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Approved Starship Velox-class Fast Frigate

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Space Daddy Carni-Boi

  • Intent: Resub the old TSA frigate used by TSE
  • Image Source: Click - AdamKop@DeviantArt
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Escort Frigate
  • Length: 400m
  • Width: 245m
  • Height: 117m
  • Armament: Low
    • [36] Automated Quad Laser Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [24] Automated Rapid-Fire Point Defense Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [24] Automated Anti-missile Octets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
  • Defenses: Average
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Deflector Shields (Ray, Particle, and Concussion; Overlaid)
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Ionic Shielding
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Armour and Hull Plating
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Internal Autoblasters (Retractable Plating)
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Internal, Retractable Bulkheads, Bunkers, and Shields (Interior Defence)
    • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] EWAR, Electronic Countermeasures, Chaff, and Flare Launchers
  • Hangar Space: Average
    • 1 Squadron
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighter Squadrons: 1 Starfighter Squadron
    • Support Craft Squadrons: 0 Support Craft Squadrons
  • Engine Units: Frigate-Class Ion Engines - Four Medium Drive Units
  • Primary Power Plant: Frigate-Class Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
  • Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Modules with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays
  • Passengers: 200 Soldiers
  • Crew Complement (Optimal): 1,400 Personnel
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): 100 Personnel
  • Escape Craft: Innumerable Saviour Pods and Ejectable Lifeboats
  • Cargo Capacity: 5,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Consumables: Eight Months
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average
    • 2.0 Class Hyperdrive
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Damage Control and Hazard Systems
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support Systems
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Navigational and Avionics Systems
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Sensors and Targeting Systems
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Communications Systems, Holonet Transceiver and Encryption/Decryption Networks with Military-Grade Keys
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Environmental Control Systems
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beams
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracer (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking)
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Relativistic and Shift Shielding
  • Fast Frigate: Relying more on speed than power, the Velox was designed with energy-efficient ion engines that could generate considerable forward momentum. Lateral thrusters enable the frigate to move nimbly through the vacuum of the void, outpacing and outmaneuvering most other vessels.
  • Low Armament: All of the Velox's weapon systems are light cannons, anti-fighter cannons, and anti-missile cannons, which are perfectly capable of taking on starfighters and other small crafts, but are incapable of going toe-to-toe with dedicated capital weapons.

The philosophy of the Sith Empire revolved around the idea of martial strength, which led to the initial creation of large warships and battlecruisers. The idea of smaller more maneuverable ships was almost an afterthought, but it was eventually conceded that such ships were an integral part of any fleet composition. Thus the Engineering Corps quickly began conceptualization and construction of a new design of warship to act as the mucilage between the already existing larger starships.
That brand was the Velox-class Fast Frigate, a four-hundred-meter long vessel capable of achieving fast speeds relatively quickly and making tight maneuvers on the fly. However, the ship was lightly armored and lightly armed but was allowed the accompaniment of a single starfighter squadron in its small ventral hangar bay.
Besides acting as a support ship for larger Imperial fleets, the Velox has also been known to serve as a patrol ship for territories both newly conquered and long since integrated.
Changed Hangar Space from Low to Average
Added Hangar Allocations
Changed Speed from High to Moderate

Fixed Formating
Changed Image
Changed Image Credit
Added Permissions
Changed Materials
Changed Armament
Changed Defenses
Changed Hangar Space
Changed Hangar Allocations
Added Engine Units
Added Primary Power Plant
Added Secondary Power Plant
Added Passengers
Added Ground Vehicle Complement
Added Crew Complement (Optimal)
Added Crew Complement (Skeletal)
Added Escape Craft
Added Cargo Capacity
Added Consumables
Changed Standard Features
Changed Advanced Systems
Changed Strengths
Changed Weaknesses
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