Welcome to Star Wars Chaos!

You may dive right into creating your character after reading the board rules and character creation rules.

Thereafter, please go to the Character Creation forum and utilize the Character Creation Template to post your Character's biography in a new topic.

For more help, feel free to stop by our Star Wars New Member Guide and other Tutorials and Guides.


  • Your character's account must be named properly. i.e "Emberli Garrett", "BV-119", "Omni"
  • Random names, such as "overvigorxizor", that don't properly represent your character's name or what he would be called in a role-play is not acceptable, and you will be asked to change your name.
  • Canon Star Wars Characters are not allowed.


  • You must choose an avatar for your character before beginning to role-play.
  • You must have an avatar for each character you create at SWRP: Chaos, and it must represent your character.
  • Avatars must adhere to SWRP: General Rules.


  • You may only have 5 total images inherently visible in your signature.*
    *Hide the rest in a spoiler.


  • If your character's species is a hybrid of 3 or more species, you must first submit this new "hybrid species" to the Species Creation Codex.
  • You cannot play any Canon-Star Wars Character (Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, etc).
  • Your character is not God, he is not immortal and he is not invincible.
  • All droid characters must be approved through the Factory if their droid models are not canon.
  • Child characters must be age thirteen or higher.
  • Your character profile sheet does not require approval.

  • Please list all items your character owns providing they are reasonable, are welcome. Please also list the items that you create in the Factory in your character profile sheet.



Character images go here.

NAME: Give your character a name, even if it might not be their real one.

FACTION: A faction helps a character get into the galactic scene and grow in strength. Feel free to join any that suit the character.

RANK: As a member of society, your character might have a rank that exemplifies his or her importance.

SPECIES: Star Wars is filled with many different species, so choose wisely.

AGE: This helps as a quick gauge for other writers to guess how old your character would look.

SEX: Note whether your character is male, female, trans-gendered, etc..

HEIGHT: This will help writers know the size of your character.

WEIGHT: This will help writers know the size of your character.

EYES: Sometimes eye color might not be apparent in an avatar - especially if the avatar dons a mask.

HAIR: Just as eye color, if the avatar of the character has a hat or helmet, it is hard to tell what his or her hair color is.

SKIN: And just as the other two categories, the skin color might not be apparent depending on attire.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Whether or not your character is sensitive to the Force is important.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Describe in moderate detail the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

Describe your character's physical appearance. While your avatar should represent your character's appearance, there might be some things not apparent in it for use in role-playing. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and skin color may also be listed here.

Describe your character's backstory up to the point you started RPing him/her. Be sure to update this section as the role-play continues.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.

Post the links and the titles to all of your characters Role-Plays. To make things easier, post the link and name here as soon as you enter the Role-Play thread.