Quick Start Guide
A Guide Written By Jamie Pyne & Tefka.

Too much below? Follow these easy steps.

1. Go to the New Members forum and post "hello".
2. Go to the Character Creation forum and post your Character Bio using this template.
3. Character bios are automatically approved, so don't wait.
4. Go to the Star Wars: Open RP forum and post a story on your favorite planet using the PUBLIC prefix.
5. While you wait for responses, go check out some Factions your character may want to join!

Star Wars RP: Chaos Introduction


Below you'll find a quick essential guide explaining the many facets of SWRP: Chaos.

  • Welcome, New Members! This is where you are now. It's an introductory area to say hello to everyone.
  • Ask Questions & Submit Feedback Have questions or suggestions? Find a bug or have a technical issue? This is the place to go!
  • Character Creation New character profiles are posted here, and where you will soon post yours as well! (See character creation for details)
  • Staff Announcements Staff (Blue/Gold colored names) will post important information here. Be sure to check it often!
  • Star Wars: Open Role-playing This is where public role-play threads will sit. (See Starting To Role-play for details)
  • Star Wars: Private Role-playing This is where private role-play threads will be. (See Starting To Role-play for details)
  • Roleplay Discussion This is reserved for already existing role-play threads for out-of-character discussion (See Starting To Role-play for details)
  • Looking For Group Looking for RP? Head to this board to find fellow writers to join you!
  • Feedback & Critiques If you'd like other writer's to give you feedback on your writing, or your characters, this is where to go.
  • Tutorials & Guides There are dozens of individual, specific guides to just about anything you can think of in this section.
  • The Water Cooler, Star Wars, Gaming Forum, + Art & Design These are all out-of-character sections for a variety of topics ranging from off-topic discussions to art and video games.
  • The Codex + The Factory Lore and tech creation to add depth to your role-play. (See The Codex + Factory section for details)
You'll also see along the top of the website, opposite the SWRP CHAOS logo, a series of drop down menus as follows:


The drop down menus serve as quick links to certain key areas of the website. (Some links have been omitted from this guide for brevity.)

  • FORUMS will list several key areas of the board including introduction, role-play, and discussion boards.
  • RULES provides a drop down of rules, which the general, character creation, and role-play sections should be read in full.
  • ARTICLES displays a drop down of the current galactic timeline as well as the member list.
  • MAP will display the current state of the galaxy in relation to planets under the control of certain major factions.
  • FACTIONS takes you to the portal where all major and minor factions are listed and available to join. (See Factions for details).


General Rules

GENERAL RULES 1. Multiple ‘writer’ accounts are not allowed. All profiles must be created as ‘character’ subaccounts to your main writer account. 2. Keep your posts constructive and on the topic your post is in. 3. Excessive swearing is prohibited. 4. Users will not engage in harassment and...

Roleplay Rules

ROLE PLAY RULES 1. Posting Out-of-Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum. 2. Cross-Over Role-play is not allowed. 3. You may not portray rape, prostitution, pedophilia, etc. in any form. 4. Show respect to everyone in the role-play. 5. You may...

Character Creation

CHARACTER CREATION Welcome to Star Wars Chaos! You may dive right into creating your character after reading the board rules and character creation rules. Thereafter, please go to the Character Creation forum and utilise the Character Creation Template to post your Character's biography in a...
View article item 2909


FACTIONS CREATING A FACTION Star Wars RP: Chaos operates with an "Open Faction Creation System", meaning that any character may create a Faction whenever you want. You do not need permission to do so! For more information on our available Factions, please see the Faction Directory. No faction...

Faction War

FACTION WAR Faction War allows Major Factions to claim territory on the map and challenge other Major Factions.

Codex Rules

Codex Standardized Rules Writers are encouraged to read these rules fully. Table of Contents General Codex Guidelines 5.0 General Submission Guidelines Pre-Codex Submission Modifications Planet Creation Rules Adding Planets to the map Species Creation Rules Location Creation Rules NPC...

Factory Rules

Factory Standardized Rules Players are also encouraged to read and often quote the rules where appropriate. Table of Contents General Factory Rules General Submission Guidelines Pre-Factory Forum Rules Technology Forum Rules Vehicle Forum Rules Starship Forum Rules Major Faction Rules Super...


Before creating a character:
  1. You may use your writer account as a character, otherwise you may wish to create a sub-account.
    STEP 1
    Click on your Avatar Picture or Username in the top left of the website.


    STEP 2
    Go to "Subaccounts".


    STEP 3
    Manage your subaccounts. Be careful when Unlinking! This will not be undone.


  2. Navigate to Character Creation, and post a new topic.
  3. You are now free to roleplay!
Optional additional steps:
  1. Add an avatar to your account.
    Click on your Avatar in your Account Menu to edit it.

  2. Create a signature for your account.
  3. Select your flair by clicking here.
  4. Post a greeting in the New Members section!
  5. Join a faction that suits your character background!
  6. Post a request for RP, or see other member's RP requests.


Major Factions
  • Major factions typically comprise the highest number of writers beneath a single umbrella at a time. They can own territory and conduct war on a massive scale.
  • Major factions are the only groups on the board that are permitted to 'own' territory on the galactic map, meaning they govern the worlds in their spheres of Influence.
  • These factions tend to spread and shrink over time, due to varying factors such as invasions (PVP) and dominions (PVE).
  • Major factions may, at the discretion of their leadership, invade another major faction's territory and attempt to seize control of worlds owned by that faction.
Minor Factions
  • Any member may start a minor faction.
  • Minor factions are not required to adhere to the member requirements in place for major factions, however may be removed if there is a lack of activity.
  • A minor faction may submit an application for major status, provided they meet the requirements.


You may still be wondering how exactly to get started with actually role-playing now that you've read the rules and made your first character. To get you going, we recommend first visiting the Looking For Group board, and either posting a new thread outlining your ideas for your new character, or reply to an already started discussion looking for players that your character may be suited to. Alternatively, you may also wish to join a faction whose larger group and story setting may be more welcoming to you than a spontaneous thread. Check out faction advertisements here.

    • 22ac349bba597cbe035c07940ba2c875.png
      Public threads are open. Any member may join, however please review the topic title, as occasionally members will request that you ask before joining in.
    • fe093fee7e02d6d9f01889fbede9179e.png
      Private threads are closed. Only members who are permitted to post may do so. You may request to join by privately messaging those involved however the decision falls to them.
    • You can also see more Prefix Options for Public/Open Threads Here.


If you are the type interested in creating lore, designing planets or species, or even building your own secret bases filled with NPC units for war, the Codex is where you will find the tools for the job. The teams of judges here are equipped to help you step-by-step with getting your ideas off the ground and approved as SWRP: Chaos lore.
  • Codex Judges are notated by their yellow colored names
Should you have questions regarding the creation of your ideas, utilizing the Codex discussion boards are a good place to start, however these judges are the best folks to reach out to should you still need assistance.


If you have ideas for a neat blaster, some protective armor, or perhaps something a bit larger in the shape of a tank, a walker, or even a star destroyer then the place you'll want to go is the Factory. The teams of judges here are equipped to help you step-by-step with getting your ideas off the ground and approved as SWRP: Chaos technology.
  • Factory Judges are identified by their purple colored names.
Should you have questions regarding the creation of your ideas, utilizing the Factory discussion boards are a good place to start, however these judges are the best folks to reach out to should you still need assistance.