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Annihilation Final Eclipse | GA Annihilation of Exegol

Darth Reficite

Dark Lord of Rebirth
I shall arrive for fleeting action.

Battlecruiser: Nixiop
2x A/FN Swarm Starfighter Squadrons (48)
1x A/D Bomber Squadron (12)
1x A/DA Elite Starfighters (4)
1x ST-4 Adonis-class Sith Transports (4)

Open for fleeting against a large ship or not. Also planning on having it boardable if anyone wishes to duel or fight on board the Nixiop. The Commander will be Darth Reficite, the Dark Lord of Rebirth. A Chalice will be on board to collect the various souls lost on the battlefield...may be up to shennangians.
"Omen of Durace"
Thomas Barran Thomas Barran are there any Barrens available to fight? It's cool if not just thought I would ask. :)
With Thomas watching on from Mar'Zambul, and Michael deep within the Sith Citadel, Gowrie is fighting the elements if you wish to unleash untold horrors on the Imperial host - I see two optional paths there.

I would duel, but there's loads of replies I need to deal with over the next month or so, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying some horrors of war in the meantime. throw monsters, raiders and firepower at us, and we'll try and give you a good show of it. key idea here is that both mawites and imperials want everyone around them to die, and also each other, so its likely to be expected of us to throw in the most in that regard.

I'll let you mull the beastmaster/commander idea over, as there is potential there for some real fun. something to immerse into, so to speak.

something fitting for the end of exegol ;)