor"
Lvl 55 Scoundrel "Jonathon Patches"
Lvl 55 Consular "Wormtree"
Lvl 55 Sentinel "Flynne"
Lvl 55 Vanguard "Zamichel"
And about 8 other characters ranging from lvl 20 to 40...


That is all.