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Approved Lore Gehenna Fleet

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Lord of Eternal Conflict

Gehenna Fleet moving into position


  • | Fleet Name | Gehenna aka Hellfire
  • | Classification | Assault / Invasion Fleet
  • | Affiliation | Darth Bellum Darth Bellum / The Sith Empire
  • | Fleet Symbol |

Social Information
  • | Headquarters | N/A - Gehenna is constantly mobile
  • | Ports of Call | Gehenna is an invasion fleet, therefore it has no specific ports of call. It is deployed wherever they are needed and to invade whatever planet or system may be targeted.
  • | Goals | Gehenna's purpose as an invasion fleet is to spearhead any planetary assault. With the capabilities of its capital ship the Baal II, Gehenna is able to punch holes into planetary shields for ground forces to land while providing defensive support to the fleet.
  • | Reputation | Gehenna has made an appearance at almost every major confrontation the Sith Empire has been involved in for the past decade. As such, it has been feared for the carnage and destruction it leaves in its wake, having contributed to the countless deaths of military and civilian lives during each campaign.

Composition Information
  • | Fleet Size | Large
| Lead Ship |
| Composition |
| Star Destroyers |
The Astaroth - Angral Class Star Destroyer
| Cruisers |
| Carriers |
The Barbatos - Vyitka Class Escort Carrier
The Crocell - Vyitka Class Escort Carrier
| Interdictors |
| Frigates |
The Kimaris - Velox Class Fast Frigate

  • | Total Length | 20,337 meters (20.3 km)



Strengths |
| Invasion Fleet | Due to the Baal II's Assimilator Cannon, the Gehenna fleet is capable of breaching heavily shielded planets for invasions. The Red Legion aboard the Baal II alongside the conventional Imperial Legion aboard the other ships in the fleet made for an extensive and powerful invasion force both by its ground force and support craft/vehicles.
Weaknesses |
| Direct Engagements | A majority of Gehenna fleet is support to The Baal and provides defensive coverage to the large carrier that carries a large portion of the fleet's invasion force. It does not perform well when being directly engaged by an enemy fleet and often needs to have itself be maneuvered in a superior position to maximize combat effectiveness in the event that they are directly engaged.


The Gehenna Fleet, also known as the Hellfire Fleet is a large invasion fleet used for assaulting a planet during an invasion by the Sith Empire, and will often be seen deploying for such occasions. It is largely focused around the protection of its capital ship The Baal II Apollyon-Class Star Dreadnaught which is a large Ferrata Class Assault Carrier capable of deploying a large number of ground forces in a short period of time, most of the ships within the fleet provide cover for The Baal while it deploys.
A majority of its firepower comes from the sheer number of fighters it can deploy from the three Vyitka Escort Carriers as well as the weapons of the Star Destroyers that make up its composition that provide offensive/defensive capabilities. While it primarily keeps to defensive strategies, Gehenna can be used in an offensive capacity and wreak havoc if they are able to come at an enemy's flank.

| Changes |
  • Formatting Fixed
  • Fixed at least one instance for each unique link because all of them were broken in the transition
  • Lead Ship Swapped - Total fleet meters go up to 20.3km
  • Ports of Call modified
  • Strength/Weaknesses modified
  • Description further fleshed out
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It's always nice to see someone submit a fleet and seeing the different ideas that they come up with. I love the idea of a fleet primarily built around invasions and landing ground forces. However, there are a few points I would like to bring to your attention before we go on the approve the submission which I have listed below.

1) Template

At the current time this submission does not match the Fleet Template of Codex 4.0. I have provided a link to the current template here, please make sure to edit the submission to match the template and all its fields.

While the submission can not be approved unless it is brought up to date with the latest template there are a few other areas I would like to bring to your attention while you are working on updating the submission.

2) Affiliation

The link to the Sith empire appears to be broken. Could you please fix that and link to the Sith Empire's faction page.

3) Notable Characters

The links to the pages for Kor Vexen and Vice Admiral Jaisal Koruuna appear to be broken. Please make sure they link to their correct pages.

4) Description

In the text of your description, you refer to the fleet being focused around its capital ship, the Baal. However, at this current time the main ship this fleet appears to be built around is the Apollyon-Class Star Dreadnaught, not the Baal. Please correct the Description to account for the changes in the fleet's composition.

Please tag me back when you have had a chance to read through my notes and have made the necessary adjustments.

Darth Bellum Darth Bellum
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  • Fixed the formatting to new standards
  • Fixed the link (Oh God, literally everything is broken)
  • Fixed them
  • The Baal II is the Apollyon-Class Star Dreadnaught, just a different name to keep in theme with the rest of the ships in Gehenna. I have clarified further in the Description that the Baal II and Apollyon are the same.
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