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  1. Katarine Ryiah

    Private  You Promised me Heaven then Put me Through Hell

    Location: Fondor - Alliance Military Base Objective: Start Investigation Tags: Tarw Rhyfelwr Kat needed to get to Corellia. Katarine had always liked Corellia due to all the time she spent at the Corellian enclave as a child. Of course it had changed since then, but some small part of it still...
  2. Darth Empyrean

    Populate  The World That Hell Built | SO Populate of Dasoor

    Somewhere in the Outer Rim 900 ABY Following the War Council on the Mors Mon, the Emperor had come to realize that many Sith in the Order were ignorant of the reality they faced. Many sought conquest to embolden their foes, as though to export the Darwinian tactics of the Sith was honorable...
  3. A Phoenix

    LOA  Thanksgiving/Retail Hell LOA

    Hello folks. Just letting you know that time that makes one ask "Why the Hell do you work retail!!!" has come upon us once more. I will not be officially on an LOA, but for the next few weeks I will not be as active.
  4. A

    Private  The Harrowing of Hell

    The Portal of Abaddon opened, and the ground was covered in coals that rolled from the tunnel of flame at the feet of a figure in Scarlet robes. The Sith descended into the Inferno, and landed on onyx rock, his mask rising with two slits of glowing red flame. Two Guards with horns and pitch...
  5. A

    Public  The Road of Abaddon <The Search for Anak>

    IC: Alice Alice drifted into a sleep, the stars like silver threads passing over the starfighter. The Tsis’Kaar Deserter found herself in a room with grear light, the furinure wqs aoft ran leather and tables with green apples, and finer things. She went to the balcony in her red burgandy dress...
  6. Alina Tremiru

    Private  In The Depths Of Hell

    Death wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Asides from the fact that time had lost all meaning, it was all just dull. Boring. Blank. Devoid of substance. Empty. She didn't remember who she was, not anymore. It was all black here. No light, no substance. Only her thoughts to accompany her as she...
  7. Skorvek

    Private  Training in Hell

    Ambience cause yes.. Skor only ever wanted to use the Netherworld for more power based training given it being a different realm versus the real world that it will be safer, he invited Stardust Solus Skirae to come learn from these rituals as well she could benefit from it, for now he was...
  8. Valery Noble

    Faction  [NJO + Jedi] From Hell to Glory - Return

    Coruscant Temple (Music) It hadn't been that long, all things considered, yet it felt like an eternity since Valery had last walked up the steps of the Jedi Temple. After being captured and subjected to torture at the hands of a Sith Lord she severed from the Force several months prior, she...
  9. Brigadier Looch

    Character  GENERAL LOOCH

    Hello,I am General Looch of the 41st elite corps and I am here to check what is going on.
  10. Sofiel

    Private  Welcome To Hell

    "So, you've ever been to hell before?" Bright orange eyes stared towards her companions. On her shoulder, the almost human like bird she used as a familiar. She never went anywhere without Vorthruz. Even if she had a choice. She let her gaze linger for a moment longer, then turned back to the...
  11. Darth Ophidia

    Skirmish  To Hell (TK/SO Skirmish of SJC Krant)

    Tsis'kaar vs. Silver Jedi Concord The Silver Jedi Order have stood long and steadfast against the dark forces, but some evil is too deep and too primal to be vanquished. In the deepest recesses of the galaxy, there are places where dark and evil things lie well beyond the reach of the light...
  12. Iris Arani

    Private  What The Hell Are You Doing?

    Denon had gotten worse since her Knighting. Something was happening in the background, bringing all manner of criminals to the planet. Was it the rise in Jedi presence? That didn't make sense to Iris, but she wasn't here to not help. Valery had been insistent that being a Jedi was the right way...
  13. The Deluge

    Approved Starship  Highway To Hell

    Intent: To create a personal Starfighter for Percy Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: X-Wing PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Deluge Affiliation...
  14. Jas Katis

    Private  Welcome To Hell

    TAGS: Gwyneira Krayt THEME The Pureblood sat up with a groan, clutching at his head as his golden eyes fluttered open to gaze at... absolutely nothing. Jas slowly looked around at his environment for a few long moments as he tried to make sense of what happened. He was on Tython... the fight...
  15. Tali Spedshot

    Public  Korriban: Spedshot from HELL

    During the Era of the Republic…and the infamous order 66 that turned the galaxy upside down, Tali was a general commanding officer in the 133rd faction of the republican army. During this time, serving under the Command of regimens within the sanctioned order of General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tali...
  16. Artur (Γ013)

    Private  To Seek Passage

    Jaminere, Capital Spaceport People. Why did there always have to be so many people? Artur kept his head down, ducking and weaving within the crowd as much as he could. It was somewhat hard to do—on a predominantly human world, that meant that most of the ones in the spaceport would be a part...
  17. Jerec Asyr

    Private  Bard Outta Hell

    FIELD OF BLADES JUST INSIDE THE CORELLIA RIFT The spectre appeared to be a warrior of the Old Sith Empire, half a dozen metres tall and carrying a chipped sword. His presence oppressed. It all but flattened Jerec to the hardpacked earth. Jerec, and the other teller of stories and singer of...
  18. Taeli Raaf

    Approved Species  Ardasa Arana - Hell Angel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit an evolution/mutation of a previous Sithspawn creation Image Credit: Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Kraujas Arana Netherworld Chaos Warlock Gate GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Ardasa Arana -...
  19. Zane Hawke

    One Hell of an Escape

    So since the previous plot kind of got snuffed, Zane is currently still a slave to whom I can assume is some kind of mad scientist. My goal for Zane is to get him to break out, but whether if it is due to somebody wrecking havoc or something going wrong remains to be open. I just want him to...
  20. Isla Draellix-Kobitana

    Dominion  Through the gates of hell - AC dominion of first new nether hex

    The Ashlans felt the calling like everyone else. The darkness of the nether had breached the material realm and threatened life itself. The main crusade must remain a priority, but what was the point of fighting for a universe that would be torn asunder from another dimension. At the very least...
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