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Invasion Hope Never Dies | GA Invasion of TSE held Ziost and Tiss'Sharl | OOC

And still, I rise.

Stygian Campaign: Episode III
Hope Never Dies

The Galactic Alliance will invade The Sith Empire's Ziost and Tiss’sharl
// START: February 28 - END: March 14 //

“The evils done to these planets by the Sith will be purged and order will be restored.”
- Chancellor Chandra

The attack on Ziost has been tireless. The original assault was overrun with darkness and disaster, many Jedi and soldiers deterred from their original plans and were overcome with evil’s distraction. Persevering, the 104th Battalion and 7th Mechanized regiment were able to take New Adasta. With this stronghold, The Alliance’s forces secure themselves within the capital and have managed to push deeper throughout the sprawling evil planet.

On Tiss’Sharl, the senators involved with the bloodless negotiations were startled as they received communications shortly after leaving the planet, notifying them that the League had chosen to stay with The Sith Empire. Disheartened, they moved to join Battlegroup Kenobi above Ziost, as there is no real path home. Their fleet has been intercepted since, enemies opening fire and forcefully boarding the envoy’s ship in a whirlwind flurry.

We have been defeated, we have been trapped, but hope never dies. The golden starbird will prevail, bringing a new dawn to the Stygian Caldera when the darkness is finally vanquished.


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