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  1. Alisteri Haxim

    Approved Starship Altorius Vicar-class Cargo Frigate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Make a variant for personal rp usage, mainly to be used as a mobile base/ home ship for a group rather than any actual combat. Image Source: Click - FractalSponge Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Here is the permission. Modification of this nice ship. Primary...
  2. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Lost Time

    The Empress was weary, but ready. A weight rested on her chiselled shoulders as she sequestered herself to her chambers. That weight was not the weight of fear for the violence to come. Battle did not knot her shoulders; it was the wait that made her anxious. Joycelyn Zambrano found, of late...
  3. Carnifex

    The Sith Empire (2017-2021)

    3 Years, 11 Months, and 13 Days. That's how long the Sith Empire (TSE) lasted. It was formed on July 17th, 2017. It ended today, June 29th, 2021. 1444 days. The Sith Empire was one of the greatest factions I ever had the privilege to not only lead but simply be a member of. When I helped...
  4. Sith Resolve

    Major Faction They Were Sorted (Ziost 3 TSE Victory)

    To Ziost they came again With a plan for ruin But we gave them the rout and sorted them all out! Join The Sith Empire Today!
  5. Caarlyle Rausgeber

    Major Faction An Address Regarding The Confederacy of Independent Systems...

    P R E F S B E L T IV NOVA AVALONIA THE ROLF AMSEL PARADE GROUND Even from the comfort of the concrete supported roofing Carlyle could hear it. The patter of rain against it. An unrelenting drawl. Unfortunate, but for the New Imperial and perhaps most pertinently, the Prefsbelt Command...
  6. Alisteri Haxim

    Florrum's Call: Alisteri Article 06

    The last few weeks had been long and tiring, and that was one fething understatement. The failed attempt of Operation Shadowdance and the subsequent counter-attacks by the New Imperial Order and their allies had left the Acolyte spent from the constant fighting. Even after the battles were over...
  7. Cara Dorniarn

    Major Faction Our Future is...

    This blackout spreads like a cancer. Lists of those disappeared grow longer. Into the epicenter there goes no heroes. Only, the lost. the curious. the mad. and the wanting. And I can only wonder. Are you here, too? INTO OBLIVION: The Sith Empire Final Event! STAY TUNED
  8. Cedric Grayson

    Invasion The Tools To Reforge The Galaxy | AC Invasion of TSE held Ventooine, Oricon, Eol Sha |

    Oricon, once home to the Dread Lords, homeworld of the Phobos devices, a symbol of the terror the Bogan has wrought across the galaxy. This world and all on it must be brought to justice. The psions of terror will be brought to charge, the guilty judged righteously, and the ancient designs of...
  9. Chiss National Authority

    Chiss National Authority

    Governmental Organization: Federal Republic Government Type: Parliamentary Stratocracy (Sound Weird? It's Supposed To) Head of State: High Regent Head of Government: Prime Minister Supreme Commander: Lord Protector Legislative Branch: Congress of the Great Houses Judicial Branch: The Advocacy
  10. Isla Draellix

    Public Message to all TSE worlds East of Thule - from Ashlan Crusade

    On behalf of The Ashlan Crusade Silently, a mixture of Frigates and Corvettes from the Grand Fleet of Ashla had slipped across the border and covertly entered Sith Empire held systems. They had positioned them at the very edge of the systems, remaining undetected until the time was right. Some...
  11. Irveric Tavlar

    Major Faction A Shadowdance Disrupted | Muunilinst Stands

    The NEW IMPERIAL ORDER has claimed VICTORY against the SITH EMPIRE in the defense of MUUNILINST. Thanks to all who participated on both sides. Read the results here
  12. Irveric Tavlar

    Major Faction Traitors Gate Opened | Salient Shattered

    The NEW IMPERIAL ORDER has claimed VICTORY against the SITH EMPIRE in the offensive of VJUN. Thanks to all who participated on both sides. Read the results here
  13. Heinrich Faust

    Invasion Kill Them All and let God Sort them Out: AC Invasion of TSE held Ziost, Mirial, Ruuria

    The message was ignored. An offer of mercy rescinded, the compassion of the Ashla rebuked with degenerate hubris as it so often was. No longer would the servants of the faithful be forced to bow to the wanton desires of tyrants and despots. No longer would the sycophants of the great enemy be...
  14. Spirit of Patience

    Rebellion Return to Stygian | GA Rebellion of TSE's Krayiss and Jelucan

    RETURN TO STYGIAN OOC THREAD THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE THE SITH EMPIRE Adhira Chandra Loske Treicolt Dracken Pryce Ripley Kühn Auteme Bernard of Arca Okkeus Dainlei Aaran Tafo Aerarii Tithe Arctus Silmar Valen Arenais Cara Dorniarn Alisteri Haxim Pom Stych Tivé Telis...
  15. Alisteri Haxim

    Salvation In The Dark: Alisteri Article 05

    Of passion and of peace, the kind we want the least, a lesson learned and family earned through passion's guiding hand. Through dark and vengeful night, my strength will guard the land, to protect the Sith and keep it quick; in the dark we fight. Of power and of faith, across the starry...
  16. IMPCOM

    Invasion Traitors Gate | NIO invasion of TSE held Vjun, Yavin and Vaal

    OOC THREAD NIO invading target hex Vaal from pathway starting at Concord Dawn Narrative will take place on Vjun // NEW IMPERIAL ORDER // // STAFF //: Irveric Tavlar Jaeger Harrsk Paz Koon Lucien Dooku Onansi of Thyrsus Willan Tal Ravraa Vyshraal Lord Halketh Caarlyle...
  17. Sith Resolve

    Major Faction TSE: We Need You All!

    We are the Northern wall Brave against them all But to keep us tall And keep us strong We need you all! Join the Sith Empire Today!
  18. Sith Rebirth

    Invasion Operation Shadowdance: TSE Invasion of NIO-held Muunilinst, Orinackra and Ord Thoden

    The galaxy burns, war rages from as far south as Nar Shadda to the very top of the galaxy's northern edge. An Empire besieged, battered and broken now seeks to reap swift retribution upon those who have wronged it. A rebirth, promised by a new Emperor, has lead to a reinvigoration of the...
  19. Cedric Grayson

    Invasion Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out | AC Invasion TSE Ziost, Mirial, Ruuria |

    They laugh away mercy, and so they shall receive none. The Crown remains unbroken. The message was ignored. An offer of mercy rescinded, the compassion of the Ashla rebuked with degenerate hubris as it so often was. No longer would the servants of the faithful be forced to bow to the wanton...
  20. Sith Resolve

    Major Faction Serene Galidraan

    On the southern reaches A serene world with no beaches A world of chill But still quite a thrill! Safe and ever ours, the Sith keep it from harm In our arms forever more, to defend Galidraan we swore! Join the Sith Empire today!