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Faction [NJO + Jedi] From Hell to Glory - Return

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Coruscant Temple

It hadn't been that long, all things considered, yet it felt like an eternity since Valery had last walked up the steps of the Jedi Temple. After being captured and subjected to torture at the hands of a Sith Lord she severed from the Force several months prior, she had spent weeks away from duty. Just to be with her family and meet up with those closest to her. She had needed that time to recover, both physically and mentally, and prepare herself for the life she had chosen. Because even though she had considered laying down her lightsabers for good, it was a calling she could not step away from. Not when she felt an ever-growing need for her guidance, even in these times of shaky peace.

So it was with a newfound strength, confidence and will to drive things forward for the Jedi, that she finally climbed her way up to the Temple, one step at a time. Dressed in newly designed robes, and with her hair gently drifting along the currents of the wind, she soon walked between the statues at the entrance. Only there, she stopped, first to look at the large creations of stone with a smile, before she turned around entirely to look at her husband. Every step along the road of recovery, he had been there for her, and while some scars would linger for perhaps the rest of her life, she felt a lot of strength, knowing she'd always have his support.

"It feels good to be back," she told him, fiery eyes turning to the entrance. "It has been too long."

Once he finally joined her, Valery turned and walked into the Temple halls to find and greet whoever was there. She hadn't sent out a call about her return, knowing many were out there on assignment and too busy to be here. But she still hoped to reconnect with some of the Jedi she hadn't seen in what felt like ages now. Whether it was just a Padawan she had met maybe once before, or a Jedi she had been through everything with at the front.

Valery was just glad to be home.

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| LOCATION: NJO Temple, Coruscant |
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BB-610 hadn't taken the news well.

Solitude had been his only company for so many years now that his processors had almost ran out of capacity to count; days after days on dusky planets, sitting and waiting for the ones he once called friends to come back for him as promised. Nobody ever returned, and it was that revelation that steered the droid's thinking into a new direction. Memory wipes, restraining bolts, physical and mental abuse towards a machine that knew nothing but subservience after being made for humans to take advantage of ━ BB-610 knew his place in the galaxy, and it was beneath the feet of all those that treated him like a tool. The First Order, The Eternal Empire; nothing truly changed.

And then he met Valery.

"Alright, here we are," Valery began before she grabbed together a few things to clean him up. "Do you have a name or designation? And do you mind if I..." she trailed off and brought the cloth closer to the BB unit's body. The chase hadn't been the best for appearances, so she wanted to first clean him up a little bit.

He remembered that day! He relived the moment countless times during droidsleep. How scared he was, how confused and uncertain he was that a Jedi had taken care of him without second thought. His entire life, he'd been taught the Jedi were evil ━ and yet here one was, talking to him, smiling at him as though he were a person.

"I'm Jedi Master Valery Noble, of the New Jedi Order," she then said with a warm smile to introduce herself. "Are you out here alone?"

And then his life changed forever. BB-610 hadn't spent a single day since without seeing her. It became routine to wake up to her voice, to watch as she cooked for Kahlil and Vera, to play with and take care of their daughter when he wasn't busy accompanying them on missions. He loved his new family, and the wounds that he once thought would never heal had finally started to mend. The droid owed Valery his life, and he had sworn to do the best he could to protect her, no matter the cost.

Which is why cut even deeper to go the very first day without her in his life. Valery's capture was a shock to his core, and to know that she had been undergoing torture? To know that he hadn't done anything to help? It had crushed him. To many, it was just a few weeks. To BB-610, it was a lifetime of dread, flared up by his separation anxiety. She had introduced the first semblance of love into his life, and now it had been taken away.

The astromech had been dormant ever since. Shutting himself offline, BB-610 deactivated, dead to the world, unable to fight the guilt that weighed so heavily on him. Even as he was relocated to the temple alongside the four Noble children, the droid never once budged. Throughout the countless years of suffering he'd endured, they felt like nothing compared to the pain caused by Valery's absence. A day changed that, however. A day changed, and while BB-610 wasn't gifted with the Force, there was just something inside him that knew.

Systems whirring online, the temple had never quite seen something navigate its corridors so quickly. Despite weeks of inactivity, BB-610 hadn't slowed down at all as he whizzed past Jedi and droids alike, careless of who he may bump into. He knew he was taking a gamble; setting himself up for disappointment if his suspicions turned out untrue, but for an A.I. as worryingly emotional as he was, a feeling is all he needed.

Chassis rolling as fast as his motors could carry him, BB-610 sped towards the temple entrance ━ and he froze. Body screeching to a halt, every last photoreceptor focused on her. It was almost surreal seeing her again. It felt cathartic, like such an overwhelming burden had finally been lifted, and if droids could cry, his faceplate would be stained with tears.

Screeching out a synthetic cry in her name, BB-610 rushed towards the two Nobles, gliding down flights of stairs, ignorant of any possible scratches or marks caused by his impatience as sparks flew. The droid swerved up to the Jedi's feet, head tilted back to stare up at her, and from that very instant, he never sat still. Chassis wobbling side to side like a dog wagging its tail, unable to contain his giddiness, bweep after bweep after bweep of excitement met the air, each louder than the last as strings of binary gushed over each other, resulting in a deafening squeaking of droidspeak as the astromech swirled around her legs, nuzzling against her and bouncing ever so happily as poor Valery was swarmed with affection.


Sentinel of Harmony


Coruscant, Jedi Temple
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Jasper didn't care about putting on a professional face today. Valery Noble returning to the temple was the single greatest news he had heard. It was hard to describe just how stressed he had been about the entire ordeal, what with her life in danger, the loss of her leadership, and the departure of Cora in that time. With all that combined, it was easy to see that the knight was over the moon about the return of their Sword of the Jedi.

He would say no words. As soon as Valery had appeared at the top of the steps, Jasper had already rushed over to give the Jedi Master a hug. After a moment, though, he did step back and compose himself.

"Uh, sorry," he apologized, becoming slightly embarrassed for a moment. "I'm just... glad you're okay. It hasn't been the same without you here."

The knight looked down to see a familiar droid at her feet, one whom he had not seen in some time. A wide smile spread across his face as the realization came to him.

"Bee!" Jasper noted with excitement. "You're awake!"

Despite how messy everything had been, a swell of hope had returned to the young man. The galaxy could throw what it pleased at them now. He had his leader back.

Location: Coruscant, Jedi Temple
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Lily had heard of the safe return of Jedi Master Valery Noble, she had been captured by some Sith and apparently undergone horrendous torture. It was terrible to hear and she made sure not to utter a word of the story to her mother. If someone like Master Noble could find themselves captured and tortured at the hands of the Sith then anyone could. An idea her mother would absolutely not accept with Lily so far away.

Fortunately, with the return, there was no need to keep worrying about the Jedi Master's whereabouts and Lily was eager to show off the advances she had made as a Jedi since Valery's absence. While she had not yet mastered the meditation demonstrated to her, Lily was making significant headway and demonstrating skill in not creating devastation outburst with the Force.

Though she still held many concerns over it still.

Walking the the entrance of the building, she noted that Master Noble was already with a man, someone she had to assume was the other Master Noble. Master Kahlil Noble. If only due to the intimate body language that was shared between the two of them. As she observed the two, curious about how they were as a couple, a droid whizzed past her. The droid seemed extra keen on meeting Valery. Curious behaviour from the droid but she couldn't help but giggle and attempted to hide it with the back of her hand.

Stepping forward, she gave a wave. "Greetings Master Valery. Wanted to welcome you back to the Jedi Temple." She gave a big grin.
Katherine was anxious as she stood waiting. A big part of that was her own annoying bundle of nerves. Even if her fellow Jedi had been relatively ‘okay’ with her appearance, it still unnerved the redhead as she stood in such a public place. The instinct to vainly try and hide her wings crept to the surface, but Katherine pushed it down.

If anything the blood-stained wings were a little more out than usual.

The last time she had seen Kahlil, he had gone off in search of his wife, accompanied by a few others. Katherine hadn’t been one of them, nor would she dare to even entertain the thought. The streets of Coruscant were dangerous enough. Instead, she remained behind and focused on her studies, keeping herself within the Jedi Temple.

She glanced around, recognising a number of her fellow Padawans. Namely those that made up the current students of both Noble’s. The ‘Noble Pack’ as it were.

The moment she caught sight of Valery, Katherine felt the urge to immediately run to her. But she was stopped by the sudden sound of a synthetic cry echoing out across the hall. Katherine turned around to see a BB unit perched at the top of the stairs. Only to seemingly throw itself down them, uncared by any damage it might cause to itself, as it excitedly rolled towards Valery’s feet.

It was the droid’s burst of affection that finally got Katherine moving. Waiting until both the BB unit, and Jasper were done. And much like BB-610, the redhead carelessly threw herself down the stairs. Only instead, her wings instinctively fanned out allowing her to glide down. The fact she had even done this went over Katherine’s head, as she immediately closed the gap and hugged Valery.

Internally, the fact she was being so publicly emotional was at war with the Padawan’s desire to just continue the hug. But she didn’t eventually step back, taking a moment to wipe her tears away.

It’s…it’s good to see you’re alright.



"Not long enough, in my opinions."

Kahlil glanced briefly to Valery, then back up to the Temple ahead. And to the people already coming down the stairs. He snickered, stepping back just enough to let the growing crowd have their moment. The Jedi certainly missed their sword. Though, more of these folks were just people missing their friend.

It was good to see.

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Her formal title was Sword of the Jedi, but as far as Joland was concerned, she was more of the Heart. Her absence was immediately noticable and despite the large number of Jedi going about their duties at the Coruscant Temple, it felt weirdly empty. With how much Master Noble did, running to and fro to train students or attend council matters, he could've sworn she cloned herself a billion times.

Unfortunately, Joland's experience with Master Noble was brief. She beat him to a bloody pulp during a training session — that was his interpretation, anyway. He spent the better part of a day crying. That was the exent of it. A relationship for the ages.

Joland didn't know the minute details of her absence. The word torture was thrown around, though. He could fill in the blanks. Who knows what her mental state was. Better to tread carefully.

"Greetings, Master Noble. Welcome back."

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Ukatis, Palace Gardens

The royal gardens in Axilla, Ukatis' capital, were lush. Luxuriously so, impeccably manicured. Sterile, almost. Not a weed, crinkled flower petal or unpruned branch in sight.

Cora like to spend her time in the gardens, even if they were a bit uniform for her tastes. Despite her aristocratic upbringing, she had learned to tolerate, even revel in deviations from the norm.

Those of the New Jedi Order certainly deviated from the norm.

The Princess stood before a rose bush, hand ghosting over the perfect blooms. Pale fingers drifted down a tangle of stems, tracing their path further into the greenery. When they brushed over a textured divot, she frowned. The thorns had been removed. The pad of her thumb pressed firmer against the pit while her eyes narrowed in concentration.

Ever since she'd been married, Cora wrestled with a dampened connection to the Force. She couldn't be sure what was causing it, but today the Force seemed to almost swell with anticipatory excitement and break through the fog she'd been in. Valery was now safe, but she knew nothing of her triumphant public return to the temple, unaware that the surge in the Force she felt was actually a joyous outcry for the Sword of the Jedi. Cora had managed to sneak away from her duties in order to secure her former Master's return, but she hadn't been able to linger long enough.


Leaves rustled as Cora yanked her hand away from the bush. Droplets of blood dotted the surface of her thumb, and she peered closer to the bramble in surprise. Where her thumb had been sat a sharp thorn, freshly sprouted.

Valery Noble Valery Noble
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The past few months had been a blur for the Cathar, spending time at the temple, training with those who would give her the time of day and learning with Amani Serys Amani Serys . But with the announcement of the return of Master Noble, she was happy to be out and about once more. The first person to greet her on the planet, Jonyna wanted to greet her as soon as possible.

"Master Noble!"
She called out, a fang-filled grin on her face. Of course, she wasn't the first there, but she was gonna try and be the brightest smile. A lot of the faces she didn't recognize, so on went the more professional mask that Jonyna had tried to curate over the past few months. She was a jedi now, full stop. She needed to act the part.
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Coruscant Temple

"Not long enough, in my opinion."

Valery looked at him with a slight pout, but one that quickly faded into a smile. She knew that he really wanted her to take it easy, and he had been hovering over her to make sure that she did. So this was quite a big step away from that, but she wouldn't be here if he really felt that it was far too soon. To reassure him, Valery reached for his hand and gently squeezed it while she looked into his eyes with a smile.

But that's when she heard people approach, even before she sensed them.

Kahlil took a careful step back, and as Valery turned around to greet whoever was rushing her way, she found herself wrapped up in an embrace from Jasper Kai'el Jasper Kai'el . He had never really seemed like the type to hug others, but she could feel his relief, and felt just as happy seeing him. "It's alright, and it's good to see you-" she paused, her eyes now shifting down to the little droid moving around and up against her legs.

Valery felt her lips tremble, and crouched down to pull BB-610 BB-610 into a tight hug, "Hey buddy, I've missed you too. So much..." she said, her voice cracking up just a little bit. Later, she was going to pull him aside and spend a little more time talking, just one-on-one, but for now, she looked up at the others who gathered and offered them all a bright smile. One that showed a lot of her old self again. Of what she had almost lost.

The people who had gathered were a mix of Jedi she knew very well, such as Jasper, and even some she had met only once. But seeing all of them together made her feel a lot better. "Thank you all for the warm welcome. It's good to be back, and while it might take me some time to catch up, I'll be back to duty soon." She glanced at Kahlil Noble Kahlil Noble for a moment, hoping he wasn't giving her a glare for saying that.

"Why don't we go inside, get something to eat and drink and talk about what's next?"

Jonyna could only nod, looking to the others. Might as well take the time to socialize. She decided on a whim to approach Katherine Holt Katherine Holt , mostly on the ground of being a fellow redhead. "I like your hair." She said idly, offering a weak thumbs up. "Jonyna Si. I'm a bit new. Don't think we've met." The cathar spoke with a jovial tone, as she walked towards the doors of the temple.


Location: Coruscant Jedi Temple | Soundtrack: Open the Door


"Valery...?" Elias said under his breath.

He watched from across the hall as she entered with who he presumed was her husband. Friends, allies, and respectful admirers welcomed her back with open arms. He could sense the collective relief that filled the room, like the gentle warmth of the sun wrapping around them. It made him smile.

Admittedly, Elias' distance from the New Jedi had kept him from the forefront of the search for Master Noble. But he read the reports. Heard the stories. And now that he saw her for the first time since their incident in the Outer Rim, he could tell without a doubt; What she went through was nothing short of hell.

Her face wouldn't say it, and neither would her lips, but those fiery eyes gave it away.

Elias tried not to stare, instead returning his attention to Katie, the RJC's protocol archivist, who he brought with him on Coalition business. There would be another time to catch up with Val. If she noticed him, he'd offer her a kind smile and a welcoming wave. But today, she needed to be with family and friend.

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Ship: Skiptown, The Buzzard, with V-2 Minimech 'Skid'
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Confirmation of the shipment of Lightsaber materials was not supposed to be a slow process. Opening this crate and that crate to make sure the proper amounts were actually present. Even going so far as to weigh them to satisfy the shipment office that she hadn't made off with even a few ounces of the materials.

Lossa all the while was content to stare quietly.

At the first sign this was going to be longer than a simple drop and go, she'd told them that she was now charging for detention rate. Especially since this was supposed to be the final stop on her delivery leg and they were now holding up her rest period.

They continued on, and she tapped on her wrist computer, taking a video and opening a communication line. It took longer than she wanted to establish a decent connection, but the delivery office in Susevfi finally came onto screen as the Chandra Fan popped up.

"Yes, Ms. Darcuhl?"

"Hey. The shipping officer on Coruscant is checking this cargo by hand and holding me up from going on rest." She sighed, holding the vid-recorder up to show the now surprised clerk that had been captured mid process.

"Checking the weight? Let, me look at the order receipt. Was there tampering with the shipment seals?"

"No. The Seals were intact and haven't been tampered with." The Chandra Fan tapped the desk, looking over the datapad in their hands before swiping a few times and frowning.

The Coruscant clerk had paused, looking between Lossa and the vid-display now.

"Are you trying to get me in trouble?" They asked, attitude present as Lossa shook her head.

"Not at all. If I wanted you in trouble, I'd of asked for a different clerk." She explained, pointing down the way. "No. I'm making sure my time is properly accounted for being wasted. I just have to figure out if it's detention time, and you set the example for the temple as being incompetent in handling orders, thus making my company charge you more initially. Or if it's layover time and I can come back when you are done and letting everyone besides my company know you're incompetent and untrusting of your delivery drivers."

The smile was sickeningly sweet, the clerk aghast at the treatment as the Chandra Fan spoke up.

"We don't have any kind of cargo inspection, or anything remotely similar listed in the receipt. Especially since the shipping seals are intact. And we will count this as layover time Ms. Darcuhl. Please go get settled and we'll handle this."

A quick thanks as she closed the line, waved her fingers to the clerk. A screen lighting up with an incoming call as she skipped out of the office.

Not wasting further time arguing with the clerk, she remembered Elias was here on Coruscant with Coalition business, and something about a droid. And that had been all the details of the business she had caught before the door had been closed on her snooping.

News had reached her off the missing Master Valery Noble. Between Briana keeping her posted, along with the many lamenting posts on the holonet in private searches or attempts, it had been difficult to not know about her absence.

What had been surprising though was catching the woman and her welcome party coming into the temple as Lossa surprised Elias.

A quick jab with the force as she rounded the corner to play fight while an overly cheery bunch threw her empathic abilities off the charts. Going from extreme annoyance and a hassle filled morning to suddenly overcome with joy and relief leaving an almost sour taste in her mouth.

"Oh that's gonna be a headache in a bit." Came the remark, blinking while licking her teeth.

Trying to regain her mental balance and managing a wave to Val.

It was good to see her back, and the last thing that had come to mind was pulling any variety of prank for the homecoming of the Coruscant figurehead. Instead, leaving the woman to what was bound to be a full day of dealing with every other being that resided at or remotely near the temple.

The Zeltron's attention returning to Elias for the moment.

"Hope your having better luck here at the temple. Shipping clerks decided to be chit-heads this morning."




Location: Coruscant Jedi Temple
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Arwen emerged from one of the many training rooms within the vast temple, a wide smile plastered on his well-lit face. He had just finished supervising a lesson where younglings were being taught how to utilize their Force-sensitive abilities in lightsaber combat. Although he had witnessed many training sessions like it, the sight of younglings wearing oversized, domed headpieces that were twice the size of their heads still brought amusement to him. The youngling helmets covered their eyes, preventing them from using their vision and forced them to rely on their Force-guided instinct. In his heart, Arwen always considered himself a guardian, willing to protect those who were unable or not yet capable of defending themselves. Supervising such lessons provided Arwen with experience, preparing him for the potential future role of Jedi Master, should the Jedi Council grant the rank to him.

The smile on his face remained as he witnessed Valery Noble Valery Noble engaging with a small group that had warmly welcomed her to the temple after her absence. Arwen bowed his head slightly from his position across the hall, uncertain if Valery had even caught a glimpse of him. He wasn't particularly fond of large gatherings, and besides, Valery had been away from family and close friends. Therefore, he allowed them to have time together before he approached her to catch up.

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| LOCATION: NJO Temple, Coruscant |
| TAG: Valery Noble Valery Noble | Jasper Kai'el Jasper Kai'el | Open!

To all of the people strewn across the galaxy that were under the impression that droids couldn't feel would have been gobsmacked at the sheer amount of happiness coursing through this little BB unit's circuits. The second Valery crouched down to embrace him, BB-610 pressed up against her with as much clinginess as superglue, as though there were a fear of losing her the very second she let go. Endless nightmares and nerve-wracking anxieties had finally been put to rest, and the astromech's world once again regained its sense of purpose.

She was fine. He was fine. Everything was going to be fine.

Almost reluctantly, the droid backpedalled as Valery pulled away, keeping every photoreceptor keenly locked on her. Like much needed sunlight gracing a withering plant, Valery's return had instilled life within the temple, as more and more people flocked to her feet for hugs and pleasantries of similar ilk. BB-610 would have been lying if he said he hadn't wanted the Jedi all to himself for a day or two or three or twenty, but even with such selfish principles that lingered in his conscience, the BB unit still had the common decency to inch to the side in order to better allow several familiar faces - and plenty of unfamiliar ones - to exchange their own sentimentalities.

"Bee! You're awake!"

Glancing up, it was Jasper's voice that pulled him out of his tunnel vision. While Valery had no doubt been the priority on his mind ever since his dormancy, that wasn't to say that he hadn't missed his other friends, as well. The Kai'el siblings were a loving bunch and it was certainly a relief to see Jasper fine and well after the chaos of Exegol.

Bweeping happily, he'd give Valery the space she needed as he instead switched to rolling around Jasper's feet, swirling in loops and wobbling ever so excitedly. With a soft string of droidspeak, BB-610 asked the young man how he and Jalen were doing, before following up with some more giddy binary to say that he was glad to be back.


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