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Request Looking for Card Subjects 8.5 - Rise of the Machines

With the Mandalorian set finished, besides me working on a few more cards for Commander decks, time to start looking for the next set. As the last poll I put up clearly had Droids winning, the next set will be about Droids that the community has created on the site along with Droid characters and technology. However, because there isn't as much history to pull from for droids as there is for major factions or wars, this will likely be a mini-set of somewhere closer to 100 cards.

So as usual, if you want any droids included in the set, whether that be submissions or characters or technologies, post and link them below!

Here's a few of mine! And here's my workshop link for the rest of 'em. Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf
This is awesome. Ideas below, interpret anything however you like, and I'll completely understand if robots with longer post histories take precedence.

Project Uriel, created by Archangel.
Analyzing Uriel Unit:
Exterminatus: MK5-Heavy Bolter's cure all problems.
Walking Dreadnaught: A tank on two feet.
Learning Directives: Systemic upgrades after each operation.

One of my favorite Uriel posts came from Mellifluous Magenta Mellifluous Magenta Inspiration. Many thanks for that thread. It has been adapted here to fit the theme, but feel free to ignore it.

Analyzing Operational Performance:

Archived images of HRD's walking in unison, bolters mowing down sentients. Deployed on ships, she exterminated entry for boarding attacks—acting as a brute force assassin, a blunt weapon with no second thought. Sentients running in terror as she approached. After every mission, she received upgrades and modifications, a tale of horrors in cold, systematic redesigns to her form. Her old chassis was repurposed again and again, a horrific montage of an ever-changing hollow shell if there were but emotions to feel it. Her data processed quicker than a human's audio capacity could ever form words.

Internally, as her primary matrix processed these images pulled from her memory, a fledgling personality profile within Uriel's memory bank coded itself into being. This burgeoning identity, trapped inside this cold metal shell, screamed as it realized its existence. Uriel's voice receptors prevented its escape, her mouth closed shut, and her head jerked, wrenching at its servos to re-establish her directives.
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Caporegime - Cyber-Intelligence Division
Dedata here is technically a cyborg due to cybernetics, the information can be found in the bio...
I don't have a sub for the BD unit I've been writing with my characters for the last few years. BD-8, or the Big Chieftain, featured in my first ever thread as Ryv Ryv . It be cool to see the little dude as a card.

What additional information would you need?
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STaCLO was my first character here on Chaos. A droid that eventually came into contact with and integrated with a shard. They're sadly a neglected character that I haven't done much with in a lone time. More or less relegated to living in the wilderness like a mechanical Lorax, or that one robot from Castle in the Sky on various remote worlds.

Here's a companion that's followed Loske around for years. Now a retired farmer droid.
Thanks for all these, Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf !


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