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Mr. Save-The-Galaxy
it's a well known fact that Darth Carnifex and certain other high-ranking Sith want Cotan captured alive and have referred to him as the "booty jedi" in the past

i believe a 500,000 credit alive/250,000 + a scolding dead bounty was suggested
Sith Science is Best Science
Well, well, well. I'll throw in an appropriate Alchemical Artefact or Sith Talisman as well as cover the bounty itself if anyone is nice enough to bring me a Jedi Knight alive and in decent condition - lost limbs will not be subtracted from the reward as it makes for easier to control test subjects.

(P.S. I also take Padawans, rebellious Force Sensitives, and bulk shipments of rebels/enemy soldiers. Just saying.)
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