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jedi order

  1. Bernard

    Public  A Monument To Your Sins

    „Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep..." - John Milton, Paradise Lost Come one morning, the Jedi would find, nailed to the entrance of the Jedi Order's Coruscant Temple, an edict. It was both a call to action for servants of the Light and a...
  2. The Lightsworn

    The Lightsworn

    Losing Tython was unforgivable. We do a lil' writing. Our Discord.
  3. Gatz Derrevar

    First Reply  The Virtues of Self-Care

    Ship: The Red Night Weapons: Lightsaber Tag: Open to a Jedi It was late in the evening when Gatz stepped off the ramp of his ship, and onto the hangar deck of The Vonnuvi's Enclave. He was battered and bruised, yellow and purple coloration dotting his features as bruises settled in. Rough...
  4. Amani Serys

    Faction  Necessary Precautions [Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave, New Jedi Order]

    The Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave Open to members of the Vonnuvi Enclave and/or the New Jedi Order Times were changing for the Jedi. The Dark Empire has sent the Alliance reeling, and forced its members to reevaluate their approach to the growing threat. For the Jedi, part of that decision meant...
  5. Mara Palpatine

    LFG  Looking for Jedi Order

    Hi! I know.. I know name recognition is frowned upon. But I really wanted to explore The Palpatine Blood Line in nuanced way. I will not have Sheev appearing as a ghost or anything like that. “Somehow Palpatine appeared.” Lol I am looking for Jedi Order, so Mara could be part of Jedi...
  6. Gatz Derrevar

    First Reply  Flunking [Open to New Jedi Order]

    Ship: The Red Night Weapons: Training Saber Tag: Open to a Jedi/Member of the NJO The Jedi Archives were quiet this late at night. That was because most Jedi were smart enough to have been getting a good night's sleep. Gatz would have loved to have been doing that himself. But the simple truth...
  7. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  The Guardian Protocols

    The Guardian Protocols General Information Creator(s) Jedi High Council (High Republic Era) Romi Jade (rediscovered) Date created 229 BBY First employed Many Generations before the Nihil conflict Affiliation(s) The Jedi Order "In the hallowed whispers of our history, I...
  8. The Ashlanti Elysium

    The Ashlanti Elysium

    n/a this text has been removed
  9. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  The Archive Nexus, Digital Jedi Archive

    The Archive Nexus General Information Constructed 900s ABY Type Jedi Archive Location Kiva System, Kiva Copy/back up server on Nar Shaddaa Culture Jedi Order Builder(s) Romi Jade Kassogtha Cthylla Monitored By Council of First Knowledge Chief Archivist Jedi Librarians...
  10. Gatz Derrevar

    LFG  Looking to start expanding into the Jedi Order.

    Gatz here again. Over the past few months, I've been writing Gatz as a repentant smuggler, trying to do good, but often failing. In his youth he was a Jedi youngling, but he left the Order before he could progress to Padawan. Recently, I've been writing threads where he's been picking his...
  11. Rara Gowisi

    Approved Tech  New Jedi Order Utility Belt

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a standard issue utility belt for the NJO Image Source: here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Si Tech Affiliation: Galactic Alliance (NJO) Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A Modularity...
  12. Darth Nwul

    LFG  The Cleansing of Thule [Sith Order v Jedi Order]

    Resurgence! The Dark Side spreads it's shadow across the galaxy once more. Deep in the outer rim, outside of Sith Holy Space, a world decimated by eons of battle between the forces of light and dark has once more become the stage for newfound conflict. A shadowy presence reaches out across the...
  13. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  Runes of Kathmandu

    Runes of Kathmandu Product Information Culture Jedi Order Creator(s) Romi Jade Kahlil Noble Valery Noble Date created 900 ABY Owner(s) Jedi Council, New Jedi Order Markings Runes and symbols on each side Purpose Capture, contain, and neutralize the dark energies unleashed by...
  14. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  Jedi Overload Techniques

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify and document a Jedi overload techniques created by Romi Jade. Image Credit: Comic Vine, quote directly from Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen Canon: Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen, New Jedi Order Training Philosophy Permissions: N/A Links: Romi Jade...
  15. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  The Blackest Night: Raid on the Jakku Jedi Enclave

    "This world was special to them, ripping the skeletal remains of the super star destroyer "Ravager" from the depths, the Brotherhood found the foundations of what would become the "Fatalis" here. They would also encounter for the first time the heroes of the light, the defenders of truth and...
  16. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  The Jedi Practicum

    "Despite the harsh conditions, Briana felt a thrill of both exhilaration and nostalgia course through her veins. Having trained with Romi during her own Padawan days on Ossus, she had a vague notion of the trials that lay ahead. The journey would undoubtedly test them both, pushing them to their...
  17. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  Nexu Mending Balm: A Recipe

    "In the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where aid is scarce, this Balm is handy. A remedy woven from nature's fabric, designed to mend the scrapes and stings that mark a Jedi's journey. Sometimes we find ourselves in need, and something like this can be a swift solace, a reminder that even in...
  18. Dracken Pryce

    Approved Tech  Jedi Securitron

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Make the NPC Guards TRUE NPCs with DROIDS Image Source: LINK Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Jedi Page Droid PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Valkeri Enterprises Affiliation: Various Jedi Orders Market Status: Closed-Market...
  19. Vulpesen

    LFG  Wilder Teaching Threads(GA, New Jedi Order)

    So, Vulpesen ahs decided to start teaching at the Galactic Alliance as a consultant force user. All that remains is to decide what his first lesson will be. So, I've made a poll to decide what that first thread is gonna be. Once I've got a significant number of responses, I'll throw it up! So...
  20. Lothar Skyreaver

    Character  Lothar Skyreaver

    ‎ ‎LOTHAR SKYREAVER‎ ‎ Theme Alias(es) Boy-Wonder (Elijath Vos) Remnant (Darth Malvox) Class(es) Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow House Skyreaver Homeworld Corellia Residence Coruscant Age Eighteen Personality Traits Calm Just Ambitious Gregarious Education Traits Charismatic...
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