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Public Nargath Holdings Storefront

She of Many Names
Order to be delivered at JanFathal:

  • (144) SDS-3 "Sparrow"
  • (48) NZ MGV-1 Caesar
  • (08) NZ IEPC.4700 Ionized Electromagnetic Plasma Cannon "Damocles"
  • (48) AFT- PIC.445 Quad Plasma cannon turret
  • (1.000) Security Droid: ZMD-C2 "Jupiter"
  • (48) ZMD-C3 "Saturn" Tactical enforcer droid
  • (24) NZ ZMDII-AW Assault Walker "Pluto-type"
The Hunger
TE-236 TE-236

Greetings, TE-236

The Sales team of Nargath Holdings is happy to inform you that we approve of your order and are processing it ASAP. Do remember that your purchase falls in line with the current promotion, so if you wish to cash in on it, do respond with your preferred addition to your purchase.

Kind regards,

N&Z sales team