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Factions Of User Tefka

The Empire
  • Open Faction
  • 54K
  • 389
  • 10
  • 2
The modern successor of the Galactic Empire, inheritors of the legacy and traditions of the former Imperial hegemon.
Eternal Empire
  • Open Faction
  • 27K
  • 183
  • 16
  • 1
“We are the Eternal Empire! The end of the evolutionary line! The past is our faith. The present is our struggle. The future is ours to claim. And ours alone.” Vast, immersive lore. Gritty warzones. Political intrigue. Adventure rife with peril...
The Brotherhood of the Maw
  • Open Faction
  • 25K
  • 183
  • 9
  • 2
Seize. Your. Destiny.
Order of the Silver Jedi
  • Open Faction
  • 47K
  • 234
  • 54
  • 0
An alliance of Jedi and their beneficiaries seeking to restore peace and stability to the galaxy.
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