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Greetings and Salam


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Hey everyone,

My name is Matt or Trigger. A friend of mine recommended that I should join up and here I am, ready to take on the galaxy with a spork and my handy towel. Never loose track of your towel.
Kiwi V
Welcome to Chaos, trigger2391 trigger2391 :)

As you can see, we have plenty of good people willing to give you a hand if you need anything!

Hope you enjoy your time here, it's a wonderful Community.


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Hi and Welcome to Chaos trigger2391 trigger2391 If you need any help with the Basics SWRP has a tutorial thread with how to get started with things such as character creations as well as timelines. I have linked them down below for you. I am more than happy to help you develop your character if you want go ahead and DM me . I normally RP under the character account "Lon Vondon”. If you get stuck or if I can’t you with something I am sure someone would be willing to help.

Character Creation Guide

SWRP Timelines