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  1. Alisteri Haxim

    TSE Mission Board

    Dark Council Missions: -Angonous The Experiment: Retrieve an experimental crystal from Mygeeto. Train: The new armies of the Sith must be elite and highly skilled. Alongside standard training, a directive for the teaching of the martial art Teräs Käsi has been issued. Raid: Smugglers and...
  2. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Acolyte for Adventures

    Hello there illustrious peoples of Chaos! Tis I, that guy. It has been a hot minute since I posted one of these so I figured I'd toss one down and see if anyone was interested! As always I am open for just about anything under the sun, so feel free to post something here or shoot me a message...
  3. Darth Athora

    Faction A Solemn Swear [TSE]

    In the Sith-Imperial justice system, one's guilt is determined by the men and women of the Ministry of Laws and Justice. Those unfortunate enough to be found guilty face the harshest punishments possible in the name of the Grand Adjudicator. Some face work camps, others indefinite imprisonment...
  4. Darth Krix

    LFG Sith looking for Maelibus who want to serve as Body Guard or force sensitive in the TSE

    Sith looking for Maelibus who want to serve as Body Guard or force sensitive in the TSE
  5. Darth Angonous

    Faction TSE vs the Bryn'adul: Raid on Erinar

    (OOC: Prelude to the thread) Officially, Taeli Raaf : The CEO of Aurora industries hired a mercenary group called: The Shadowhounds to retake Aurora Industries Headquarters located on the planet Erinar. The planet was one of many that was taken over by the Bryn'adul Empire during their campaign...
  6. Carnifex-Demiurge

    Faction At the Temple of Magnus (TSE)

    It was perhaps a far cry from the glamorous temples on Dromund Kaas and Korriban, those monuments that held within the history of the Sith in every stone. It was the grim reality faced by the Sith, their sacred haunts were under close inspection by their enemies or held by another. They had to...
  7. Felix Aquila

    Private Flashback - Where Were You When TSE Fell?

    THE FINAL ASSAULT Tag: FinneaVirlee Equipment: - Light-saber - Personal Shield - Armourweave Clothing The world was in chaos, Felix walked the halls of the colossal fortress ship as it seemed that the realm of The Sith Empire was embroiled in a conflict that it seemed as though it was on...
  8. Sith Resolve

    Faction (TSE) Nathema Expedition

    Warlords abound, as our forces regain ground. Even the dead must serve, until all are purged. Though now we have to plunder in the dark, we shall soon snuff out every last spark. The world of Nathema had not escaped the Fall of the Sith. Much of the infrastructure and defenses had been...
  9. Alisteri Haxim

    Census and Thread Poll!

    Hello everyone! Today I bring you all a quick little census and poll to ask what sorts of threads you want to see going forward! I know that dropping this on the back of the ownership election is way too many things to vote on, but not to worry because this is just a short little thing, and...
  10. Sith Resolve

    Minor Faction Tingel Arm Refugees

    As the wars rage on... No thought is left for those who haven't won... As their sorrow now overflows... To whom shall they go? Who knows... Join the Fight for Sith Rights Today!
  11. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Private The Meaning of a Name

    Joycelyn's finger tapped the glass idly as her mind travelled back to that day on Thule, and the memory was sharp as glass. She had assaulted the Silver Jedi Order on Kashyyyk, and stormed the stairs of Silver Rest. She was so closed to the home of the Jedi that she could almost taste it, but...
  12. Cara Dorniarn

    TSE Ownership Election!

    No, the banner isn't cheesy. Stop rolling your eyes! Hey guys, I hope y'all have had a smooth beginning to September so far! As announced in our Discord server I will be stepping away as owner of the server and the faction. Giving TSE an easy and dramaless transition from major to minor was...
  13. Darth Ophidia

    Private Making Trouble

    Grand Minister of the Frumentarii - Darth Ophidia could recall being a sphere, a pyramid, a Lord, a queen but grand minister was a new title to her. In ways it seemed too grand for its purpose; a bold declaration to work in the shadows for the good of the Sith. Then again, such were the ways of...
  14. Gir Quee

    Discussion Return of the Sith (SJC & TSE Skirmish)

    Hello everyone, the SJC and TSE staff have been discussing a small skirmish to take place starting on September 9th, 2021. The premise here is that multiple vaults on neutral Wayland have unsealed by unmarked and unknown forces even as signs of life and military activity have returned around...
  15. Darth Ophidia

    Approved Location The House of Eight Locks

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a high security location for the Sith Assassins to keep all sorts of sordid, secret stuff. Image Credit: Azkaban - Harry Potter Wiki Canon: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Links: Related structure: The Maena Institute. SETTING INFORMATION Military Base...
  16. Darth Ophidia

    Approved Species Sith Satyiut

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a species of spooky sith-spawned maintenance crew. Image Credit: Portrait of a weary ghost by M Timulti, from Saatchi Art Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Ghost (folklore) Wookieepedia Starweird Wookiepedia GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Sith...
  17. Aspect of Passion

    Faction TSE // What We Do In Darkness

    Ortuvessa The Veinara Shroud Unknown Galactic Position 867ABY --- The multiheaded figure of the Worm stood on the balcony of his palace; three meters tall while the double sun of the Ortuvessa System glinted off his many masks. His black cloak contrasted the much smaller crimson cloak of the...
  18. Alisteri Haxim

    Approved Starship Altorius Vicar-class Cargo Frigate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Make a variant for personal rp usage, mainly to be used as a mobile base/ home ship for a group rather than any actual combat. Image Source: Click - FractalSponge Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Here is the permission. Modification of this nice ship. Primary...
  19. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Lost Time

    The Empress was weary, but ready. A weight rested on her chiselled shoulders as she sequestered herself to her chambers. That weight was not the weight of fear for the violence to come. Battle did not knot her shoulders; it was the wait that made her anxious. Joycelyn Zambrano found, of late...
  20. Carnifex-Demiurge

    The Sith Empire (2017-2021)

    3 Years, 11 Months, and 13 Days. That's how long the Sith Empire (TSE) lasted. It was formed on July 17th, 2017. It ended today, June 29th, 2021. 1444 days. The Sith Empire was one of the greatest factions I ever had the privilege to not only lead but simply be a member of. When I helped...