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Let's Pick Favorites!

Page Blight

Conduit of Chaos
I'm new and I don't really have the right to pick any favorites... you guys can though!

So I was talking with @[member="Dove"] and he brought up a old member who is no longer here, Darren Onyx. I thought it was cool how a lot of the members here bonded and became friends. Dove mentioned his cousin who used to own the account was friends with Darren and stuff.

So the fun part... if you had a favorite character/writer on the site, who would it be?

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]. Fo REALZ.


A Raging Inferno
@[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"], hands down.
But, er, I'm extremely biased. She brought me to the site and we're good friends off-site...
From what I've seen, @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] and @Ashin Varinin are two really good writers, and I enjoy reading their posts.

That's all I can think of.
Though I haven't been here long either.
Well-Known Member
@[member="Ashin Varanin"] all the way. There is no comparison for me, I enjoy reading every single one of his characters. The dudes amazing.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
@[member="Fabula Cavataio"]
You're on my favorite list. Over time I've seen you write some of my favorite characters. I just didn't realize they were you until more recently.
Aleidis Ijet was my favorite, it was sad to see her go.
Everyone else who has already been mentioned (minus myself) are also fantastic writers, and seem like chill people.
I'd like to add Dranok Lussk (@[member="Darth Arcis"]) and @[member="Circe Savan"] to the list. Both are good writers, cool people, and come up with amazing plots.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]: Was the writer I did most threads with back on that other site we don't mention anymore, brought me to this one. Great writer, good chars, likes meta as much as me! Has actually managed to make me be...somewhat nice to Siobhan. Sometimes.
@[member="Ashin Varanin"]: My first actual PvP battle was against Velok and his writer made it great. Writes some of my favourite characters on the board. Always a good read.
@[member="Coryth Elaris"]/Mirien Valdier/Cora: Has accomplished the impossible of writing chars both Moira and Sio would like. Every post is a joy to read and great thought is put into each.

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]: Dude has practically no real Force power to speak of. He can't rip holes open in space with his mind, he can't fry chicken to a crisp with lightning. What he does have are a particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over the course of many roleplays. Skills that lead him to be epic enough to be compared to Liam Neeson. If you want things in space, he can find it. There is no running. But if you want more, then he can do it, he can map it, and he'll do it with a smile.
@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"]
But I am extremely biased with this, since I brought him to the site and got him into forum roleplaying (A) Lovely to see how far you've come! :)

@[member='Jorus Merrill'] - It may just be the threads we've been apart of, but damn you're a good writer.

@[member='Tirdarius'] will always have a special mention from me, after all he brings out the best in my writing ^-^;'


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
Tefka said:
Every character in Omega Pyre.
The little Ropo danced with joy as that included him.

Though he was slightly saddened. Did everyone forget about the little Ropo?

Still, he was still happy as he slowly danced by waddling back and forth in a small circle. That is until he tripped over his tongue.

Atlas Kane

@[member="Darth Arcis"] Jebby <3

@[member="Kaine Zambrano"] Great Emperor Fabulous Hair

@[member="Lilicky"] I haz no Idea who u is but u is awsum. Also you shall never get any snax from me.

Oh and I totally forgot @[member="Jared Ovmar"] my mentor person thingy.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Alna Merrill"]/@[member="Aleidis Ijet"], and @[member="Lord Dissero"]/@[member="Amorella Mae"], no question. Though the list could go on and on. The Rebel crew - @[member="Delila Castillon"], @[member="Thessa Kai"], @[member="Moira Skaldi"]. The Fringer crew - @[member="Lucien Cordel"], @[member="Jared Ovmar"], @[member="Sargon Vynea"] and the rest. And @[member="Kaine Zambrano"] has my love.


Velaeri Mortaine
I find something I love about everyone I rp with but my more recent IC shenanigans have turned up-

@[member="Vascious Relens"] because the man is powerful without being absurd, fierce without being loveless, and dark without being cliche.
@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"] because his reactions to things are never quite what you expect. His sense of humor amuses me greatly.
@[member="Evelynn Dorn"] because I haven't read a post she's written yet without having a good laugh. Her OOC natterings are the grandmother's cookies of my forum perusals: not in high supply, but always always good when you get them.
@[member="Stone Hermes"] because his race is so unique in every way imaginable and I absolutely love reading his posts about them.
@[member="Cameron Centurion"] because to this day I still don't know what it is he wants. Mysterious man is mysterious.
@[member="Ashin Varanin"] / Jorus Merill because Ashin is the only character I've read that walks the line between light and dark properly and Jorus because he's terribly natural and real and the expression on his avatar gets me every time.
@[member="Hannibal Oryen"] because his wit is pure gold and I'm so eager to read his next insult or new nickname he has for whatever's relevant.
@[member="Zoey Marix"] because the girl is on fire in Moross, posting up a storm, and she has pink hair. Perfect combination if you ask me.
@[member="Mikhail Shorn"] because his incessant brooding is a thing of legends.
@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] because it takes a lot of effort to properly write a character like him and his posts are always rich with raw, emotional detail.
@[member="Alena Beswin"] because it takes brains and guts to RP a Senator properly and she does it with grace and dignity.
@[member="Jacen Cavill"] because I need a cup of hot cocoa, a warm blanket and a roaring fire to read his novels - who could complain about that?
@[member="Tirdarius"] because his exposition and internal dialogue is very interesting to read. I'll never know how he constantly succeeds at creating a wall of words with everything and the kitchen sink crammed in there.
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] because it's fun to propose to her and watch her blush. Every time.

If I haven't mentioned you it's not for lack of love, more likely it's that I haven't yet written with you or haven't written enough with you to have formed a solid opinion. Rest assured, I want to write with -everyone-!

Or I may have forgotten, because I do these things.
@[member="Cameron Centurion"] knows his character through and through, and is always a good read.
@[member="Ashin Varanin"] is just..super BA. #yesIcreep
@[member="Darron Wraith"] because there are bits in there about Jedi thinking that like..what? Who is that good of a person!
@[member="Mikhail Shorn"] just delightful.
I also think @[member="Dar'rak"] is just such an eager l'il beaver. He's adorable for a dragon.